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  1. loosing

    Need some support ...

    Mini, hang in there and don't beat yourself up. I just came off of a 4 week stall and my surgery was only a couple of days before yours. You have less weight to lose to begin with so going a little slower is probably to be expected. Regardless, as the others have said, 30 lbs in 2 months is amazing. I feel like you in that I have felt like I was looking good because my clothes are smaller than they have been since I can't remember when. Then, a picture gets taken (one this past weekend for me) where I look as big as I ever did to me. As frustrated as we all get with slowdowns, we have to remember that there really is no way this won't work for us as long as we aren't sabogating ourselves with milkshakes all day long. Hang in there. You are amazing!
  2. loosing

    My stall has broken!

    I never thought I would eat pork rinds. I remember as a kid my dad ate them and I thought it was the grossest thing on earth. Well, now, they are definitely my "go to" food. Who knew that would ever happen? I love sunflower seeds too. I would be afraid to get started with them. Double salt.
  3. loosing

    My stall has broken!

    I think I may have been a big cause in my own stall. I discovered the pork rinds lots of you have been talking about. I loved them and was eating them everyday, mostly for my lunch. I think all the salt was making me retain water. I gave them up for a few days and the weight just dropped. I still love them so I am trying to just have them every few days instead of every day.
  4. After sitting at 205 for 4 weeks, my stall has finally broken and I am now officially in onderland. I weighed this morning and the scale said 197. I am so excited!!!! I am finally beginning to feel successful.
  5. loosing

    why am I hungry?

    I have lost a total of 33 pounds and the scale hasn't budged for 3 weeks for me so I know exactly how you are feeling. I keep my protein up and my carbs down. I met with my nutritionist this week and he said I am doing everything right. I question that, however, because I am not losing. I am very frustrated but am doing my best to not focus soley on the weight loss. I take my measurements and they have changed slightly in the past 3 weeks even though the scale hasn't budged. I get lots of compliments so that really helps too. I keep telling myself that this has to work because I am physically unable to eat anywhere near the amount of food I used to eat. All we can really do is keep following the rules and hang in there until the scales start moving for us too. That or liposuction but I spent all my money on this surgery so lipo has to wait. LOL!!!!
  6. loosing


    I do get hiccups. I have pretty much figured out for me that I get them when I am full and have eaten too fast. They are loud and uncontrollable. It has been very embarrassing when I am out in public. They do seem to be decreasing though. Probably because I am learning to slow down and read the signals of being full.
  7. loosing

    My first "bad" experience

    I have done almost that same thing. It is the worst feeling. It is so easy to forget now though, isn't it.
  8. loosing

    Is it just me?

    That is exactly what I am feeling....the worst PMS ever!!! Thanks so much.
  9. loosing

    Is it just me?

    Duh? That is a good point. Sometimes I wander around and just don't know what to do with myself getting more and more irritated. I might need to start working on a positive substitute for when I used to eat.
  10. I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble post-op with their mood. You would think I would be happy because I am losing weight and feeling better physically. I'm not exactly unhappy but I am so moody and *itchy. I am not normally like that. I also tend to keep it all bottled up when I am feeling that way so it makes it even worse. Does anyone know if it has to do with losing weight? Is it just an emotional process of actually losing the weight? I'm just wondering if this is a natural part of the process or if I am just burning into a *itch.
  11. loosing

    NSV shout outs

    Here is my list of NSV. I love this. 1. I am out of size 20 and 22. I actually put on a pair of regular 14 pants the other day. They buttoned and zipped....still too tight to wear but I got them on! 2. I was out to eat with my bf and I were sharing a plate. I ate a very small amount and it felt like a HUGE amount to me. He actually said, "You really aren't done are you?" 3. I was walking down the hallway in my school and a fellow teacher stopped me and said I looked beautiful. 4. I was riding in the care with my bf and we were stopped at the light. I turned my head to talk to him and he said "wow! I thought you were beautiful before but you look amazing". That was the best one of all. To me my weight seems to be coming off slowly but I need to stop and thing about these NSV more often so I don't get discouraged.
  12. It is funny you should post this because I just did this. I found 2 dresses that I absolutely fell in love with and I bought them both. I bought a size 12. I am just now getting into 16s so I am hoping that in the next few months, at least, I will be able to wear them. I absolutely love dresses and can't wait to be able to wear these two. I say just do it. Buy that dress and hang it where you can look at it every day. Remember, the difference with us now is that is isn't a diet. We will succeed!
  13. loosing

    Coffee... How Naughty, Really?

    I must confess that I have my one cup of coffee a day also. I use sugar free creamer and most days I only drink about half of the cup. I have some decaf that I occasionally drink later in the day but I haven't been able to give up my one cup in the morning.
  14. I am doing okay with not drinking when I eat. I have to remind myself to take my drink away before I sit down to eat but that isn't that big of an issue. What is so hard for me is waiting at least an hour after I eat before I drink. I have started sipping something all day long and not having it for that time makes me think I am going to collapse from dehydration. I know realistically I am not but I find myself obsessing about getting a drink and watching the clock the whole time. Am I the only one obsessing about water now? How do you all handle it and get used to this change?