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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    i take prevacid and zantac daily and nothing prevents it only helping after the fact.
  2. ahchancey

    Complications after Sleeve Surgery

    i am currently having complications with my sleeve being to narrow. my dr is considering putting in a stint to stretch the sleeve. i have extreme acid reflux, because of this.
  3. I live in Conroe and had my sleeve 3/24/09, would love to chat. You need to join the Texas forum.

  4. ahchancey

    Looking for Texas Sleevers???

    I was in alot of pain, at one point I even said I am to old for this. But once I pushed through the pain and started doing as the nurses told me and got out of the bed I felt much better and it got alot easier. I have a low pain tolerance....LOL...:thumbup1:
  5. I am in Texas and wanted to keep contact with you

  6. ahchancey

    Looking for Texas Sleevers???

    I used Dr. Vadim Sherman in Baylor College of Medicine. He is absolutely wonderful. I had my surgery on 3/24/09 and have lost 40lbs. I am located in Conroe, Tx and would love to chat and meet up with others from this group.:thumbup1:
  7. ahchancey

    Is there alcholol at all after the Sleeve?

    I am 11 weeks out and had some wine recently. It does have a stronger effect on you. I havent tried anything carbonated.
  8. ahchancey

    Artificial sweetners

    Well I personally stay away from aspartane, due to the fact that in some studies it has been linked to multiple sclerosis and I have this disease. I was a big diet coke drinker prior to my diagnosis. Since it is so much work trying to figure out what is in what I stay away from them all. I am sure I accidentally get them occasionally, but not knowingly.
  9. ahchancey

    This is my story

    So when your weight stabilizes your hair loss will quit????? My first by-pass, I didnt have any hairloss. This is so weird.
  10. ahchancey

    April Sleever

    You guys are crazy!!! LOL! I had never heard of being splinted either, but he explained it to me that it was done the same way that someone who has a clogged artery has a balloon put in to allow the blood to flow. It is left in for a month or so and then removed, allowing time to stretch the opening. Doesnt sound fun. I will have to return to liquids. I am currently taking prevacid and zantax, but it only helps after the fact, not to prevent the attacks that i have.
  11. ahchancey

    April Sleever

    Hi my name is Angie. I got my sleeve 3/24/09. I am interested in swapping info about my experiences. I have lost 38 lbs. I am having problems keeping food and liquids down due to acid reflux and the sleeve being to narrow. My Dr. is considering putting in a stint to open it up some. Anyway look forward to hearing from you. :confused1:
  12. ahchancey


    does anyone here take prevacid or zantac. my dr. has me on both. and i am not getting any relief. i asked him to change my meds and he just added the zantac. wants to do a stint.:confused1: