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    My coordinator has scheduled my dtr's revision from band to sleeve with a Dr Juan Arellano. We are having issues trying to find/get info on this surgeon. We would feel much better if we had info that would allow us to make a more informed decision.We would greatly appreciate anything any of you could tell us. This is too serious not to go into the surgery informed. Thank you so much. A concerned/nervous mom & dtr.
  2. carolnphx

    Sleeved Over 3 Years Ago

    Hi, I am back on the forum after being totally away for over 2 yrs. I was sleeved April 2009. I had a very normal journey. It was very hard but "I followed the rules" . It was NOT easy but I have had no complications. My start wt was 332 and I have held/maintained my wt at 180# with in 5 # until Dec of 2011. I have gained 10-15 # and not having success at getting it off. Decided I had to get my mind more centered so I came back to the forum. I have not seen any posters that I recognize but I'm sure there are some around from 3 yrs ago. I am now able to eat more and guess what? I obviously am. I can eat most things. I will share what I am eating as a veteran sleever.For Breakfast I have the chocolate costco Premier Protein drink in 8 oz of coffee. It makes it a coffee mocha type drink. I have 1/4- 1/2 slice of toast. I don't like crusts so I cut the crusts off. I have cold steamed veggies or cheese stick and 5 rice crackers mid morning. lunch is 2-4 oz of protein & 1/2 cup veggies. dinner same type meal. I have something crunchy for snack at night. I eat 6 times a day. I don't get hungry but I get light headed if I don't eat every 2-3 hrs. I agree with what has been posted. First off congrats on ALL your achievements. You have done great. I also suggest you start over with the 5 Day Pouch Diet and then follow your original dr's guidelines. That is kinda what I plan to do. I WANT my 180 # mark on scale again. This gain has to stop. Good luck to you. Hope to see you post your steps to success. I would love to hear from other veteran sleevers. Carolnphx.
  3. Happy Birthday... Wishing you a fun day.

  4. Happy Birthday...!! Wishing you a fun day.

  5. Happy Birthday..!! Wishing you a fun day.

  6. Happy Birthday..!! Wishing you a fun day.

  7. Happy Birthday..!! Wishing you a fun day.

  8. Happy Birthday.. Wishing you a fun day!!

  9. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a fun day.

  10. Hi Jackie, I called tonight and got a message that the # had been disconnected. I checked the # and redialed and got the same message. Would you verify the # in your message and resend or call me on cell at 480-250-5631. I have dr appointment at 8 but will be available after 10 Mt time. carol

  11. carolnphx

    Down 51 pounds and doing well

    You have done so well. You have to be proud of your success. Awesome job eating out for those days. It had to be hard. Good luck on getting ready for your cruise.
  12. Happy Birthday...! Wishing you a fun day.

  13. Happy Birthday...! Wishing you a fun day.

  14. Happy Birthday...! Wishing you a fun day.

  15. Happy Birthday..! Wishing you a fun day.

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