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  1. Doing well thank you. I'm down 50 lbs since being banded on August 12th. I've had one fill (December) and have definitely noticed the difference in what I'm able to eat. No more apples with skin, no more bread, very little rice, and chicken remains a challenge. I've had my ups and downs though. I have eaten more than I should occassionally, both in terms of amount of food and type of food. For the most part though I don't eat anywhere near what I used to and many foods are treats of the past such as donuts, soda, and fried foods. My hair has been falling out a lot but I'm hoping my body's nutrition needs will even out eventually and the loss will stop. I need to hit the gym more consistently because I feel like it's the key to moving forward. Still feeling very positive bout my choice to be banded. How are you and everyone else doing?
  2. Rosianna

    Help! Banded This Morning.

    I felt crappy for almost a week. I only walked from bedroom upstairs to bedroom downstairs. Took prescribed pain meds every 4 hours for the first few days. Slept a ridiculous amount of time. Took chewable Gas Ex frequently. By second week I was sooooo much beter. Went back to work, drove my car, went shopping, out to functions etc. Everyone's different. I just needed to be a slug for the first week and let my body recoup.
  3. I weigh myself every single morning as well, in the buff right after shower. I'm 4 months post op and am down 46 pounds. My weight fluctuates every couple of days by a pound or so. Due to Fluid intake, sodium consumption, etc. For sure, the weight melts off for the first 8 weeks but then I hit a plateau for like 3 weeks before weight started coming off again. No matter to me though, any weight off is still a huge success to me.
  4. Rosianna

    Got my 1ST Fill today...

    I had my first fill last week and my doctor told me liquids for the first 24 hours and then resume regular eating as long as it's tolerated. Said to avoid bread for awhile though. Since the fill, I have to chew even smaller bites and even slower than before to avoid them getting stuck.
  5. Rosianna

    Thinning Hair

    My hair thinning as well and my hair started at approx two feet long. Sad day when it started going down the drain. I had several inches cut off just so I wouldn't have to see my long hair disapperaing. Supposedly it's due to rapid weight loss and will start regrowing when the body adjusts itself to new healthy eating. We will see. In the meantime I try to tell myself it's a small price to pay for my new body.
  6. Same here, had a couple of visible stitches- freaked me out but doctor said it was ok.
  7. We all struggle from time to time and it's okay to fall down for a bit as long as you get right back up and move forward. We didn't gain this weight overnite and we certainly won't lose it that way either. It's a long and windy journey. You just gotta remember how far you've come already. I myself am stuck at the same weight for almost a month. I'm happy to not be gaining though and you should too. Hang in there.
  8. I was banded August 12th and am down 42lbs. I usually have 1/2 cup EggBeaters w/ low fat shreeded cheese,or No Sugar Added instant oatmeal or Special K Protein bar for breakfast. I have 2-3 Snacks a day of either sugar free Jello, No Sugar Kozy Shack pudding, Lo Fat cheese stick, 100 Calorie Greek yogurt. lunch is usually either Hormel fat free turkey chili, Starkist tuna pouch w/ fat free mayonaise, fat free turkey or ham sliced lunch meat, garden salad w/ vinigrette, Healthy Choice canned Soup. dinner is whatever my husband cooks which may be a burger but no bun, grilled chicken breast, steak tips, baked haddock, w/ rice or noodles and a vegetable.
  9. Rosianna

    Anyone take Lisinopril for high BP?

