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  1. FireFly

    14 Weeks out

    Seems like yesterday you and I had just started. Now we are more than half way to goal. I am loving my sleeve!
  2. FireFly

    No appetite at all.....

    Barbara you are just a couple of weeks ahead of me. I'm in the same boat. I don't care if I ever eat again. I am mostly living on protein drinks and a little food. When I think about it I find it wonderful but baffling. Weight is coming off and I don't feel like I am dieting. What more can I ask for?
  3. FireFly

    14 Weeks out

    Woo hoo Barbara! Congrats! :thumbup:
  4. Tracy thank you! This is just what I need. I shared the link with a gluten free friend. She will love this too.
  5. Thanks for the pics. You have very nice innards.
  6. Well yahoo! Congrats on the start of your new life.
  7. FireFly

    post-op 3 days

    Really small sips. The first couple of weeks can be a little rough. Go slow with sips and follow the directions your doctor gave you. You will be fine in no time. Your stomach is very swollen right now. It takes a while for the swelling to go down. Feel better!
  8. FireFly

    Today I heard something

    I'm so happy for you! Congrats!
  9. Woo hoo Kathy. I'll be thinking about you! Sleep well. Ernesto will be picking you up nice and early. Check in when you can.
  10. FireFly

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    GO KATHY! Will be thinking about you.
  11. FireFly

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    Paws crossed for you Kathy! Its almost Thursday!
  12. FireFly

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    The big quake was a little south of Mexicali, MX. LA only felt it a little. Not a big deal there at all.
  13. Welcome home! Rest, sip and walk. You will be better than new before you know it.
  14. FireFly

    Tortillas are No Go!

    Some days I just can't eat much at all. I think I may take bigger bites or eat too fast without realizing what I'm doing. Last night I had chicken. I cut tiny, tiny pieces and ate slow. No problems.
  15. Actually I have lots of energy. When you start burning fat instead of carbs for fuel you get energized. The low calories are not a problem at all as long as you keep the Protein up and carbs down. I have been walking 2-3 miles 6 days a week for almost 2 years so I was already used to that. I walk faster now and don't huff and puff as much. At the moment I walk 3 days a week and workout at Curves 3 days. You might want to incorporate some walking into your day now.
  16. FireFly

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    Keep us posted. What a crazy thing to have happen just before you go.
  17. I saw the info about the quake. Let us know what you find out.
  18. FireFly

    Did everyone get a card?

    I don't use a card. I have just ordered off the regular menu and get a take home box. One night recently I planned to share with my husband but the place wanted $6 to share. I don't mind paying a couple of dollars to share but $6 was too much when a 1/2 rack of rib dinner was $9. I love bringing food home. There is something very cool about paying once and having 4 meals. Most things I see on the children's menu isn't fit for starving, wild animals. Why can't kids just get a small portion of real food?
  19. Its not strange to me. I felt crappy at the same BMI. I woke up tired, it was a struggle to get my socks on, tie my shoes or cut my toe nails. I had trouble keeping up with my walking buddies even though they are 10 & 15 years older then me. Just the 30 pounds gone has made a big difference. My quality of life was really suffering. Being blah and depressed all the time is not a good way to be. I also didn't have the motivation to start yet another diet. I kept trying but just couldn't mange to get started.
  20. FireFly

    1 day post op

    Hello new you! :001_rolleyes:
  21. Yahoo! You will soon be on your way to a new you. Best wishes and be sure to keep us updated on your surgery and recovery. I was so nervous and excited. I hope the next few weeks go fast for you.
  22. The drops are excellent. I used them several years ago while doing Medifast. Thanks for the reminder. I need to dig them out and start using them again.
  23. FireFly

    No longer obese

    Cajun Congrats! I'm so happy for you.
  24. FireFly

    Tortillas are No Go!

    Moving faster is good. :thumbup1: I find they digest/are tolerated so much better than meat. If you like Beans eat some!

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