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  1. saying hi 2 all my freinds wish they would fix chat doing great still

  2. dident loose weight this week but have been ill and not been 2 the gym but at least I dident gain

  3. my boxers keep falling down lol have 2 get some new ones lol

  4. I sometimes wonder if it was worth it like a huge part of my life is missing ??

  5. need some new food ideas ?? eny one got some ??

  6. people telling me I look good lol wtf is that about ?? back in gym yay x

  7. feel better today back 2 the gym tomozz carnt wait

  8. backs bad and I got flu it sucks I carnt go gym :(

  9. backs been bad so no gym arrr its driveing me nuts but hope il be ok by monday

  10. The band sucks it sucks cause I dident get it sooner I've lost 50bls in like 2 months my sleep apnia has improved I walk better I breath better I can see my man bits again well allmost lol I've followed the rules 100 persent that my docs gave me and its working before I had this band I couldent walk well due 2 a pine injury witch obesity made ten times worse now I walk round with a stick but another 50bls and I'll run so sorry but BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE...
  11. hit my first 50bls goal yay whoot whoot loveing my band

  12. bandedblake

    Cant we all just get along ?!

    wat it boils down 2 is we all ate crap food and allot of crap food and got really fat and if you continue 2 make crap decisions with the band you are going 2 stay that way rite. And you've wasted your money STICK 2 THE RULES get slim get healthy its not rocket science but i do blame some of the docs for not giving proper after care and not setting new banders right
  13. I can understand why people need a break from this site help advise and support people not scare bash and belittle some people need 2 get a grip

  14. bandedblake

    This is weird.. I can eat

    Help and advise people not bash scare and belittle jeez. I am sorry about some of the comments you've had most are very supportive here and beings you are a NEWBIE and have had very lil advise from your surgen they sould know better. Your surgen is a donkey but they all do things diff dr na na book is very good and helpfull but like she said wats done is done get yourself back on track with liqwids and start over fight the hunger its just part of the jurney get your fills and I hope you have great sucsess with your band take care xx
  15. bandedblake

    Cant we all just get along ?!

    Owww dang I likey this afrienne lol bang on hun xx
  16. kinda bord of the food im eating need 2 change things up i think eny ideas ??

  17. bandedblake


  18. bandedblake


    From the album: before

    Me before
  19. im deffos starting 2 slow down just 2 bls lost this week but im happy with it seems a more normal amount but stillno hunger at all i still have 2 set my alarm so i eat lol

  20. feeling very sore think I need a massarge lol

  21. feeling better hitting the gym hard

  22. feel crap and just lost :(

  23. so far so good i can eat ok very small and chew lots but alls good at moment so happy for now lol

  24. bandedblake

    At the beach! Surfers Paradise, Queensland Aug 2013

    Dang who's that hot chick on da beach lol I am in orre of you lellow you look outstanding hun well done xxx
  25. bandedblake

    Day 2 of Surfers Paradise vacation: day 2 bikini!

    Wow you look awesome lellow great job chick xx

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