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  1. healthydnp

    Falling back into old habits...support needed

    I would really like to have a buddy. I will check every day as well and let's get back into gear!
  2. healthydnp

    Falling back into old habits...support needed

    I love Wendy's frosties! I will try it thanks!
  3. I was banded a year ago and have done well, I am down to 152.6. The problem is that I am getting into the ice cream cycle again. I not too tight but my brain really likes it. I am trying to log my food again but am having a hard time exercising. I did well when I logged on here regularly and participated, so I'm back. Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be appreciated.
  4. healthydnp

    MONTHLY CHALLENGE Awesome august banders!

    Becci Goal weight 150 Weight 11-1 153 Goal for 11-30 145
  5. healthydnp

    Too tight vs stuck episode vs who knows

    I had all the fluid removed and I am so much better. I have another appt in 2 weeks and will have some fluid put back in then. I feel so much better.
  6. healthydnp

    Too tight vs stuck episode vs who knows

    Thanks it always helps to have another perspective!
  7. Ok here's the story. I was banded Aug 6 and am down 27 lbs. I went for 1 st fill one month after surgery and didn't need it because I was doing good. About a week after that I was hungry more and got 2 cc put in. I did okay but wasn't losing. Went back in at next appt which was a 1.5 weeks ago and had 2 more cc put in. Since then I have had the pb for the first time ever every night. I had chicken get stuck so bad yesterday that I vomited. Today I can swallow but...water hurts. I am thinking clears for a couple of days, 1 cc fluid removal Tuesday (my day off). Any other thoughts?
  8. healthydnp


    It is water resistant up to 30 feet. I love my flex.
  9. Don't forget to post to the monthly challenge bandsters! Looks like so far everyone is doing great! Lets keep it up.
  10. Hi Jama I am doing well. The job is going okay. My energy is really good now which is a blessing. How are you feeling?
  11. healthydnp

    MONTHLY CHALLENGE Awesome august banders!

    Screen name: healthydnp/ Becci Goal for Sept 30: 155 Weight:156.8 Goal for Oct 31: 150.0
  12. healthydnp


    I love it. I cant wait to check everything on my phone and computer. You will be making a good investment.
  13. Had my first fill Friday and it was easy. Little poke and that was it. No worries.
  14. healthydnp

    Am I the only one?

    Got my fill of 2 cc today and I can tell. Dr thinks that I have lost so much weight in abdomen that the fat around the band shrunk causing me to need a fill. Fill was easy and hardly and discomfort. Thanks for everyone's input.
  15. healthydnp


    Got my fitbit flex today and can't stop playing with it. I think it will be a very helpful tool. My Dr said she has one too and loves it. So glad I saw this thread otherwise would have never heard of it!

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