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  1. Thank you for the compliment.. and I hope I can inspire people.. because I never dreamed I could the sleeve would work for me having to lose so much weight like I had to. It was so daunting.. unimaginable to lose 200 pounds. But it does work! I wish you all the best!!

  2. Gary-

    I think you already have lived up to my words! You are doing great! alot of people don't want to tell they had "surgery" but I want to share every bit of info. I have on the subject! It has litterrally saved my life! It makes such a difference in many ways.. Health, self esteem, interaction with people.. and of course... CLOTHES!! lol Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my pics.... all I can say is if I can do it.. you can too........ and it is achievable!! Congrats on your surgery date and if I can help you in any way... just let me know!! I never dreamed I would lose this much weight...but it can happen!! I was scared.. didn't think the "sleeve" would do what it has done for me....... but it has......

  4. I reallly really like it tiff... you look like a differet person! very sexy!! wooo hooo... hubby like it?

  5. Hi Tiff!! me and my bad manners forgot to tell you I received the workout video! Starting with this.. then gonna get the hip hop abs.. been seeing it on TV! Looks like more fun! BTW- I loveeeeeeeeeee you hair color now!!!

  6. Hey 'Chicka dee' lol. I am fine. just checking in on all my friends here!! Hope you are well!! I starteed having a "life" and being a bit more 'social'............. and not enough hours in the day!! Hope you are well my friend!!

  7. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my one year mark..... I'm far from a "role model"... but just want you to know it CAN be done and don't ever forget that! I worry every day still. I don't ever want to go back to where I was...... but fears are still very real for me... but I just take it one day at a time..... g'luck on your journey!!

  8. Thank you soooo much for the compliment about my pic!! I do appreciate it! And the same goes for you............. you look AWESOME!! Just wish I was young again!! hehhehe

  9. Just wanted to say hello Neighbor!! Are you close to Nashville? So good to see someone in my area!

  10. Hi there! I just wanted to tsay thanks for the recipes... spaghetti squash will be my Pasta craving food lol... I also found a few new recipes- but am on my sons laptop because my computer died on me :(


    So as soon as santa brings me a new one.. I'll have to gather all my links again!!

  11. hi jsm!

    Just saying g'morning and thanks for the compliment you left on my page!


    I love Yorkies!! Your gonna have to post yours.... The lil guy in my pic is "harley" I had to give him a BIG name 'cause he had such a big personality! My boys call him Harley Monster!! LOL

  12. Judy- I just wanted to congratulate you on your surgery date!!! I'm soooo happy for you! Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear about your progress!

  13. Thanks JSM for the compliment! Sometimes I don't even think thats me!! lol

    And I LOVEE yorkies tooo! Thats "Harley" he was so little, but big personality I had to giv ehim a BIG name... Actually my boys call him Harley Monster!!! LOL

  14. Hi Charity-


    I kinda hate recommending things because everyone is so different... in the beginning- I couln't drink anything tooo sweet and this is kinda sweet. I didn't drink coffee for the first 6 months, I really wouldn't recommend drinking it.

    I did use this just mixed in water, with some ice and put it in my bullet, so it made it like a slushey. I stay away from the extra calories, so I don't use milk. But like I said, I thought it was kinda sweet. But now that I'm farther out, I like sweet LOL

    As for the calories, Thats all I can stand in the mornings, I still can't "eat" early- Sometimes I just have 1 scoop split between 2 cups of coffee- then during the day I try to eat " regular" stuff-

    If I can answer any more questions just ask.. hope this helped some :))

  15. Just wanted to say hello. and hope things are getting a little better for you.... if you ever just wanna talk... I'm a good listener!

  16. Just thought I would POP in here and say hello!! Seems like everything is going wonderful for you and I'm really Happy for you too!! Keep up the good work!

  17. Hi Cajun...

    I just saw your message, and exercise is a buggar! Yes, I think it does both ... tone and help with the loss.. I was better in the beginning of losing wieght about exerciseing. I slacked off a bit and am now trying to get better at it.

    I'm not a fan of exercise, but It's a necessary evil!! LOL

  18. HI!!! Good to see you too! The recipe for the salmon is in recipe sharring..... here's the link...


  19. Thank you for the compliment! I wish you well on this journey! If you ever need to talk.... I'm a great listener! welcome to the site!

  20. Wishing you the best..... You will LOVE it!

  21. Just popping in to say "HI!" Havn't heard from you and was wondering how you're doing! time to "check in"!!

  22. I know you're "busy" heheheeee........ but had to say glad the hubby is home and thanks for your support!

  23. Just saying "hello!" Hope things are going well!

  24. Where ya been Bob?? Hadn't seen you lately! Everythign going ok?? Time to "check in"!!

  25. HI!!! I saw your message that you're home! How did everything go and how are you feeling? I'm just now reading the boards, so hopefully I'll find something you posted to update me. My chocolate demon got the best of me :( sorry to let you down..... and myself... so I am back to day one today.....made it all the way to yesterday.. whats wrong with me????

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