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  1. I just thought I would start a thread where I can be more accountable since it's gettting harder for me each week. Weight: 200.2 Sooooo close yet so far away from ONEderland! Just to give you an idea as to where I was... here are some stats: Starting weight 354 a Loss off 154 pounds!! I also measured from the day I went tomy first consulatation: Jan.12th 2009 Nov. 23,2009 Neck 19.5 /14.5/ -5 wrist 8.5/ 6.5 / -2 Forearm 12.5 /9.5 -3 Upperarm 16.5/ 12/ -4.5 Bust 55 /42 / -13 Ribcage 52 /38/ -14 Waist 59/ 40/ -19 Hips 64 /45/ -19 Thighs 52 /37 / -15 Upper Thigh 30/ 22/ -8 Calf 19.5 /14/ -4.5 ankle 10.75/ 9.5/ -1.25 Thats a total of 108.25 inches lost in 9 months!! I really LOVE my sleeve!! I am so much more healthier- and it's such a great feeling!! Now for ONEderland!! My next journey!:huh0:
  2. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    Free to be me.... That was probably my FIRST really BIG nsv!!!! I LOVE that one... and anyone who has never been overweight will NEVER know the signifigance of it!! People take it for granted that you can cross your legs.. but being obese..... it is impossible. I can remember sitting in chairs, legs going numb because of the way I had to sit. I had an NSV, but at the "expense" of my dear friend. It surprised me.. and then it saddened me. We were standing outside of her store, smoking a cig and they were gong to unload a delivery and the doors were proped open with the truck trailer backed up to unload. So we had to go back in... and I went first.. to "slip" thru the doors and the truck.. and I did it with no problem.. and I heard my friend say.. you might be able to do that.. but I don't think I can.. and she couldn't. She had to un-prop the doors and bring them in so she could get thru. It was an accomplishment for me, because in the past I always had to look around and see if I could "fit" in a chair, or make it thru an opening.. or take the "long way around". I felt her "pain".. I have known her 15 years, and I have been "obese" the whole time.. and she was thin. But she has had some medical ( thyroid ) issues and she has gained alot of weight. I know it was embarressing for her... and I know how I use to feel. I don't have that "anxiety" over "fitting" into something... be it a chair... a restruant booth... or passing someone in an isle in the grocery store. But it was a bitter sweet NSV... my gain.. but felt her pain. Especially for someone who has been thin.. and then knowing how big I was... I almost felt like she resented me at the moment.
  3. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    It's been awhile for an NSV... but the other night FLOORED me... I went out to a club with a few girlfriends... and a 35 year old HIT on me!! I'm 51 and NOT a cougar ( but he sure coulda made me one!! LOL ) I thought at first he was just "messing" with me... but he was persisstant.. and even talked to my girlfriends and said how much he was attracted to me he was and was serious. Do I believe this?? NO.. lol But was it flattering?? YES!!! * he was a "hottie" too!!! 2nd NSV that I had was.... I use to be soooo big that it was hard to find a bra that fit.. they are hard to find when you are as big as I was.. I wore a 54 D.. and had to buy bra extenders!! What was the NSV is when I was that big.. the bra use to ride up my back.. and I always found myself "tugging" at my bra to bring it down and put it in place... I am now in a 38 B and I NEVER have to touch my bra!! That may sound "trivial".. but it use to bother the fire outta me!
  4. Chancie

    Volume of Food - Questions!

    I'm 18 months out.. and there are days I can hardly eat ANYTHING. When I was 3 months out.. I was drinking Protein drinks because I couldn't eat. I still drink Protein Drinks. The strangest thing is in my mind... before my sleeve, when I was eating everything under the sun..I would be so full.. and go eat more....... NOW.. I hate to eat because of that "full" feeling. .. I don't eat red meat for that reason.. I get too much of a full feeling and I don' like the feeling. But chile.. yes.. I can eat 4-6 oz. Just depends. At 10-12 weeks, nope.. I wouldn't even try it. I din't eat things like that till I was about 6-8 months out! We're all different.. don't compare your sleeves... do what ever works for YOU! G'luck to you!!
  5. Chancie

    where are the heavyweights?

