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  1. well well well...after wanting weight loss surgery for 8 years, going to several US seminars, coming up with various scenarios for how to pay for it, cancelling out on Mexico TWICE....I am FINALLY SLEEVED!! Hip Hip Hooray! Lol...AHAHAHAHHA! I am in Mexicali RIGHT NOW. Hospital is fantastic. Nurses are superb and Dr. Aceves and Dr. Campos are great. I am so glad I came. I had to travel by myself, but I did it and I am alive to talk about it.

    Well yahoo! Congrats on the start of your new life.

  2. Actually I have lots of energy. When you start burning fat instead of carbs for fuel you get energized. The low calories are not a problem at all as long as you keep the Protein up and carbs down.

    I have been walking 2-3 miles 6 days a week for almost 2 years so I was already used to that. I walk faster now and don't huff and puff as much. At the moment I walk 3 days a week and workout at Curves 3 days.

    You might want to incorporate some walking into your day now.

    My question now is how are you doing with the 30 lbs gone but still only eating 6-800 Cals a day? Have you got any energy to walk with your friends with such a small amount of food?

    I am particularly sedentary at the moment and from reading these boards it appears to me that everyone is making a great effort to keep moving once they have had their surgery.

    This must be difficult?

  3. I was not there yet. I live so close that I was going later tonight. I own a bar and a tv fell off and a lot of liquor bottles but no damage to the building. I live about 50 miles from the center. They canceled my surgery for tomorrow for now but told me to stay by the phone.


    Keep us posted. What a crazy thing to have happen just before you go.

  4. I don't use a card. I have just ordered off the regular menu and get a take home box. One night recently I planned to share with my husband but the place wanted $6 to share. I don't mind paying a couple of dollars to share but $6 was too much when a 1/2 rack of rib dinner was $9.

    I love bringing food home. There is something very cool about paying once and having 4 meals.

    Most things I see on the children's menu isn't fit for starving, wild animals. Why can't kids just get a small portion of real food?

  5. Strangely enough I don't feel well at a BMI of 36. I feel tired all the time and very restrained in movement. I don't have the confidence to start another diet....and fail yet again.



    Its not strange to me. I felt crappy at the same BMI. I woke up tired, it was a struggle to get my socks on, tie my shoes or cut my toe nails. I had trouble keeping up with my walking buddies even though they are 10 & 15 years older then me. Just the 30 pounds gone has made a big difference.

    My quality of life was really suffering. Being blah and depressed all the time is not a good way to be.

    I also didn't have the motivation to start yet another diet. I kept trying but just couldn't mange to get started.

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