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    How did you tell people?

    I was at 220 when I had my surgery, when I lost 60+ lbs in 5 months my co workers looked at me strange some asked if I was ok... So if they asked I would tell them that I had weight loss surgery...but I could feel the stares of my concerned coworkers whom I'm sure thought I was sick. But it's a personal choice. It's nobody's business, I just felt like I would rather let them know then for them to think I was sick or was dying they seemed more concerned then just being nosey!
  2. A pillow for ride home...have someone bring it if you don't have one with you.toothpaste, the hospital gives you some awful toothpaste and cheap toothbrush
  3. A pillow for ride home...have someone bring it if you don't have one with you.
  4. Cookiesgotthis

    Weaning off my morning coffee

    I prepared myself by buying a decaf can and using 1/2 regular half decaf eventually just switching to a decaf tea. I started about a month before surgery. I went about two months after surgery without going back to drinking coffee but I got a Keurig for Mother's Day and I started but limit myself to one cup in am and maybe one at night on weekends.
  5. Cookiesgotthis

    Just for Fun Food Parody

    I reposted it
  6. Cookiesgotthis

    Just for Fun Food Parody

    I reposted it
  7. Is anyone else having food nightmares? I dreamt that my niece who is a chef made prime rib and gave me a plate and I ate half of it before I realized OMG I can't eat this I just had surgery and now I really messed things up... I can get a blockage, tear... Then wait till I woke myself up from worrying to relief it was only a dream... To face my dream I cooked steak dinner for my Family then I was ok.
  8. Cookiesgotthis

    Post-op food nightmares..

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=700942009962034&id=100001387241250 found this on Facebook just for fun!
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    From the album: Cookiesgotthis

  11. Cookiesgotthis


    From the album: Cookiesgotthis

  12. Cookiesgotthis


    From the album: Cookiesgotthis

  13. Cookiesgotthis


    From the album: Cookiesgotthis

  14. McDonald's has a snack wrap I ordered the grilled chicken no sauce and just eat the chicken not them wrap I believe it also has some cheese in it. Under $2.
  15. My favorite now that i can eat a bit, i order the chicken or carnitas meat only side of salsa and some sliced avacado cilantro and lime. Under $2 and still have enough for about 2 to 3 meals although my son usually beats me to it.
  16. Cookiesgotthis

    Lovin my protein shake

    Have you tried Premier Protein ready made comes in three flavors and you can still add fruit or Torani syrup. I mix chocolate with ice a banana and some PB2, vanilla you can add berries, mango chunks or orange Crystal lite to make a orange cream add coffee and syrup to make Frapps. Strawberry and cream I add banana or fresh strawberries. I love them!
  17. Cookiesgotthis

    Premeire different at BJs

    I had this happen with Vanilla & Chocolate purchased at Costco so thick almost like pudding. I called Premier Protein 800 number and they were aware of the issue and asked for the stamp on the shake lid and sent me a new case of each flavor. So now the new one has New improved flavor on the box. Thinner and much better.
  18. Cookiesgotthis

    sipping water?

    I think everyone is different, I have no problem drinking water. I get plenty of water down. I did sip at first out of a medicine cup but while still in hospital I was drinking out of the big cup hospital gave me.
  19. Cookiesgotthis

    CA - Central Valley

    Lodi, had my surgery in Modesto
  20. Cookiesgotthis

    Calcium Citrate: What do you use?

    Nutritionist says make sure it citrate and not carbonate.
  21. Cookiesgotthis

    Feeling a little down.

    It seems like everyone on here have the stalls every now and then. I had RNY but felt the same way but it does come off just weight and see!
  22. Cookiesgotthis

    Back to work-Nosey co-workers

    Well today is the day I go back to work...eight weeks post-op. I will see how it goes. I'm sure if everyone doesn't already know they will find out. I did tell some and my supervisor knew I was going out for surgery. My husband told the driver that delivers where he works. News travels fast at my job! So wish me luck!
  23. Cookiesgotthis

    Calcium Citrate: What do you use?

    I ordered on Diet direct online if you could stock up you save lots and free shipping. I ordered both, chews and Celebrate chewables. The celebrate are cheaper and 500 mg. 3 a day. I think they where about $20 a month supply. But I had been taking Citracal and crushing them but it was too chalky 4 huge pills a day.
  24. Cookiesgotthis

    When can I have coffee? I am in phase 2

    I had RNY and we were told no caffeine for 30 days. Before surgery I weaned myself off by drinking half caf, I used 1/2 decaf and half reg coffee making it weaker and weaker. After my thirty days I just stuck to drinking hot tea decaf. One day there was a little coffee left in the pot and I decided to make a frap with my protein shake, I couldn't finish it all. I tried a cup of decaf coffee about 7 weeks and I took a couple sips and I just wasn't enjoying it. A few days ago I tried my coffee thinking maybe I would enjoy it, I was wrong. I think my coffee days are over!

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