    WOW- I just read all the post and all the numbers...... and I am the heaviest "heavy weight":scared0: 373 my highest..354 day of surgery....... 173 today..... thats 200 POUNDS GONE!! Sometimes I still can't believe it! The sleeve ROCKS!!
  6. Thank you for the compliment.. and I hope I can inspire people.. because I never dreamed I could the sleeve would work for me having to lose so much weight like I had to. It was so daunting.. unimaginable to lose 200 pounds. But it does work! I wish you all the best!!

  7. Gary-

    I think you already have lived up to my words! You are doing great! alot of people don't want to tell they had "surgery" but I want to share every bit of info. I have on the subject! It has litterrally saved my life! It makes such a difference in many ways.. Health, self esteem, interaction with people.. and of course... CLOTHES!! lol Keep up the good work!

  8. Chancie

    100+ Pound Club

    Donna, Wannabethin and Sychadelic!!! Congratulations on your decison to be sleeved....... and let me tell you...... and I'm sure others have said this before. but......."If I can DO IT......so can YOU!!!" I was overwelmed with the amount of weight I had to lose. I actually thought I need the DS..... because I had so much to lose, but when me and my surgen consulted........ we decided on the sleeve...... my thought being.... I didn't want such an evasive surgery...and if I can't lose it with the sleeve... I can do the second part and have the DS. But we talked and I told him I wasn't looking for "failure".. but another option just in case... so thats why he agreed to sleeve me. It sounds daunting...... 100...... 150....... 200 pounds........... to lose!! How in the world did I let myself get this way>>?The "how's and 'whys' don't matter.. it happened......... and we are taking back our lives. claiming CONTROL. I FEEL amazing!! I love being able to put on a pair of Jeans...... use a zipper and a button again instead of "stretch pants"!!! I can walk to my mailbox and not be "winded" I am HEALTHY again!! That is the biggest PLUS of this surgery! If you havn't seen my "before" pic..... go look at it.....I lost 100 pounds in 4 months...... and yes. you can too! I know it sounds crazy at this stage of the game... but it can be done. I've lost 200 pounds from my highest weight. I have not made "goal"... but I am ok with where I am. I havn't "worked" my sleeve the last few months...... I don't want to be too comfortable... but I am a naturally "big boned" girl.. and think my body is comfortable at 173 pounds. I wish you all the best... and if I can help in ANY way at all....... just message me!! BIG Hugs to you all!! Chancie
  9. Chancie


    I too had "head hunger" and wanted to eat.... I was sick the first month.. then the second and third month thought I wanted to eat everything.... thought of food alot. but it disapeared..... I have ZERO hunger.... not even head hunger... I might think I want certain things for dinner etc... but not hungry... try to "plan" meals... but waste more food than I eat!! I hate that tooo!
  10. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    Tiff....... I can relate to the car seat thing andddddddd........ I also just out of "curiosity" pulled my seat all the way up and my belly still did NOT touch the steering wheel!!! AWESOME!! I got an unusual NSV... I was out in the local bar last week... and this guy was talking to my friends daughter and she has seen my before pics and still can't believe I was ever that big..anyway we got to talking weight and I just blurted out I was damn near 400 pounds........... I think I did it for the "shock" factor......he said NO WAY....... and I said.. yes. I am a fat girl.... and my friends daughter said yes I seen the pics.. but she's not now but you can't convence her she is skinny....... My head is still a "fat girl"...... I am still having trouble with it. How can I feel so good? and still think I am fat? I remeber you saying how you seen "light" between your legs when you put them together......... When I stand up and put my feet together....... I can't even get my knees to touch each other! I see LOTS OF LIGHT!! I know I still have 20 pounds to go to.. and wonder where it will come from.. I havn't been "working" my sleeve........ I hope I didn;'t get too comfortable where I am... or maybe my body is just telling me I will always be a "big girl" I am 5'8" and very big boned... but everyone is telling me I am "tiny".... I am so mentally confused......
  11. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    Maddie..... I just gotta comment on the "sweating"..... I too use to sweat all the time... even if it was 20 degrees and snowing! I am now "cold".. have never been cold that I can rememvber!! It is one of the biggest physical differences I can tell! And I LIKE being sweat free!!! Especially since here in TN its been in the high nintys!!! Gotta love this thread!!!
  12. Chancie

