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  1. 84lbs down so far guys. I'm 6 days shy of being 5mos post op (20 wks)

  2. Omg, I am finally able to log in!!!!

  3. 50 is a nice round number.

  4. Maybe I'm the only one but I worry from time to time about eating to much and popping my staples. I asked my dietitian how long it takes for my staple line to heal and scar tissue to grow over it and she said 6mos. Seemed like a rather long time to me and then I read somewhere online that it takes about 6-8 weeks. What have you guys heard?
  5. Have you heard of the 5day pouch test? I've heard of some vsg'rs going on liquids again for a week to "startover" so to speak and shrink the sleeve a little. From what I hear it works.
  6. mosytif

    Is it just me?

    ...and I thought it was just my scale.
  7. mosytif

    Today is my SURGIVERSARY!!!

    10 more... Way to go1 I can hardly wait to feel what's it's like to desire only to lose 10 more lbs. you should be so very proud of yourself.
  8. mosytif

    4 Month Update!!

    Way to go woman!
  9. mosytif

    Before and After Photos

    yeah, tiff. truly an inspiration. What was your exercise regimen like?
  10. mosytif

    Any regrets?

    I don't have any regrets either. I'm 7 wks out and 47lbs lost.
  11. I'm late responding but have you gotten on a scale yet? I lost 12lbs the first week.

  12. Just uploaded some new photos as well as some before. Feel free to check them out.

  13. mosytif

    Pretty Deadly - Before

    Some random pics of me pre-surgery.

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