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  1. Hi, I am considering lapband and have met with Dr. Follwell and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with him. Thanks so much! super nervous!
  2. Heartbass

    Dr Follwell from St Louis MO now in West Palm Beach, FL

    Very exciting! That is pretty awesome that after losing 87lbs you are now a model!! That must feel fantastic, I can't wait to see you!
  3. Heartbass

    Dr Follwell from St Louis MO now in West Palm Beach, FL

    I'll be looking out for your commercial and billboard! Very exciting! Where in WPB is the billboard going to be?
  4. Heartbass

    Dr Follwell from St Louis MO now in West Palm Beach, FL

    Wow that is fantastic!!! I would love to see it! Is it going to be local West Palm TV?
  5. Heartbass

    Dr Follwell from St Louis MO now in West Palm Beach, FL

    Wow 87 lbs is wonderful! Congratulations! i appreciate your time. Did you consider the sleeve at all instead of lap band? I know the Dr. does all surgeries and they talked to me about the sleeve but I still think I would rather the lap band. How often do you have to go to Dr. F office for check ups or fills?
  6. Heartbass

    Dr Follwell from St Louis MO now in West Palm Beach, FL

    That is great to hear! I thought he was very nice but was wondering if anyone had surgery with him so I'm happy to hear that it was a good experience. How are you feeling 6 months later? Have you had good weight loss or any complications? Really trying to do my research to make sure this is going to be the right choice for me. I'm very nervous about the stuck episodes, burping all the time or hair loss. Have you experienced any of these problems? Thanks for any information you don't mind sharing with me.
  7. Heartbass

    Hair loss

    My surgery is scheduled for October and hair loss has been scary for me to think about. Has anybody's hair gotten so thin that people can notice or is something that you notice on yourself? I'm so nervous about this and stuck episodes that I'm starting to have anxiety over it. You are all an inspiration to me and I appreciate how everyone shares. Thanks!
  8. That sounds so amazing!! That is how I want to feel!! I'm scheduled for surgery Oct 7 and I feel your joy in your words. I would like to know is it easy to gain weight back? If you can gain does that mean you need a fill? I read a lot about weight gain and I'm just trying to still to figure it all out. Thanks so much!! Keep up that great work you inspire me!
  9. I am very new to this page and I am in the process of doing everything I need to do for lap band. Thank you for all your thoughts!! I'm so glad I was on this page to read what you wrote. So informative!!! Thanks!
  10. Heartbass

    hair loss

    Oops I meant to say how many grams of protein are you getting, I see that you are getting protein
  11. Heartbass

    hair loss

    Holly, That is one of my biggest concerns, I'm in the process right now of getting approved for my surgery. I keep reading about Biotin and making sure that you get all the protein in everyday. Have you been able to get your protein? I'm sorry for you and I hope it stops for you!
  12. Heartbass

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go!

    Thanks so much for this!!
  13. Heartbass

    I was banded today

    Congratulations! How are you feeling?
  14. Hi, Can anyone please tell me if they have had Dr. Richard Follwell. He is now in South Florida and came from St. Louis MO. I really want to get lap band but I'm so nervous and don't know how to tell who is the best Dr. for me Thanks!

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