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  1. Bitsy my drain was removed but everything else you say I could say. Every last word could have have my words. I had surgery the same day!

    At 102 Kgs and 40.5 BMI, I got sleeved on the 5th of February, 2010.

    This has been perhaps one of the most daring and dragged decisions I have ever taken in my life, which took a lot of convincing of family members, including my husband, in-laws and parents.

    Was down 5 Kgs in three days post op and am totally on liquid diet, do not feel like having anything but am going through a fair amount of pain in the stomach especially with a drain still hanging out of my stomach which is oozing liquid (read liquids mix with blood).

    While there is no inch-loss to rejoice about :001_unsure:. There are a fair amount of things which are a little inconvenient at this point of time like:

    - Pain in the stomach (places of incisions)

    - Drain hanging out, a little scandalizing due to the blood mixed liquid oozing out (approx. 50 ml everyday)

    - Can't turn in the bed due to pain, have to either sit up right or lie down on my back

    - Restrictive movement

    - No bowels (only very lose motions...sorry for the grossissity)

    - Feeling that I will never be able to eat a plate full of anything

    - Medication: have to take crushed tablets mixed with Water which are painfully bitter - any advice of how to better this aspect would be greatly appreciated

    Dunno if the above was a somewhat big list of cribs, but I am a mix of elation, pain, amazement that I cut myself up by choice. Just putting it up here for company and words of wisdom (read comfort and company :biggrin0:) from my experienced sleeve-mates.

    Also, how to get that progress meter into the posts as a sign off?? Would love to put that in.


  2. I entered into the VSG world on Friday. :biggrin2: All went well. I was released yesterday morning. There was only one glitch. The chamomile tea gave me an asthma attack which required a couple of breathing treatments to get under control.

    I had awful dreams last night so did not get much rest. Hopefully tonight is better.

    I have almost no pain. Really just stiff and a tiny bit sore. The second day was awful but I expected that.

  3. I was actually relieved when my insurance denied the sleeve. No hoops. I had already jumped some hoops for the band before I changed my mind and was soooo frustrated. Now I am free do what needs to be done.

    I'll do some venting for you. This is a lot of CRAP.

    Do they treat people with gallstones, or appendicitis like this, before they allow them surgery? Morbid obesity can be just as life threatening even though it is a more chronic threat. This just burns me up. It's one reason I was glad my insurance did not cover my VSG, so I just paid for it myself, as soon as I decided that's what I wanted. People complain and moan and groan that a new health plan in this country will end up allowing the insurance companies to control what procedures doctors can order for their patients...well folks, we are already there and have been for quite some time!!! AND IT IS KILLING PEOPLE.


    So come here and rant and rave all you want, anytime!

  4. I'm not ashamed. Its not like I am hiding a secret addiction or bad habit. My fat is out there for all to see. I just don't want to have to justify my actions.

    I have decided that I will have to tell my walking buddies tomorrow morning. If I say hernia they will be asking what doctor, what hospital etc. So one lie will make 100 more lies. I think it may just be best to tell the truth and be done with it. Wish me luck. I'm just going to say 45 years of diets has not gotten me long term results. It is foolish to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  5. Reading this tonight is most timely for me. I haven't told but a couple of people. My husband, cousin, one long distance friend and 3 on-line friends. I walk everyday with 2 thin friends. This morning I said "I need to get this weight off." The reply was "You have done it before and can do it again." I just couldn't get the words WLS out of my mouth although I had planned to. I'm kind of at a loss because we walk 6 days a week and I will have to lie about my whereabouts. I don't want to do that and I don't want to tell. :smile:

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