    100+ Pound Club

    Lost... You don't have a "ticker" or beginning weights or anything for me to be able to help... I was sleeved Feb. 9th 2009... 16 months out... and from my heighest weight of 373.. I am down 201 pounds! But... my surgery weight was 354 so am down 181 pounds........... either way you look at..... ITS ALL GOOD!!! I lost 100 pounds in 4 months.. and have been this weight of 173 for several months....... I lost track. but am not fretting it...... I havn't made goal.. but am very comfortable where I am. I'm very big boned and tall.....and if I lose the 20 pounds.... great! But if I don't..... I will be ok. as long as I don't gain. I have not exercised like I should..... and have cheated alot with "slider foods" and a new found weakness.................. CHOCOLATE! Shame on me!!! I'm going thru some "transfer addictions" right now.. and trying to get straight again.. and focused... but its all work... it's not a cure all this surgery! Stay focused. follow the rules. and you will be ok. Got any questions. just let me know. I can be brutally honest tho.. so beware LOL!!! Hang in there girl!! You're doing GREAT!!!
  13. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    Thanks so much cwalker and Possumtrot.......... but I do need to update my pics!! No pic of me in a size 12 or a "tight" (heee heeee ) size 10!!
  14. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    I don't know about "amazing".. just happy with my sleeve!!! NSV= Non scale Victory Thanks for the nice comments !!!
  15. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my pics.... all I can say is if I can do it.. you can too........ and it is achievable!! Congrats on your surgery date and if I can help you in any way... just let me know!! I never dreamed I would lose this much weight...but it can happen!! I was scared.. didn't think the "sleeve" would do what it has done for me....... but it has......

  16. Chancie

    1 Year Later

    Thank You... I don't know about "amazing".. but I feel great.... and appreciate the compliments!!!!
  17. Chancie

    1 Year Later

    From the album: Chancie

  18. Chancie

    Sagging skin?

    My "highest weight" was 373- sugery day I was 354.... so I have actually ost 200 pounds..... am 51 years old... so YES. I have sagging skin! I've always had "good skin" but age and the amount of weight I have lost it is enevietablle that I have the sagging skin. I never dreamed my legs would be as skinny as they are!! My butt is all but gone!! That was the main "shocker" of sagging.... it was horrible at 4 months when I lost 100 pounds... but it has firmed up a bit.. not as horrible as it first was to me. My stomach is the BIG issue.....my lower stomach... it has "shrunk" but sags. and I definitly need a lower body lift. I can live with it..... but will eventually have a lower body lift. Probably next year. I look good in clothes. but OMG.. not nakeeeee!! But it still beats being 354 pounds!!! I don't worry about it.. I mean.. I want to look better nakee.... but am not obsessed with it. I feel better. that was the main reason for me doing this... to get healthy. Not vainity. But lets face it... we're all vain to a certain degree. If I was 40- I would probably be freaking out more.. but being 51... its part of life.... and getting older.. But am seriously wanting the lower body lift.... I can handel the boobs gone too and the arms... but the stomach is the main issue!!
  19. Chancie


