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  1. I decided that for my own therapy and to hopefully help answer questions for others I would document my Surgery Experience. That being from the night before, all the hospital details and recovery process as it happens. Some background info: I am a 31 year old married mom of 2. I work full time and I am a foster parent. I have been at least 100 pounds overweight for 15 years with a little yo yo in between. My weight tonight on my home scale is 235 lbs. I am 5' 2". I have no co morbidities I finished a 2 week diet of 2 shakes, and a healthy meal at night. I did cheat 2-3 times. Today I am on full clear liquids. Chicken broth, jello, tea, Beef Broth, ext. I was hungry but it wasn't too bad. I kept myself busy. Of course I am nervous about my sleeve tomorrow for a million reasons. I have to be at the hospital for 6 am. So it is now 9:30pm, I've taken 2 ambien and I'm off to lala land. I will check in tomorrow on the way to the hospital. Sweet Dreams Fellow Sleevers.
  2. LuminousLife

    211 Today! UGH Help me Stop.

    Maybe try foods that pack higher calories in smaller amounts like peanut butter?
  3. LuminousLife

    One year later !

    Woah! Congrats! You look amazing!
  4. Your hard work shows! Great job
  5. LuminousLife

    Incredible shrinking legs

    Yeah I'd agree you may still be bloated/swollen. Your body will hold fluid the fluid as its way of healing. Just give it time. Congrats on your success thus far enjoy the journey.
  6. LuminousLife

    Vitamins and Supplements

    I take bariatric fusion 3x a day. It has biotin in it to help avoid hair loss.
  7. LuminousLife

    Honey I Shrunk My ASS!

    Squats & lunges. Yoga yelps I know the feeling. I had to buy new panties!
  8. Off and on for 2 weeks now. Doesn't always occur after eating. I'm just constantly nauseated :/ anyone experience this?
  9. LuminousLife

    3 months post op nausea & vomiting

    I have an appointment next week
  10. LuminousLife

    Worried about slow loss

    Sounds like you are doing great. I was down about the same. I'm 3 months now and down 40. Doesn't happen overnight. "Slower" loss is kinder to your skin anyway.
  11. LuminousLife

    Before and After Pics

    Did you have any hair loss/thinning? You hair is beautiful (the rest of you too! )
  12. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from. Can you eat fish yet? We have great seafood!
  13. LuminousLife

    6 weeks so far

    I'm not sure what you are asking for help with? You have to give us more info. Are you thinking that is too much loss, too little? What was your starting weight? I was down about the same in 7/8 weeks if that helps at all. I am just shy of 3 months out and down 42 lbs. Starting weight 230.
  14. LuminousLife

    Must Have Items for After Surgery

    I wore my own PJ's in the hospital. I think my dry mouth/breath was the worst. I used these disposable tooth brush things called "Wisps" they were great. ChapStick was crucial.
  15. LuminousLife

    Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

    You loom amazing, so happy for you! How far out of surgery are you?
  16. LuminousLife

    average weight loss...

    5'2" Surgery date 12/3/13 SW 230 CW 190 1st month loss19lbs
  17. I'm 3 months out and I will have sip here and there if I need something bubbly. My tiny tummy doesnt like more than a sip.
  18. LuminousLife

    7 months post op

    You look amazing and yes I too still feel like I'm the same fat girl. I'm only down 40 but I look transformed. I did a double take at my reflection today.
  19. This app keeps sending me your emails. I've tried telling them you are not me and I have no clue where mine are going. No response and they keep sending g the emails. I've tried the "search" icon but still can't find you????
  20. Just a little update. I am 2 & 1/2 months out and down 40lbs. Feeling great, just trying to be patient and enjoy the journey. I've worked and will continue to work very hard for my loss. I work out everyday and I eat very clean. The only thing that has made this possible is not having the hunger pains and my restriction. I don't regret it for a second. Just wish I did it sooner.
  21. LuminousLife

    December sleevers 2013 just checking in!

    Hi everyone! Just an update. The scale did eventually move again. I am 2.5 months out and now down 40lbs
  22. LuminousLife

    Pics at 19+ weeks post op.

    Looking fab! And I love your closet
  23. LuminousLife

    R there any Dec 2013 sleevers

    12/3 saw 230 cw 195
  24. LuminousLife

    Bad breath?

    I think it had something to do with being in Ketosis. Mine got better after about 1 & 1/2 months. There are special mouthwashes you can use. I just keep tic tacs on me. Sometimes gum even though I'm not supposed to have gum.
  25. LuminousLife


    You are doing great! I am 9 weeks out and down 39lbs. I also workout everyday. Try to enjoy the journey. And on the plus side a "slower" loss is easier on your skin

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