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  1. So to make a very long story short, I paid 16,000 dollars to the SLIMMBAND CLINIC IN TORONTO, TO INSERT BY LAPOROROCOPY AND GENERAL ANESTHETIC A DEVICE WHICH WAS TO CONTROL MY APPETITE AND HELP ME TO LOSE AND MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT, FOR MY HEALTH. I was blind sighted, I should have done my homework, this very clinic and doctor had jumped ship on hundreds of other innocent unsuspecting, patients. I went through the courts and won the case against the clinic, big deal they shut their doors one week prior to my court date. My only hope is to tell anyone who even thinks about this way of life in the Toronto area be certain it is not the same owner, nor the same doctor that took my money and left me with a nonfunctioning piece of silicone band in my abdomen. Three surgeries later and many heart aches and physical discomfort I had the monster removed.DO NOT BE FOOLED THEY HIRE SKINNY PEOPLE WHO TELL YOU THEY HAD THE SAME SURGERY. I HAVE ASLO BEEN IN CONTACT WITH PATIENTS THAT ENDED UP WITH SEVERE INFECTIONS AND MANY COMPLICATIONS.
  2. ppaja60@gmail.com

    SLIMBAND?! Don't do it.

    I am on my way to Toronto next Monday to see one of the doctors that Slimband says I am his patient. He as no idea who I am his office says there are a lot of patients being sent to see him that have literally been dumped off to him.I was banned in 2010 the band worked for 14 months then broke and was replaced and was not filled enough to give any restriction looking back I think it never did work after several fills and finally I paid a doctor to defill only to find it EMPTY so I was told my contract was over after 4 years I have a 5 year add in my file which will not expire until end of 2015,so off I go to find out what the hell is going on. I will be contacting a lawyer and if I can gather enough folks we will go for a class action, since the company is located in France that supplies the band it should be an experience but I for one will not let this rest sixteen thousand dollars is not a drop in any one bucker.
  3. My problem I was a patient Dec 10 2010.All went well lost weight then I felt that there was no restriction. The band was replaced in 2013 I met with Dr yau preop he scolded me and I over heard him talk the same way to several other patients, I was sent home ,the restriction was nil but I waited so I didn't bug them I did need fills at the Windsor office ,very upsetting to have to be continually told to eat smaller amt etc etc I did have success at one time so I knew what I was doing. Any how when I signed up the ad was for 5 years on the web, I am now sitting at the exact same weight, no doctor to talk to and each head nurse that I ever got close to on the phone no longer works there, Now what I am in on a class action if we get enough folks together count me in

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