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  1. Hello everyone! If this thread needs to be moved, I understand, but I'm struggling here and I know it's all my fault. I was sleeved in the summer of 2009 and lost 100 pounds effortlessly in the first 8 months. I did not follow my surgeon's post-op diet (which was full of contradictions and very confusing...it was basically geared for band patients), and I lost weight no matter what I ate. Now, I can eat up to a cup and a half of food and feel really full, so I'm concerned I've stretched my sleeve. I have been eating crap, have not changed my habits, and don't really know where to start as far as following a post-op diet that will help me get the rest of this weight off. I need to lose about 60 more pounds. Can anyone give me their post-op diets that have worked for them? I really need something comprehensive that I can follow. My husband is losing on Atkins, but I'm having a hard time cutting out the carbs like he has. I'm so mad at myself, and I don't know what to do. I really want to finish losing weight, and while I'm totally grateful for the sleeve and the 100 pounds I've lost, my bmi is still in the obese range and I want to get out of it. Please, I'm not asking for anyone to trash talk me here...I know I've messed up and I'm disgusted with myself. I'm just asking for some advice on a post-op diet that works. I was told I need 80 grams of Protein a day. So, if I get those 80, can i still have carbs...like fruit mixed in my Protein Drink? Thanks for any advice anyone can give. Lane
  2. Hi all, just curious what you all eat for breakfast other than eggs or yogurt. I don't like either. Someone mentioned turkey sausage on another thread, and I will try it for sure! Any other high-protein breakfast options?
  3. My friend wants to get the sleeve, but her father is very opposed to it. He won't do any research and has never heard of it. I think he doesn't want to take the time to read long articles or anything like that, but he might be influenced by real stories of why people have chosen the sleeve over the lap-band. I have tried to explain in my own words, but I'm no good at it and always leave stuff out. So does anyone care to help by writing in your own words why you chose the sleeve, and if you chose it over the band, why did you make that choice? Thanks!
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    Help me help a friend

    I think he's opposed to both, but if he favored one, it would be the band because he's "heard" of if.
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    Valentine's Day... What Will You Weigh???

    Is it too late to set a goal? I'm new...not sure what to do!
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    Best of luck to you!
  7. Wow, thank you all so much for your replies!!! I am so thankful to have found this site. Let me give a few more details... I have actually fluctuated 10 pounds or so in the past 8 months. So, I took 8 months to lose 110-115 pounds, and I have lost and gained the same 5-10 pounds in the 8 months following that.. I'm 6 feet tall and weighed 351 two weeks before surgery. This morning I weighed 247, and my lowest was 236 or so. I really need to get down to about 175, but I'd be happy to get in the 190s. I don't even remember weighing less than 230 pounds in high school. I'm 30, and my husband and I have had yet another argument tonight about how I haven't lost any weight in 8 months. We are waiting to have children until I lose some more weight, and we are both ready, but don't want to try until I have some more weight off. My doctor is on board with this too. We've been married 2 1/2 years and he thinks I'm not losing weight on purpose because I don't want kids. This is not the case. I DO want kids, but what if I got pregnant now, gained 50 pounds and then I'm 300 pounds again!? I admit I have NOT been following the basics or getting in Protein first, and just today I caved and ate a slice of pizza at lunch (was on a field trip with 4 year olds) and some chocolate covered peanuts. I'm HORRIBLE, and it makes me so angry that I give in like that. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. What do y'all typically eat for Breakfast? This is an issue for me because I don't like eggs or yogurt.