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  1. Hi Donna, I have been doing well. How about you? I have lost 42 lbs thus far. I will be seeing my doctor in two weeks to see how I am progressing. I still have not had a fill in my band and at this time unless the dr recommends it, I am satisfied with how my weight loss is going. Slow and steady wins the race! It has been a real learning experience, finding out what to eat, when, how much, etc. What has really helped for me was knowing that this is only a tool, nor a quick fix. Any weight loss is great! Try it and see if it works. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Eat small amounts, eat often, DO NOT eat after 7 pm and drink lots of water! One other is find others to surround yourself with who will be motivating and supportive. That is so important! I hope you are doing well and are learning how to adjust to life with the band too!
  2. Hi All! I just realized that this weekend is two months since my surgery! How time flies! I was just wondering how everyone is doing?
  3. I haven't posted for a while but thought I would check in to see how everyone is. How is everyone's progress post op? Tomorrow I celebrate my 1 month bandiverversary! I went for my 1 month check up today. I am very happy with my progress so and so is my doc. I am down 7 lbs in 3 weeks - 33 total. My energy level is increasing and I am now on my normal post op diet. My doctor is saying I am doing very well and he is not recommending that we fill the band at this time. I am feel I have made a great decision, seeing it all work the way it should. Thanks to all my fellow bandsters for your support! Keeping onward and upward!
  4. Sounds like a great idea! I would be interested!
  5. Hey Basset - I also had the hernia repair, but according to my doctor it does not change the recovery time. I was able to return to work after a week. I think it all depends on how YOU feel and what you can tolerate. It also depends on what you do at work. I did not work a full day my first day back, but did the rest of the week. I was pretty tired at the end of each day. Today was my second week back, it was much better today. I would just take each day and see how it goes! Good luck!
  6. Jama glad things are going better for you. Hope your return to work goes well! I am not in the St. Louis area, but am from the Midwest!
  7. Not sure what all you are allowed but here are some things I did. Scrambled eggs (keep them pretty moist), cottage cheese, yogurt, pudding, applesauce, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes. Some other things I did, I took canned chicken and minced it up very fine as much as you can, then mixed it with a little chicken gravy. This worked well for me having it with some mashed potatoes. Other things I could have was cream of wheat cereal, cream soup and a way to add extra protein to things like that is to mix dry milk powder to them. Hopefully you can get some ideas from these.
  8. How is everyone doing? I hope things are improving each day. To those of you still anticipating surgery I wish you the best! I am today officially 2 weeks post op! Every day is a little better than the next. I still struggle some with pulling and pain at my port site, but each day is a little better. Tomorrow I get to move to soft foods diet, I am excited to be able to expand my food choices. I returned to work last week, it went okay, I was pretty tired when I would get home though! Hoping this week will be better. I have so far been very fortunate not to have any issues with eating or with nausea, hoping this trend will continue as my diet advances. I am just taking each day as it comes, knowing it will get better, keeping my eye on the prize!
  9. I think so. I just am one of those people who usually doesn't like to air all of my business, I like to keep my personal issues personal unless people ask, but I don't hide it. I have told a few people post surgery and they have been VERY encouraging and supportive! I know this was one of the hardest decisions that I have made in life, but I needed to do it. One thing a lot of people do not understand is that choosing to do lap band is not an easy path and I hope to educate them that this is not an "easy weight loss fix" for me. This is a tool that will help me in this lifelong battle that I have had. I will still have to work very hard at weight loss. I think unless you have gone through it, you will never truly understand. That is why I am so thankful for all of you my fellow bandsters!!
  10. That is one I haven't heard. Actually mashed bananas was listed to eat on my mushy diet phase.
  11. musica73

    How is everyone doing??

    Best of Luck CWinkler! Hopefully your pre-op will go by fast. For me it was a little slow. The anticipation of surgery made the time drag by. I am now 9 days post op and go back for my first dr visit today. I started the "mushie" diet phase yesterday. It was wonderful to have something besides liquid! Everything is going pretty well except for some pain around my port area. It comes and goes. I will be very glad when it subsides! I am also looking foward to when I can sleep on my side again! Ugh! I hate sleeping on my back. My advice to you is be sure you follow your pre-op diet, it will definitely help in post-op and be sure you get up and moving as soon as possible after surgery. Also, ask the hospital about a anti-nausea patch. Mine gave me one that I wore for two days. It helped with any nausea. It was wonderful. Hope all goes well with you for your surgery! There is a lot of great support here!
  12. I had heard no popcorn also that it would get stuck. Other things my dietician told me was no oranges because of the membranes, no apple skins, of course no bread, pasta, rice, and no carbonated beverages. There were some things like no nuts, seeds, no cocount, nothing with hulls like corn and a couple other things for two months. And that there might be some meat that people struggle with because of the denseness.
  13. Okay, I really hope I can start sleeping on my side soon! Sleeping on my back is killing me! I keep waking up with a stiff neck. Anyone have any suggestions for helping to sleep on your side?

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