    I'm one year and 4 months out... and have NO hunger whatsoever! I just make sure I eat on schedule. Breeezy.... I wish I could say the same. but I can eat candy and chocolate a lot better than I can eat food. That my friend has been my downfall. If I can give a word of advvice to the "newbies" don't ever start back with the "sweets"......... addicting and like I said.. i can eat that easier than "real meal"
  20. Chancie


    yoga is alot of stretching and core streghtening......... and I love it... do it on my own, but would love to find a class. I started with my leg exercises after Knee replacement surgery.. and now that my back is bad, doing more to help that condition. I find it easier on me since I am older than most tht have had vsg surgery.... and I don't get as bored........ stretching is good for me.
  21. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    carolyn you are tooooooo sweet and kind!! ( Love you lots for it!!) I'm at a "stall" have been for months... just not posted about it because I feel soooooo wonderful even if I have not made "goal" yet. I am not fretting getting to 160. I never dreamed I would be at the weight I am!! From 374 pounds........ to 173 I can live with it just fine!! I do want plastics BADLY... a lower body lift.. but am having problems with my back and might have to have surgery......... so it might have to wait till next year because I can only miss 12 weeks at my job or lose my position. I know if I had the tummy gone......... I could be an 8!!! CRAZY STUFF!! LOL but I'm ok with the stall and the belly......because I feel fantastic!!! :lol0:
  22. JUST DO IT!! Not trying to sound like a smart a$$...... but I wish I had done it ten years ago! I can't add to anything that everyone else has said........ all I can say is look at my "before and after" pics....... I am one of the "heavyweights" in here..... and it has been the most wonderful thing I have ever done for myself!! I am also one that had difficulties in the beginning. spending 5 days in the hospital because of nasusea and vomiting........... but it was all worht it................ and just a "blur" now Best thing I ever did.
  23. Chancie

    NSV shout outs

    I gotta tell ya....... it's been a while since I've had a NSV, or I have taken them for grated. I'm 1 year and 4 months out, so they have not come as quickly as they did in the beginning. But I had a few happen this week...... 1- I went to go pay my lawn person, and I saw his wife... and she just kept going on how "good I looked" and asked what size I was. well....... the last pair of pants I bought were a 14 ... She said OMG..... no way... I figured you to be a 7 You are SKINNNY...... tall and skinny!! (That was great and I thanked her for the compliment) and of course she threw in there that I didn't need to lose any more weight. 2- My boss asked me how much I weighed before surgery... another guy was in there and said...... you don;t ever ask a woman her weight or age!! lol But I answered him......my highest weight was 374 (Shocking for me to even tell him to be honest with you all ) I asked him...... before I tell you what I weigh now..how much do you think I weigh? His answer was............................135!!! I told him I loveed him!!! LOL I weigh 173......... he said you sure don't look like you weigh that much at all! 3- Now one I can "measure" I went shopping yesterday...... spur of the moment type of shopping... but I wantd a new pair of Jeans..... and............ I am in a 12-but could fit a size 10!!! LEVI's!!!!! I bought the 12... but after wearing them they are too big......... I should have gotten the 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in a 10............ ever in my adult life!!! A FRIGGEN SIZE 10!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo hooooooo!!WOOT WOOT!!!! MAJOR victory for me! < Happy dance> Yeaaaaaah for MEEEEEEEE!!
  24. Chancie

    1 year out today

    Great Job Tiff!!!! You hve done so amazing...... I'm sorry I havn't been around much, but I do "pop in" and peek sometimes........ You really do look amazing!! VERY Proud of you and all that you have acomplished this past year!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) Chancie
  25. Chancie

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    ARGGGGGGGGGGGG!! Up 5------------ FIVE pounds!!! I know I have been "slacking"...... not eating 3 times a day..... and I havn't been drinking my water like I should... I also started my period- so am gonna BLAME it on that LOL......... J/K <Raising right hand> I promise this week I will let my "tool" work for me and I will not take advantage of it like I have the past two weeks!! < cross my heart > And I too-cannot bring myself to change my ticker!!!

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