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  1. FireFly

    Meeting the guidelines

    I do fine with protein most days. But even after 2 months I'm generally lacking in calories. Its a struggle for me to get enough. I just am not *GASP* interested in food.
  2. FireFly

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    Speedy recovery to both of you!
  3. I started out wanting the Lap Band. After a seminar and some research I changed my mind. I love the sleeve!
  4. FireFly

    Tortillas are No Go!

    I had 1/4 of a "real" one yesterday with a couple of pieces of fajita beef and onions. I was sooooo happy. :thumbup1: Saturday I'm going to El Charo and plan on a carne asada taco. I won't be able to eat the whole taco but 2 bites will make me very happy. By the way PNW Beans go down really easy. I've been eating them since the mushie stage. If you soak and change the Water a few times while they soak it minimizes any gassiness if that is what you are afraid of.
  5. Thinking of you as you recover!
  6. WOO HOO Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. PS I hate to fly too.
  7. I was self pay. My starting BMI was 35.8. Only high blood pressure that is well controlled on meds. I've lost 30 pounds in 2 months (today!). Not one regret. In fact I'm very happy. I'm losing weight without a struggle or feeling deprived. I'm 59 years old. Good luck!
  9. You would never get the personal attention like this in any US hospital. My room was cleaned twice a day. The floors shine like glass.
  10. You are going to be amazed how satisfied you are with just a taste. I am so happy to be able to savor things and not go nuts and eat until I'm sick.
  11. FireFly

    10 days out

    I was sleeved on Friday and off meds on Sunday. It was nothing pain wise. Sore like too many sit ups for a week.
  12. Only did I regret it during the first 10 days. After that I felt a lot better physically and mentally. Sure there is the risk of complications with any surgery. But don't forget the risks of being overweight. They have to be considered too. I'm 7 weeks out. I went out to dinner last night. I had 2 nibbles of a chicken & cream cheese spring roll, 1 BBQ rib and a couple of bites of fried sweet potato cubes. For dessert I had 2 bites of a sugar free chocolate pie. There was a pretty long time from dinner to dessert. I came away very happy and satisfied. I had a taste of everything I wanted. Without the sleeve no matter my good intentions I would have over eaten. I still struggle with the 2 more bites on my plate. I have eaten them and then regretted it. Either feeling miserable or barfing!
  13. I was set on the band. So much so that I initially saw a local surgeon that only does bands. Then I attended a seminar by another local surgeon who does all the WLS. After that and reading on-line until almost blind I went with the sleeve. I'm at 7 weeks and very happy with my choice.
  14. My husband and I drove, parked in Calexico, walked across and Yolanda picked us up. Ernesto drove us back to the US on his way to San Diego and took us right TO OUR CAR in the parking lot. Nothing to it. We did use a taxi a few times while there. No problems with that. We went an extra day early. My husband had no complaints about the couch.
  15. FireFly

    WLS and Seniors

    I'm 59 and had sleeve surgery 6 weeks ago. I had no problems. I never took any pain meds once I was free of the hospital. I healed nicely too. I was kind of slow for a week or so after I got home but I bounced back. Once I could get enough Protein I was back to my normal self. I am not going to die like my mother! She was obese and had many co-morbidities. She was a mess the last 10 years of her life confined to a wheel chair for 5 of those years. I plan to LIVE as well as I can! She could have had bypass surgery in the 60s or 70s but noooo. She thought it a terrible thing to do. She made her choice and I made mine.
  16. FireFly

    am I too old?

    Too old for what????? I'm 59 and had sleeve surgery last month. There are plenty of people in their 60s and 70s that have surgery. Go for it!
  17. Barbara I'm so happy for you! This is great news. Sorry it took me so long to see the post.
  18. WOW time has flown. I was sleeved 30 days ago. I'm down 18 pounds. I resumed my walking 2 weeks ago and returned to Curves today. Curves about killed me but I feel great. I was panting when I left. :001_unsure: Its been a real struggle to get in my Protein but I have finally figured out how to do it. I'm mixing powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury Unflavored with 2 Medifast shakes a day. That keeps my numbers up. I only discovered this a few days ago. It has made a big difference in my energy level already. chicken seems to not agree with me just yet. I haven't tried any other meat or fish. Cottage cheese, string cheese and pinto Beans are about the only real foods I eat. I did have the cheese out of a cheese enchilada that was wonderful.
  19. Sorry to hear this Lan. I'll keep you in my thoughts. I also have anxiety so I know how something like this can through you off. :tongue_smilie:
  20. FireFly

    One month post op today!

    Congrats on one month. Keep up the good work! Your loss is about the same as mine. I have a more to lose. I am only weighing monthly now. I really want to see a more dramatic loss. A month will do that. I'm doing better with food now. I am still avoiding beef. Fish seems the best but Im not a fish fan. Halibut is ok and lobster super yummy. Wish I could eat lobster everyday.
  21. I came home with pain pills but never took one. Marilou Dr. Aceves VSG~February 5, 2010*
  22. FireFly

    Foods to Avoid

    You could rip the staple line! :tongue_smilie: Also could barf. Don't take the risk. Go slow its worth it.
  23. FireFly


    They are a great sign that you are done! I kind of like it because I know for sure when to stop.
  24. Tiff what a fabulous transformation! Thank you so much for sharing your success. Its such wonderful encouragement for me.

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