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  1. amk2012

    Daily calories

    How many calories is too little. I've been eating around 800 a day and weight loss has stalled. I'm eating really healthy small portions. How many calories do you guys eat per day?
  2. amk2012


    Does anyone know if burpees are ok to do with the band. I know I can't do crunches, but I was curious.
  3. amk2012


    The port could flip.
  4. amk2012


    I have kind of an embarrassing NSV to share. I've lost about 44 pounds this year and about 16 since surgery 8/14. Had my first fill yesterday. I finally weigh less than my husband again. He's been eating healthy and working out as well.
  5. amk2012


    Thanks for the info!!
  6. I have a random question. I had surgery on 8/14. Is it too early to take a spin class if I take it easy. It's so hard not to exercise. Never thought I would be so anxious to get back
  7. I was really hungry yesterday and I think I might have eaten too much feel sick and really sore today. Anyone else had this problem? My worst fear after browsing this site is stretching anything out.
  8. amk2012

    August 27th banders!

    Awesome!! I've only lost around eight pounds and I had surgery on 8/14. What types of food are you eating? Any tips?
  9. amk2012

    August Challenge

    What a great challenge! Are you starting a new one in September?
  10. CWinkler340- I wanted to include you in the thread too. Still learning the mobile site
  11. Cwinkler340- I wanted to include you in that thread too.
  12. Good luck to you!!! It will be done before you know it. I know you'll do a great job.
  13. Would you mind posting a picture?
  14. amk2012

    Support needed: 20-30 working moms

    I was banded on 8/14. I work as a full time nurse. One thing that has really helped me is a heating pad. Will go back to work this wed. Great to have support on this site! In the mushie food stage now. Just trying to take everything slow. Good luck to everyone. We can do it! We all took a positive step towards being healthy.
  15. amk2012

    SOFT food vs. MUSHIES

    Any other ideas for mushie foods. Kinda hard to get variety in. Good thing it only lasts a few weeks
  16. I had my surgery on 8/14. Feeling much better but still sore around the port site which kinda burns most of the time. After I eat or when I'm close to being done it seems to hurt a little more. I feel like that area bulges out a little more too. Is that a sign of fullness? I'm just trying to figure everything out. Don't think it's anything stuck. Not drinking liquid with meals either. Any ideas for mushie foods? Also having trouble getting enough protein in. For those recently banded it does get better a little bit each day. Remember to rest and take your pain meds!
  17. I'm doing ok. Still really tired and sore a week out.
  18. I had my surgery 8/14 and I am up a few pounds. Anyone else experience this?
  19. What length are they? What do they look like?
  20. Had my surgery on 8/14. Everything went well but a little more sore today. No nausea so far. Still on thickened liquids. I don't know if I feel huge restriction because I'm still on liquids. I don't really feel the band either. Still a bit numb around the incision sites. Anyone else have staples? Feel like they are tugging a bit.

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