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  1. Has anyone had trouble with their blood sugar bottoming out? I'm almost two years out and all of a sudden I can't keep my blood sugar normal. I've seen an endocrinologist and we have ran blood tests and fasting 3 hour glucose abnormal. We did a MRI showed normal on pancreas. Waiting to do an endosonogram on pancreas. Something isn't right. Anyone else had this? What have u done ? What happened ?
  2. needachange

    Add your before/current pic here!

    Highest weight 246 nov 2011; lowest 152 June 2013
  3. I had my sleeve done in 2011 but had serious complications and had to have a bypass in 2012. I am constantly nauseated. Eating or even thinking about eating makes me nauseated. I've had a pregnancy test negative. I've lost about112 pounds in these last two years almost. If I do eat my stomach starts hurting horrible Any suggestions? Ideas?
  4. needachange


    Does breakfast hurt anyone else ? It makes my body go into total rejection and makes me wanna die no matter what I eat. I end up with two Prevacid a d two Pepto bismols and seem ok after about a hour. Lunch and dinner does no harm. It like just the first foods I put in my body daily. Any suggestions ??
  5. I have a few questions. I was an original sleeve patient in November of 2011. I had a severe stricture that was finally corrected with a bypass in August of 2012. I had lost 110 pounds. Scale finally kinda quit moving but ok with that I guess. I was at an ideal weight and had lost all "my girls"! LOL. My sweet husband agreed and paid for me to have a breast augumentation Thursday of last week. The scale gained almost 10 pounds. I know those silicone implants did not weigh 10 pounds. Help! What happened? I haven't felt real well or ate a whole lot since that surgery Thursday. Any idea where that weight came from ? How to get rid of it? I can't exercise for a week or so. Anyone else experienced this ? Help I'm struggling.
  6. I had three balloon dilations until the gastro guy sad no more you need to have this stricture fixed. So 9 months after my sleeve I was converted to a bypass. Best thing ever .... I'm not sick anymore I can get the proper nutrition and I stopped throwing up completely. It's not a big deal being stretched. You will feel relief
  7. needachange

    Has anyone lost 200lbs?

    I was a year out November. I'm loosing slowly now. I think my body thinks its happy but I'm not. I'm down 110 pounds. I would be happy with about 20 more gone! It does get harder when it slows down but motivation and desire will keep you going!!! Good luck !!
  8. needachange

    Questions, Please Help!

    Yours sounds like it could be a stricture with the throwing up. Get it checked soon.
  9. needachange

    Forcing Myself To Eat

    You all that are only surviving on cheese and potatoes need to go to your doctor. I had a severe stricture after being sleeved in nov of 2011. I tried the esophagus stretching three times with little relief. It had to be fixed surgically. I had a bypass in August of 2012. The stricture was low enough the bypass should have fixed it. I was surviving off Doritos and peanut m&ms until this year. I was very sick. Do I regret it? No would have waited so long for second surgery. Go get it fixed now don't live miserably like I did. I threw up everything that went into my mouth. Even most liquids wouldn't pass through the closed stricture. Had to hit it at the right time. I stayed nauseated and exhausted.
  10. That's my situation. I had the sleeve in November 2011. If has what they call a stricture so the only way to repair is just to bypass it. Any suggestions? I'm 92 pounds lighter than when I started this journey mostly because I can eat nothing. Comes back up because it can't travel down the stomach. Ready but nervous!
  11. needachange


    I have a Stricture too a large one! I have been stretched 3 times. Not much relief. We are doing a revision bypass in August to go around this problem. I was sleeved in November 2011. I have lost right at 92 pounds as of today. I hope after u get this fixed I can Make the scale move more an use my tool as it was designed to use! Good luck. You know ur body better than anyone. When something is wrong let them know. Keep pushing until u get answers
  12. Hey everyone just wanted to share a Comparsion pic from June 2011 to June 2012. Had surgery in November but was loosing weight iny pre op stages here.
  13. needachange

    Comparsion Pics

    Thanks everyone! My exercise is walking on my treadmill and I did a boot camp in may. I have been really fortunate for no real saggy skin
  14. Went for my upper GI this morning as I lay there talking to the radiologist we are discussing my stricture and how closed off it is and he said oh u have a hernia. I said well they fixed that with my initial surgery. He said well you got it again. Really? Anyone heard of this? Do I just have all the bad luck
  15. I had a hernia repair the same time I had my sleeve. They said it was a bigger than normal size hernia.
  16. needachange

