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  1. I cannot wait for my September Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Anyone else having surgery that month?
  2. Angel11

    Sept 26 sleeve

    I had my surgery 09/21/17 & the same has happened to me. I came to this site to see if anyone else has experienced the same......
  3. Angel11

    Short and Lower 200's

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was really getting down on myself after reading many posts of others weight loss. The few appointments post op w my surgeon, him & his staff, praised me, on my progress! I was advised 1-2 pounds per week. Those who have exceeded that, kuddos to you!! God Bless!!
  4. Angel11


    Don’t be embarrassed. You have done awesome!! Maybe your body is adjusting? 30lbs is awesome! I have only lost 17 this past month. I had a few bad days this past week. But I know, this journey is not easy & that bad days will occur. I haven’t exercised yet. Something I need to do! But, you have.... Keep your chin up!
  5. Angel11


    Thank you for your post! I had a lapband, lost 70lbs & gained 30 back. I had the band taken out in June of this year. I had my sleeve gastrectomy on 09/21/17. I have lost 17 pounds this past month. I agree with everything you have said. Congratulations on your weight loss! You have done awesome! I have the same amount to lose. I have started to obsess about calories, which I have never done in my life. I haven’t exercised yet. That is what I need to start doing now.
  6. I was just wondering the same.
  7. Congratulations! I have lost 13. I have experienced the same here! Constipation has been horrendous! When my pouch feels full I have tightening on my upper left side. I asked surgeon, he said that was normal. I’m so over soft foods, even though I’m never hungry. My incisions definitely tender too. Water / fluids definitely hard to get in... sounds like we are having a similar experience I just experienced ache in chest, right after surgery. I believe mine was gas pain. Hope it gets better for us!
  8. I’m two and a half weeks post op after having gastric sleeve surgery. Does everyone stick to all decaf beverages after surgery ? I cannot find any fast food places that carry decaffeinated unsweetened iced tea, except Panera Bread. My surgeon / dietician advises all decaf beverages. I was in a hurry today & got caffeinated unsweetened iced tea at Hardee’s. Will this slow my weight loss? I have researched all over the internet....thanks in advance for any information
  9. Thank you! You have helped me so much! Congratulations on your weight loss success!!!
  10. Thank you so very much for all the information you provided! Do you happen to know, when I can start having caffeinated beverages? I will be 3 weeks post op this Thursday. I feel a lot better. I really appreciate your post! Thank you so much!!!
  11. Angel11

    Down 134lbs since sleeve surgery

    You look awesome! Congratulations! Thank you for inspiring me!!
  12. Congratulations! You have done amazing!! I live north in Godfrey, IL. Thank you for the advice. I really need it. Best of luck to you too!!
  13. I live across the river from STL. I was sleeved in STL on 09/21/7. The best decision I ever made
  14. I feel, the same exact way, right now & 11 Days Post Op.....
  15. Angel11

    18 days post op

    I loved your response! Thank you ! You set things in perspective.
  16. Angel11

    18 days post op

    I’m experiencing the same! My surgery was 09/21/17 on Thursday & I weighed myself this past Thursday (at 1 week post op) & I lost 10lbs. I go see my surgeon & dietitian for my post op appointment tomorrow. I just weighed myself an hour ago (in the evening & not right in the morning like I usually do) & weighed the same from 3 days ago. I’m allowed to eat creamed soups, yogurts, sugar free pudding, popsicles & protein shakes. I’m getting about 40oz only too. I’m a little down. Maybe this week will be better? Keep your chin up! We will succeed!!
  17. Angel11

    Returning to work after surgery

    I had my surgery on 09/21/17 a Thursday & I went back to work the following Thursday. I didn’t have a problem & wanted to go back a few days earlier. I’m not a teacher, however, I have been a substitute teacher in the past. I guess it all depends if you have to move around a lot, standing for long periods of time or lifting? Hope you find the right decision
  18. Angel11

    Needed Vitamins

    I'm 10 days out from surgery. I just bought those Walgreens Optisource vitamins tonight. Chewable citrus flavor. Not bad for a vitamin.
  19. My surgery was 09/21/17 (8 days ago). I have no hunger at all & no interest in food. Maybe that will change in the near future? Went back to work yesterday & my incisions are still very sore. As of yesterday, down 10 pounds in 7 days. I need to exercise though. I love reading everyone's posts. We are all doing great! These struggles in the beginning, hopefully will be the toughest part. I'm on the soft foods stage: soup, yogurt, pudding & popsicles. I will say, even though, no hunger, I can't wait to be able to 'crunch' on food. I'm a chip lover Post Op & Dietician appointment this coming Monday.
  20. I had my surgery last Thursday & my first day back to work was today. I don't have a strenuous job. I was glad to get back to my regular routine. I guess it all depends on your employer & how you are feeling
  21. Congrats! The time will go by fast
  22. Don't get down on yourself. Your body is adjusting to the surgery. Don't fret about the weight. Just keep to your post op schedule. For myself, this has been a very big change in my life. It has taken a toll on my emotions also. I feel the same about certain foods when I see commercials too. I know, in the future, I will be able to eat my favorite dishes, just not as much.
  23. Awesome! Have you had surgery yet?
  24. Angel11

    Sleeved on Thursday 21

    I hope you feel better very soon! I was sleeved on the 21st also. It is a challenge to get all my liquids in. Also, TMI, I'm having bathroom issues now. No fun.
  25. I had my surgery on the 21st. I can so relate to your post. I feel the same. I go back to work this Thursday.

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