    I also took Lisinopril and developed a hacking cough but because it was during the winter my doctor and I associated the cough with having a cold. Took 5 weeks of coughing and several cold meds to figure out it was the Lisinopril. Two days after stopping, the cough was gone.
  10. I slept on my back for the first week, it hurt too much to sleep on my side. Others have said they were able to sleep on their side, on their stomach etc. I would sleep however you're able to comfortably. I had a lot of painful bloating and took chewable Gas-ex which helped. Heating pad also helped but I had to put it on the lowest setting. I did have a lot of pain and it hurt to breathe. I took pain meds every 4 hours for the first few days. By the second week though, all the pain and discomfort were gone except for one spot that was stitched to my muscle. Took almost a month for the stitch to dissolve. Hang in there, it will absolutely get better.
  11. Congrats on your weight loss! Thats fantastic. I havent had a fill yet (banded on Aug 12)- was scheduled for one last week but I had one incident of vomiting so my doctor opted to wait another two weeks. Scheduled now for first fill next Thu. My weight has plateaued for the past two weeks (lost 34 lbs so far) so I finally decided to start exercising. I've been doing 30 mins on the eliptical for the past few days. Nutritionist assures me that this will catapult my weight loss dramatically. Hope so! keep up the good work. Glad all is going well for you.
  12. I worry about hair loss as well. I'm planning on asking doctor at my next follow up if I should be taking Biotin which I understand is a vitamin for hair/nails.
  13. A family member of mine who was banded and lost 135lbs told me that bcuz you lose so much so fast in the beginning your body will eventually start to hold onto the fat/calories etc and no longer allow itself to burn off fat in order to self preserve. She said it takes time for body to realize it will continue to be fed and doesn't need to hold onto what it's consuming.
  14. Don't focus on the weight gain, think of how far you've already come! Your body just keeps readjusting to the different foods/calories. It will even out eventually and you'll be back on track to more weight loss.
  15. Laura,I only had minimal bloating/gas after my band. I took a few Gas Ex chewables. It certainly was nowhere near bad enough that my clothes didn't fit.
  16. I confess I cheated a bit too! I was completely fed up with liquids after two weeks and since I knew I could have fish and turkey chili after my two week follow up, I had some of both 4 days early.
  17. It also took me a good week and a half to feel ok. I barely ate anything the first week and I'm still not eating much but at least I can look at food now without feeling nauseous. Doctor gave me Zofran for nausea. I was also really weak and tired the first week and a half but my energy level is up now and I can accomplish my daily functions (work, errands etc.).
  18. Welcome Amy and GOOD LUCK with your journey to a new you!
  19. I didn't have much of a pre op diet either, had to lose 10 lbs before surgery but I ate regular food up until the day before. I had all the info and resources on healthy eating, protein requirement etc. so I did make some changes before surgery like calorie free fluids, meal replacement bars etc. I'm 6 days post op and have very little gas pain (chewable Gas-Ex helped) . I also have no interest in food, I have a shake or some broth once a day and I definitely need to bump up fluids as I only drink 24 ozs a day.
  20. Got my band 6 days ago, very out of it on pain meds for first 3 days. Barely ate anything. Still sleeping on my back, one port stitched to muscle so still sore. i eat/drink maybe twice a day even though I know I'm supposed to be getting protein/fluids in. I just have no interest in food at all. My right leg has been numb feeling (like it's asleep) for a few days. Surgeon said prbly nerve related and to monitor for swelling, pain, color change etc. which might indicate clot. Just numb though, doesn't affect my walking. Stopped pain meds yesterday and seems to be ok. Headed back to work tomorrow.
  21. On my way to get banded and start my new life! Good luck to anyone else getting banded today.
  22. Rosianna

    Just saying

    Your success is such an inspiration to me. I'm the only person in the group session I had with those going for weight loss surgery who is getting the band, (8/12/13) everyone else choosing sleeve or bypass and I started to second guess myself wondering if I am making the right choice choosing the band but reading your posts makes me feel more positive with my decision. Thanks!
  23. Rosianna

    Im at Goal Baby!

  24. Rosianna

    made it

    Fantastic! Go you! It's a struggle for me all the time as eating out has always been such a huge part of my weekly entertainment. Popcorn at movies, fast food lunches at work, romantic dinners out with my husband, drinks and apps with friends etc. We just have to keep our eyes on the prize and it'll all be worth it. Good luck!

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