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  1. Donna,

    No I am sorry, I deleted the email. Is Linda going for legal action? Hope she is well on her way now.

  2. Donna,

    This site has removed your comments about the Jerusalem clinic and Caralee already!! I saw your comments in my email but could not find them in the original thread. I thought they might have removed you completely. For shame!!

  3. Lan, can I ask you about the picture of Stoongal and Linda in the hospital. What happened to Linda? PM if you'd like. Appreciate it.


  4. Tiffy, hope your trip to Texas went well!


  5. Keys, (love the keys). I was just wondering, do you have any trouble getting enough fluids down while working? I know its not real hot there now but do you think you would have had a tougher time getting enough fluids in the heat of the summer?

    Sounds like you are doing great.


  6. Good to hear from you and a SIZE 4!!!! WOW, good going girl. I cannot imagine wearing a 4. I sent you an email recently hopefully when you get a chance send pics. Sister well?

  7. Donna,

    How are you doing? I believe your daughter had the surgery also, how is she doing? Have not heard from you and just saying hi!


  8. Hope all is well with you and your sister. I am doing very well, lost 39lbs and exercising every other day. Some days my tum is very happy, a few days cranky but no big deal.

    Take care and I am emailing you for your pics.


  9. Norma, hope all is well with you and knee is good to go.


  10. Look how little you look...great pic!!

  11. Ky.hen,

    Haven't heard from you lately but noticed you reached your goal? Wow, so happy for you. Take care.


  12. Hey! How are you doing and how is your sister? I hope she is well recovered and on her way. You are at goal aren't you? I am doing fine, losing steadily and respecting my tum.

    Take care


  13. Norma,

    Just wanted to see how your knee surgery went. Haven't seen you post. Hope all went well.


  14. Cajun, I am so sorry you are having problems with your esophagus, and especially since you didn't even know you had it. That is a good reminder for us to have the UGI to be safe. I hope this resolves and you get good news soon. Congrats on your weight loss!! Stay well


  15. Hello, just wanted to say good luck, we will be praying for you through this and post when you can. You can do this!! I am 11 days out from surg and feel great. I am keeping my tummy happy and all is well. It will go fast.


  16. So glad you are feeling better and getting out. I had surgery Dec. 4 and was caught off guard by the nausea also. I had some heavy duty drugs in the hosp but after got on the nexium and gas x strips was way better! I feel great. Hope you have a great post op from now on. Take care


  17. Ok deedee, I put in the personal info at the bottom but on the ticker all that pasted over was the bbcode!. I am hopeless on this thing. Thanks

  18. deedee, I have tried to put in my ticker and went to the site and filled all the info out but did not connect to me. Must be doing something wrong. Also, how do you put the info at the bottom about surgery dr, date etc.?

  19. Cajun, How are you doing now? How is your post op diet going?

  20. I saw your info about mother nature's miracle vit and thought I would order some. Sounds great and hope to have my surg in Dec. so want to get started with it now for quick healing. Hope all is going well with you. How are you feeling now?

  21. Hi, another question, do I need a passport?

  22. Another quick question, haven't heard anyone mention their passports, do you need one. By the way great pics! Thanks again for your great info.

  23. I also concerned about blood clots and my long flight home but was glad of the lovenox, I used to ultrasound post op patients and so much less issues if the patient had this. I know to keep walking and deep breathing. Maybe walk up and down the aisles.

  24. Thank you so much, good info. I have not done any pre testing yet bc I wanted to go to Dr. Aceves. I have not had any trouble but the surg here, bc of my age wanted all these tests. I might still have my pcp get me a pul func test? but feel I will get a good eval the day before. I still wake up at night going over concerns, just told my daughter about the sleeve surg and she doesn't know about mex. I am so glad for all your help and everyone's sharing, so important to me.

  25. Hi, I am in the pre op process and went to my surgeon locally to find out all I have to do pre-op. I am a self pay and 62yo, BMI 37, i believe, and he has said I have to have a pul func test, stress test, chest xray blood work and I know you went to Mexico to Dr Aceves. What tests did he order? I am totalling all this up and know that Dr. Aceves does some test included. Can you please tell me what he did and if you thought it was thorough? I am really leaning to Dr. Aceves but my husband is concerned about my going to a Mexican doctor/hospital.

    Love all the great support from everyone but since I am older than most, I saw your age. Thank you so much for any info.

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