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  1. I have started my process, I'm doing support groups and have my Dieticain appt next week along with my Psych eval. I have to get those complete and then schedule the Dr appt. My situation is I am currently 40.8% as my BMI. My insurance requires nothing if your BMI is 40 or greater. The lady that I am currently seeing says I cannot loose any weight at all prior to the Dr visit and suggested I try to gain up to 5 pounds. Uggggh this frustrates me. I've been preparing for this for over a year just to get my mind where it should be and now for the next few weeks I've got to maintain eating bad food and try to gain a few pounds. Has anyone else been in this situation? If so did you have to gain weight and what did that do to your mental state? Lol I'm kinda freaking out so I'm hoping someone else has been there done than and can shed some light on it for me.
  2. So I had my first appt with the surgeon today. I was pretty excited. My weight was right where it needed to be my BMI was 40.4 and insurance doesn't require anything if its 40 or greater. So I was in there for over an hour going over everything when she said OH you have Chrone's and I was like yes. Then she said sorry you cannot have gastric bypass. I almost started crying I was devastated. She went on to tell me how dangerous it was because your intestines are manipulated and I already have a high risk of needing resection in the future. So she said you can get the Lapband or Vertical Sleeve since neither affect your intestines. The is NO way I want a band with all I have read on it and when they doctors say the data on it now shows its not proven affective. So my only choice in the sleeve. I've spent months researching bypass and no nothing about this. She went ahead and submitted to my insurance today for the surgery so if I do want it they will already have things started. Then at 4:50 BCBS called saying they got the insurance approval forms and they would have it processed before the end of the week. I just feel so miserable. Can anyone give me advice on the sleeve has it worked for you or failed. Thanks so much
  3. Thanks so much for the comments. I did go to the VS forum hoping to get some good info like I have on here. I am definitely not getting the band so the sleeve is my only option. I'm hoping I can get excited about it and succeed.
  4. My pre op diet is 4 weeks. I have to drink 5 opti fast shakes a day no food other than sugar free jello. I can have water to drink nothing else. I'm gonna starve. I see my dr tomorrow and should get my surgery date next week. So my pre diet will start either next week or the following depending on the surgery date. Oh and the 4 weeks of opti fast is $475 so it just sucks all around.
  5. I am super excited!!! I had my psych eval on Wednesday this week and was cleared to see the surgeon. So it was scheduled for October 16th that was the first available. I was kinda down because not being able to loose any weight what's stressed me out. Then about 10 minutes ago I got a call from the office. There was a cancellation so they want me to come in next Wednesday. I'm thrilled beyond words. The nurse let me know that they will submit my paperwork to insurance after this visit and that my surgery should be in October. I don't have anyone here to get excited with so I had to share my news on here. I hope the appointment goes well and everything gets submitted quickly. I'm also thrilled that I will be able to start walking daily and build up some strength prior to surgery!
  6. Nellie3803

    Any October surgeries out there...

    I don't have my date yet but when I spoke with the nurse today they will be submitting to insurance on Wednesday. So she said probably mid October. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will post a date when I get it.
  7. Nellie3803

    Any October surgeries out there...

    I don't have my date yet but when I spoke with the nurse today they will be submitting to insurance on Wednesday. So she said probably mid October. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will post a date when I get it.
  8. Nellie3803

    Surgeon Appt Wednesday Sept 11

    I'm still doing the support groups too. I still have 6 more required before surgery. I just got lucky to get in so quick. Hopefully it all goes smooth and insurance doesn't drag there feet:)
  9. I've been told the main reason the surgery is turned to open is due to scar tissue. So I'd like to hear from you. What type of previous surgeries did you have. Lastly did the dr ever give a reason other than scar tissue. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the replies.
  10. That's encouraging. My lower stomach has huge scars. The appendix was open I have about a 6" scar from it and a 10" from my hysterectomy my gallbladder was lap I only have the 1" scars 3 of them. But I have had 4 lap surgeries through my navel. I just don't want to have an open surgery. I don't have anyone to help me with my kids and hubby won't take off work so I'm gonna keep positive lol.
  11. That would be awesome I greatly appreciate it!!!
  12. I would love to find a mentor to help me get prepared for my surgery (mid oct) and be able to help me after also. I live in the Greenville area so if anyone is close it would be great. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies. In all the paperwork for the surgeon it wanted previous surgeries. I have had my appendix removed, my gallbladder, a tubal and a complete hysterectomy. The nurse said I would probably have to have open I'm still trying to be hopeful and when I finally get to see the dr maybe he won't be sure. Fingers are crossed.
  14. Yes I've seen that I'm wanting to know hat prior surgeries they have had. I've had several so I was wanting to get an idea if I would be more likely to have open versus laparoscopic.
  15. I cannot believe I've got replies I've seen several comments where people had open surgeries. I guess IMO being impatient
  16. Nellie3803

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    I have set another email. Hopefully I will get a pen pal bamagirly2011@gmail.com Amy
  17. Is there no one out there willing to mentor me? It doesn't have to be local I just need some support.
  18. Nellie3803

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    I emailed but I have yet to get a reply ( I would really like to be apart of this. Does it usually take a long time to get a reply?
  19. I haven't met with my surgeon yet but I'm doing meetings etc. I have listed on all paperwork that I do smoke approx a pack a day and have had no one say anything to me about it. I have found a few posts on here saying you had to quit. So can you let me know what your doctor has told you about smoking? I don't want to wait til I get any further to find out I have to stop. I'd like to know in advance so I can start working on it. I appreciate your help. Thanks
  20. Nellie3803

    Goals out loud

    I'm still pre op. I don't have a date yet. I'm hoping for mid to end October.
  21. Nellie3803

    Last day before submitting to insurance

    Congrats! I look forward to hearing when your date is. I cannot wait til I get to post a date. Wishing you all the luck.
  22. Ponchik thanks so much. I know it's not gonna be easy and yes I am sure I will be just wonderful to be around lol. But I will be home alone so no one to really get crappy with. Just me so I will get through it but I'm sure glad for the offer of messaging you I'm sure ill take you up on it.
  23. DL. Thank you so much you have no idea how much this has meant to me so far. I had my Dietician appt at 9 this morning and then at 10:30 my support group. Hubby got home about 30 minutes ago and I was still excited about things I learned I was wanting to share with him and about 2 minutes into me talking he just picked up his ipad and completely stopped listening to me. And I just thought I'd get on here and see what's going on a I see your post. Thanks so much I needed this today!!!
  24. I have wanted to quit for years just never on my terms and I believe now since its completely my choice. I did ask if they would prescribe Chantix and they will so I will get it and fill it. I figured the week before surgery I'd start since I can still smoke the first week. I'm going to plan it where the day of surgery is the first day I'm not allowed to smoke so I will have a few days in the hospital not caring for one at all. I'm excited that I can get two health changing things at the same time. I wish I was the over nervous type and so stressed or I'd start trying to stop now but I have no support and I would probably go crazy alone right now. I'm just trying to be realistic. Thanks for all the comments I really appreciate it a lot.

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