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  1. karlam29

    Before and After Pics

    hello!! Congrats on you weight loss u look great how long u had surgery?
  2. Hello i was sleeved 7/1/14 i have have lost 76 pounds and ive been stuck for about 5 montjs not sure if im.done im doing zumba now 5 days per week to see if that will jumpstart me with the rest but very happy with how im feeling with my health and energy sleep apnea gone and im a size 12 from a 24 22 so cant ask more i can def hold more food than at first and i know i still lack in reaching water goals and maybe more protein at his point workin on it though i took a time to put on all this weight cant expect all of it to come off quick even though im obessed with comparing my results with others i wish it could be more sometimes but im very happy and pleased
  3. Congrats to everybody looking amazing!! So inspirational!! My progress so far 86 pounds down surgery july 1st 2014 im completely stuck now but not worrying to much about the scale im losing inches so as long as it doesnt go up! Its fine happiest i ever been in many years go losers!! Xoxo
  4. karlam29

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    hi ellen! Congrats on your progress No i havent time just doesnt allow me to attend because of work yes i do want to discuss nutrition and excersice too!! I agree!! just support from this app and now i just joined club 24 in middletown to help shed my last 30 i want to loose now i feel im stuck in the same weight no gain though, but happy with my progress
  5. karlam29

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    hello!! I too had my surgery with dr roberts the team.and him are grea! Hope ypu r doing great o was sleeved july 1st 2014 down 83 pounds
  6. karlam29

    Before and After Pics

    My progress so far 83 pounds down july 1st 2014 stuck right now but happy and loving life!!
  7. karlam29

    NSV shout outs

    thanks soo much! No not yet its next year october 2016 god first! Waoo thats amazing 20 years weve been together for 8 years so its time to get hitched!! Think that my weight insecurities didnt let me do it any sooner but im soo ready im loving life! 86 pounds down at the moment cant wait for your post when u fit on yours!! My best wishes
  8. karlam29

    ¡Hola, amigos!

    arriba!! Wepa!!! Lol!
  9. karlam29

    ¡Hola, amigos!

    Hey donde estan mis hispanos aqui!!??? Necesitamos mas apoyo soy karla vivo actualmente en connecticut por 4 años ya pero soy nacida y criada en puerto rico tengo 3 varones y mi esposo ah! Y un perrito lol! Empece la jornada de perder peso hace un año y medio el proceso para la cirugia fue bien largo pero valio la pena me hice vsg o gastric sleeve julio 1ero 2014 y la mejor desicion q he tomado en años 79 libras hasta ahora y me siento mejor q nunca y tu cual es tu historia??
  10. Hey everybody surgery july 1st 78 pounds down soo happy with my results
  11. karlam29


    felicidades en tu desicion te deseo mucha suerte! soy puertorriqueña pero resido en connecticut hace 4 años esto te cambia la vida por completo la mejor desicion q he hecho en años esperi q todo te salga bien!
  12. karlam29

    NSV shout outs

    thanks soo much! Its really weird to see myself like that but enjoying it def! Thanks for the support
  13. Hello everybody surgery date july 1st 73 pounds lost i posted these at another thread one of my first nsv's tried on wedding dresses bridal sizes 12 and 14!! I was street 22!! Omg my worst fear of not fitting in the dreses its gone still have lil more to go but waoo.. tears of joy for sure not bad for my first dress shopping experience felt beautiful and special for the first time ever. cant wait to try more soon and marry my love and my biggest supporter thanks to all of you too for being inspirations and soo much support everyone looks amazing
  14. karlam29

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    sounds like a great idea!
  15. karlam29

    NSV shout outs

    thanks!! Soo much it was my first time trying a formal dress; never went to prom or had a sweet 16, a dance nothing so it was weird to see myself dressed that way and feel special it was an emotional day for sure tears of joy def!
  16. karlam29

    NSV shout outs

    73 pounds lost and finally went to try on wedding dresses! My worst fear of not fitting on them its gone! Im a size 14 in bridal wich is a 12!! I was a 22! still more to go but over the moon pleased with my experience and with my journey
  17. Surgery date july 1 st 2014 highest 265 current 193 72 down!! Happiest ive been in many many years! new year new me
  18. Hello everybody i wanted to share my progress so far highest weight 265 preop 257 current 193 surgery date july 1st feeling awsome 72 lbs down!! and have a little more to go for my personal goal but this pic is from today in my first size12 jeans in 12 years!! Cant believe i! its so surreal all of you have been an inspiration. cant believe that im sharing my progress with you now so blessed! Next wedding dress here i come!!
  19. Hey everybody looking amazing congrats to all.of you surgery date july 1st highest weight 265 preop 257 current 193 72 down!! And this is my first pair of size 12 jeans i cried in the dressing room dont even remember when is the last time i was a 12 like high school probably lol! cant be any happier have little more to go but wedding dress here i come!!
  20. karlam29

    Maintaining Her down there

    Shaving team for sure! At least thats what works for me
  21. karlam29

    "Stop" signs

    4 1/2 months post op i get a hiccup/burps and a little pressure thats my stop sign for sure! Havent overdone it dont want to vomit or have pains hope this helps
  22. karlam29


    Hey everyone july 1st here starting weight 257 current weight 196. 61 pounds lost!! Couldnt be any happier!
  23. karlam29

    Post Op weight loss

    Hello sleeved 07-01 5'5 also surgery weight 257 ;196 so far 61 pounds down
  24. yeah me too evry time i open this thread it shows my pic in all of the comments weird?...