    Just An Update! Upper Gi Completed

    Your story sounds like mine but I live in Texas and had it done in Texas. I had my surgery in nov 2011 and started having complications in January. We stretched my stricture in feb and again in march. Did an upper GI. It showed as pretty as a picture. He kept wanting me to wait it out to see if it would resolve on its own. It hasn't. I went back yesterday and pretty much told him it was time for surgical intervention. I am pretty sure we are going to do a gastric bypass now to go around the stricture. I go again in the morning for another upper GI to get an exact picture. Let me know how u r doing and I will do the same. Good luck!
  17. Ok, so I have posted I had surgery in November 2011....I have a stricture....imagine that.....anyways, I have lived miserably with this for months and the surgeons solution was to dilate or stretch with an upper GI....the first one no success....the second maybe some change....NOW nothing works for me....anyways followed up with surgeon today and told him basically you are going in to fix this.....two options: bypass the stricture which will make me a gastric bypass patient now or try to cut around the stricture and see how that heals up and see if it will tighten again......I am nervous but want this fixed....I am leaning towards the bypass, but UGH.....any comments or thoughts....
  18. K I was sleeved in november of 2011. Since then I have lost about 82-86 pounds. But I had a complication. I had a striction. I had it stretches once in feb and then two weeks after that again! The last stretch has somewhat helped until now. I can't seem to keep anything down. I have visited withb my doc and of course go figure in his very first striction. He wants to keep stretching it or even wait. He said he UNDERSTANDS the weight loss has stopped but I don't. I'm pissed. I didn't do this for it to stop and let's just wait and see crap! I can't do the protein and never really have been able too! I can't even eat feaking soft scrambled eggs. I'm lactose intolerant now. It it weren't for Lipton tea and water I would be up a creek. It's like a chore to eat. Any suggestions? Do I go demand they go back in and fix this or stretch again or WTH? I'm even doing a boot camp at 445 am and nothing is happening! HELP!!!!
  19. needachange

    Frustrated Suggestions Please

    Thanks Delta! Yes it is a nightmare and no one understands unless u live it. He wanted to stretch it again and I was finally like NO. So I have an appt on Tuesday and I'm gonna make him go back in. Did u have to do the whole liquid thing again after they redid urs?
  20. needachange

    Hernia Repair

    I've been stretched twice and need it again. I'm not sure it ever gets like it should. I pretty much can't eat anything I'm suppose to without throwing up. Good luck. Stay on ur doctor
  21. needachange

    Chick Fillet

    I am out since November of 2011 and still can't do chick fil a. My kids love it but it always comes right back up. I think it has something to do with my striction or maybe it just doesn't like me anymore. I sure did love the flavor
  22. needachange

    Frustrated Suggestions Please

    In Tyler Texas. I'm not sure who around here could do a second opinion. I could go to dallas I guess. He was like well you have has a complication so that slows things down. I hate to do surgery again and it leave more scar tissue You just never know what could happen when you go in for multiple surgeries. I think if I could increase my calories my body would move out of starvation mode and lose weight. I've been saying that for 3 months though. My scale hasn't budged since end of march first of April. And it was we can stretch ur esophagus again but that's ur call. Let's see how ur feeling. Really? I'm pissed cause I spent all this money and efforts and for this?? How do I think I feel? I was told my strictures were caused from scar tissue from my large hernia. He said it was quite large. Digestive guy says cut the tissue out. WL guy says let's we what happens ?
  23. needachange

    Frustrated Suggestions Please

    Protein just doesn't stomach well for me or anything else. Pretty much as soon as it goes fine in throwing it up again. Some small bites of chicken sometimes works. Crispy bacon water and unsweetened tea is pretty much my diet. I've tried tuna and salmon that's a nope. Sometimes shrimp works sometimes not. Just depends on how tight my stricture is feeling that day. No bread makes me feel like I'm dying. No pasta ever. Sometimes bites of a baked potato Eggs never Go. Cheddar cheese sometimes. Doc said well if some sliders r working for u like crunchy pretzels then keep those at least there r some calories.
  24. needachange

    Anyone Taking B12 Injections?

    I just started a b12 injection. I am almost six months out. I give them to myself. I am in shock I can because I am terrified of needles. They make me feel much better! You will not regret taking them.