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  1. I just had part of one and almost barfed. Each one gets harder to get down. I don't think I can even finish this one. I feel awful.
  2. FireFly

    VSG Dietary Guidelines

    Thank you so much Tiffy. This will come in handy for me.
  3. I feel a little better today. I took 2 nice naps. Now I'm going out to walk around my circle driveway. The sun is out looks so appealing. Can't wait for mushies!
  4. FireFly

    Home from Mexicali

    Not geriatric! Thin people are always cold too.
  5. FireFly

    Home from Mexicali

    I napped off and on most of today. I took a shower and had to get in bed before I was all the way dry because I was so weak. I do feel better now that I have rested so much. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Thank you so much for the hopeful reply. I know it gets better but its hard to see that when I feel so yuck.
  7. Please do share your first 2 weeks. I was sleeved on the 5th and feel like crap today. Tell me it gets better.
  8. FireFly

    Just been sleeved

    Bitsy my drain was removed but everything else you say I could say. Every last word could have have my words. I had surgery the same day!
  9. FireFly

    Home from Mexicali

    I guess surgery does something to our temperature control system. I feel kind of blah icky today. I am thinking of a shower and a nap.
  10. FireFly

    Home from Mexicali

    Thank you! I am on my way to bed now. I'm tired and freezing.
  11. FireFly

    Home from Mexicali

    I was also cold. I am going to put the heating pad under my feet tonight.
  12. Count me in the happy to have this bunch! I felt so darn good.
  13. I used this chart to help me space them correctly. Down the page a bit is a place to click for the PDF you can print. Now all I need is a timer so I can remember. I use Bariatric Advantage. BariatricEating.com Health & Nutrition - The Bariatric Eating Plan
  14. FireFly

    A Little Venting Music, Please

    I was actually relieved when my insurance denied the sleeve. No hoops. I had already jumped some hoops for the band before I changed my mind and was soooo frustrated. Now I am free do what needs to be done.
  15. I will post my experience, soon! :001_rolleyes:
  16. I wouldn't have to tell anyone if I didn't walk 6 days a week with these women. No way to explain my absence without inviting a whole raft of questions.
  17. I'm not ashamed. Its not like I am hiding a secret addiction or bad habit. My fat is out there for all to see. I just don't want to have to justify my actions. I have decided that I will have to tell my walking buddies tomorrow morning. If I say hernia they will be asking what doctor, what hospital etc. So one lie will make 100 more lies. I think it may just be best to tell the truth and be done with it. Wish me luck. I'm just going to say 45 years of diets has not gotten me long term results. It is foolish to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  18. Yes. I had a headache and was blah for 3 days. Its happened to me before when I have gone off carbs. It doesn't happen to everyone but many people do experience it.
  19. Are you ready to hit the road? Good luck!
  20. Reading this tonight is most timely for me. I haven't told but a couple of people. My husband, cousin, one long distance friend and 3 on-line friends. I walk everyday with 2 thin friends. This morning I said "I need to get this weight off." The reply was "You have done it before and can do it again." I just couldn't get the words WLS out of my mouth although I had planned to. I'm kind of at a loss because we walk 6 days a week and I will have to lie about my whereabouts. I don't want to do that and I don't want to tell. :smile:
  21. HA! Barbara I started a week early too. I am so glad i got that ketosis headache blah feeling over with before surgery.
  22. Hi Brenda! Congrats on 20 already. You must be happy! Barbara sending prayers for your poor arm.
  23. Thank you! Now I am really ready. I may start packing tomorrow. How is your arm?
  24. I'm not concerned about going out of the country. I live very near the border. I was mostly concerned about getting enough to drink in the beginning. I am used to drinking a lot of Water each day. I do appreciate all the positive feedback about Dr. Aceves. I will pass it on to my naysayer friends. LOL The few people I have told think I'm nuts for getting WLS and for leaving the country.
  25. Its really the drinking part that has me worried. You have put me at ease. I am overwhelmed already about Vitamins, drinking, Protein etc.

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