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  1. I was steered from the sleeve to the mini bypass by my dr. After meeting with a nutritionist this week and saw what all I will be doing daily with vitamins, minerals, supplements, shakes, B12 shots, etc, along with the complicated lists of veggies and other foods I can’t eat, I’m turned off with the mini bypass. Is it just as complicated with the sleeve and are there future medical issues that are different than with the mini bypass?
  2. I’m having it done here in Atlanta by a highly experienced and respected bariatric surgeon. He has done many of them and likes them because with only the one hook up, there is less chance of future issues or leaking. Does the same as regular bypass…
  3. Due to my port flipping and having the band 13 years with limited success, I am scheduled to have it removed and will replace with the MGB Nov 19th, the Friday before Thanksgiving. Has anyone else go from one to the other and any advice?
  4. Thanks... I am apprehensive, of course, because of the more radical lifestyle as far as meals is concerned. I am 68 and dont want to do this and be miserable, but I need to lose 100 lbs. Is it necessary to purchase all the supplements, vitamins and shake mixes from your surgeon or do you have free reign to source those things out on your own to save cost? Thanks for the info. appreciated....
  5. After having a lap band for 13 years with not so great success, roller coaster weight loss, and the inability to eat certain foods at all, I am having it removed in the future and wanted some I put as to getting the gastric sleeve while they take it out. Anyone else switch and have any insight or advice as to good move or not? I’m 68 and in relatively good health.
  6. Apparently so as far as insurance. My concerns are if there are many restrictions on what can and can’t be eaten and is it more of a soft food/liquid diet with the sleeve?
  7. I had lap band surgery 7 years ago, lost weight, but then started cheating on what and how I would eat and have put it back on, plus more. It is time to get back to utiliIng this great tool I have but have forgotten what to eat and not to eat, etc in this lifestyle. Any tips of sites I can visit to get me back to the beginning of the lifestyle and how to succeed with this journey ?
  8. Hi friends, my name is Jerald. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and was banded 2/07. After losing 40 lbs or so, working out 5 days a week and following the "rules" of my new life at the feeding trough, I hit a plateau that last 5 months. I followed several different suggestions as to how to "kickstart" my metabolism which is as slow as email replies from my ex. Anyway.... since Dec, I have slowly added the pounds back that I previously slaved off. All the while, still following the eating rules fairly well such as no wheat products, no dairy, no red meat, no heavy starches, protein shakes, vitamins, more water everyday,etc.. I eat mostly chicken, fish and turkey. I need a sponsor or equivalent to advise me how to get down the road of weight loss and reach my goal. Thanks for listening and I hope to become a regular here. Have a Great Week! Jerald180
  9. Jerald180

    Anyone from Georgia ??

    I used Dr. de la Garza, www.lite'nfree.com. Very good, teaches others around North America and Canada the procedure. Hospital nice and people friendly.
  10. Jerald180

    Anyone from Georgia ??

    I live in Woodstock, just north of Atlanta, name is Jerald. I had my surgery in February in Monterrey, Mexico. Great hospital, doctors, nurses, etc. Clean, and cheap... I was self pay and whole deal was $8,000. Of course the family and friends all had to give their negative "2 cents" worth opinion on why Mexico is a bad place to go for medical treatment.... like they're all experts. So when I got back I told everyone I had it done in the back of an old run down Shell gas station..in a back alley by drug dealers and 12 year old street urchens using rusty knives and broken fishing rods and other junk. That usually shut them up! Left on a Thursday and returned on Sunday... no problems or pain, just some soreness in left shoulder and around port area. Here in Woodstock... cost was $20,000 or so. Non stop flight to Monterrey was about $450.00, passport, a couple of hundred, blah-blah-blah and here I am 7 weeks later and 27 lbs lighter. Good luck to anyone having surgery. If I can answer any questions to help ease your nerves. let me know. It was very routine and no big deal. I just focused on the "prize" at the end of this journey... The ability to lose 120 lbs if I used correctly. That excitement outweighed any anxiety I might have had. After years of deadends with every other diet in the world that never worked very long, here at last was something that was proven to work. Focus on that! Adios....Jerald

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