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  1. BeardedItalian48

    Calling Vegasangel....

    :thumbup: UPDATE :thumbup: This is Bearded, I am doing friggin great...little if any pain, had the itches from the drugs but hey it is almost 10pm and I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel great!! NOW tomorrow I get water and we will see what happens then....thanks all for asking!! NIGHT!!
  2. BeardedItalian48

    Is this how it is?????

    POST SLEEVE NOW 12 hours---no pain, Just the annoying fact it isnt easy to P...LOL
  3. BeardedItalian48

    Is this how it is?????

    sleeved today and I am doing greattttttttttttttttt vegasangel was soooo relieved also I do not think she like being told to live with it for up to 6 months BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT cant take it back NOW can we. It feels like nothing happened to me today, no pain, no nothing just a little woosy casue of the drungs but the again I like that:)
  4. I am Bob---I am an alcoholic with a strong desire to abuse pain pills....sobriety date of 08/03/08. Attending a 12 step program on a regular basis. My old motto if one is good three is better...NOW I am just doing the next right thing. Welcome to you to the boards! Sleeve date 07/11/09 weight today 255
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  6. BeardedItalian48


    I am so glad there are other woman who think like VAngel. Her and I are like two peas in a pod....I want it now and then I want it again.... Sex is great---Sex with friends Yummy! OMG did I say that.....
  7. BeardedItalian48

    i am really doing this

    YOUR ok---I also am having the same type fears!! And My fiance who I live with VegasAngel already had the surgery!! I think this is normal---I went and freaked out the other day and posted about IS THIS IT. Then took some quiet time prayed and realized it is THE RIGHT thing to do FOR MY HEALTH! As I say all the time "this too shall pass" Keep the faith and KNOW your going to help yourself.....
  8. BeardedItalian48

    Michael Jackson Funeral Motorcade Photos

    ruthi----i do!! beardeditalian48@yahoo.com
  9. BeardedItalian48

    Is this how it is?????

    LOL-Ruthi you are sooooooooooooo right she is not normal...but I love her! I am/was just concerned about all the problems she has had...last couple of days she does seem to be eating a bit more mushies and last night she made to 10pm although she was almost snoozing on couch at 930..... I just pray I dont go through what she has gone through or at least NOT as bad.
  10. BeardedItalian48

    Hello all...date set!

    YES YES YES I do love it !!!!! The more the merrier!! The odds are in us guys favor---YUMMY
  11. BeardedItalian48

    i am struggling here

    wASSa and Eyfura can you change your font for these old eyes PLEASE too small have trouble reading it THANK YOU
  12. BeardedItalian48

    I did it, i did it, i did it

    Vegas Angel is beautiful I know I see her everyday and a few lines wont change that at all she is inside and outside good looking!!
  13. BeardedItalian48

    Hello all...date set!

    Another brother!! GOOD we need some more men---I cant handle all these woman by myself...................LOL
  14. BeardedItalian48

    Breast and shoe size???

    As a male soon to be sleever my breast size is not an issue---however as someone that cares about VegasAngels size---the boobage might go down however it willlll be plumped up when perk job is done----NOT a doubt in my mind love biggggns
  15. BeardedItalian48

    My future babies

    AT 51 All I want to do is PRACTICE not have any!!
  16. BeardedItalian48

    My own room!!!!

    WE likey when woman come into our room!! My head was on a spindle looking at all you pretty woman pass by...the few of you who came in welll my my my I like our odds :cursing:
  17. BeardedItalian48

    July Sleever's

    MY Surgery is the 11th Going to be there the 10th...see yall then
  18. BeardedItalian48

    Egg Drop Soup

    SOUP was good!! VegasAngel did a great job making it!!
  19. BeardedItalian48

    My own room!!!!

    LOVE the fact we are the only MEN here----look at all the pretty woman we have to choose from...Hmmmm dont like choosing----TAKE EM ALL!!!
  20. BeardedItalian48

    I have a date!

    From one KY person to another YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I live in Vegas But Louisville is home. My date is the 11th....GOOOD LUCK
  21. OK---THIS is my FIRST. I am NOT having anything more. AND I am nervous....I have to lose 80 lbs. I can't and so I am having this done. Seems like I should be able to lose that weight! OH well here I goooooooooooooooooooo
  22. BeardedItalian48

    July Sleever's

    11th here!!! Me and Vegas Angel will be there
  23. BeardedItalian48


    OK!! This is my favorite subject (sex) WE asked the doctor and he said NOT HERE!! (wink) Otherwise he did say as soon as comfortable....I am always comfortable...However VegasAngel was comfortable at about a week or sooooo....NOW no problems!@!!! Thank God she did'nt have any adverse reactions from the surgery from that.....(big smile)
  24. BeardedItalian48

    Flights to Mexico

    Three nights in hospital---pre-op..surgery--Three nights total. Released morning of 4th.....
  25. BeardedItalian48

    I'm New Here

    am cautiously optimistic----GBG WHEN you choose the good DR Aceves, you will be sooooooooooo impressed not with just him, but the entire experiance in Mexico. HE is great teh staff is great and teh hospital is clean. I NEVER EVER liked a hospital (gives me the creeps) this one didnt, I am happy to say that was a BIG part of me making my mind up to be sleeved on July 11th.....MAKE IT WORK---YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID