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    From the album: Lost 65pds now

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    Lost 65pds now

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    From the album: Lost 65pds now

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    From the album: Lost 65pds now

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    From the album: SolracSpree

  7. I'm a teacher and feel the same way. I always keep a bag of cut up protein bars so I can pop it in my mouth chew and keep going on hectic days. The only part that sucks is drinking because when I have a minute to drink something its usually the same time I have to eat. So I eat instead of drink and try to get in most my water after work. Scares me sometimes because I dont want to get dehydrated.
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    Why so negative???

    Its to be expected. Lapband is unknown for some people and people fear the unknown and changes. Some will celebrate, some will condemn. As is life.
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    incision pain

    Some people just have port pain but personally my pain was similar to you (fine at first, got worse) and it ended up being an infection and it took 2 months to clear up. Better to stop it earlier. You can ask the doc to run some test and see what the infection is (staph, bacteria, ect).
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    Hair Loss

    Well for the past couple of weeks my hair as been coming out more and more. And I was in denial until this past weekend when I remembered cleaning out my brush Wednesday and was full of hair again Saturday. So I got some biotin, got more multivitamins, some protein shots, biotin pills, biotin shampoo&conditioner. Then I decided that my hair was falling out largely due to the fact that I was tugging on all my tangles. So I decided to get my hair cut. So today I have 12 inches less of hair. freaked out a bit but I am OK with it. Lol See the before and afters
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    Boredom at its BEST!

    Once there was a young man - whose eating was getting out of hand - He ate all day - and some will say - he needed to get the lap band --------------------------------------- He didnt listen to the talk even though he couldnt walk he stuffed his face with ice cream and cake and still ignored the lapband --------------------------------------- Then came the day His kids wanted to play He tried to get up and run but after 5 minutes he was done! he decided to get the lap band ------------------------------------ A few years down the road He doesnt carry such a load give him a hand! he got to wONEderland all because of the lap band
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    Boredom at its BEST!

    The consequences of boredom for an elementary teacher = childish random poems lol
  16. The band makes me freak out about things but I had acid reflux and night coughs BEFORE being banded when I got sick. Just another wonderful thing to add to my list. But it is always best to rule out anything band related
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    Strong words

    Loved this - very true!!!
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    Just an update

    So 2 weeks go I hit my 226 pound mark. As of today I am 221. I think once I get down to the teens i'm going to just be in shock. I am surprised to say the least that my weight is coming off as quickly as it is. (Those who know me know I'm a "bad girl" when it comes to food and I expected to lose quite slowly) I spoke about a stall a few weeks ago as well.. safe to say thats stall is over and I've have learned my lesson. Keep my calorie count in the 1400-1500 range = losing weight 1000-1300 calories range = stall. Experienced some different things this past few weeks. I am starting my own business. I have a business partner and we are coming up with all the details currently. We hope to pilot our business in June of 2014. If all goes well it will be full-time. Wish me luck! I also went to the county fair. this past weekend and tasted so many guilty treats. Deep fried oreos, deep fried Reese, cheesecake, vodka, and popcorn. And before anyone loses their damn mind. Did I eat all 7 oreos?? No, I had 1. Did I eat a whole cheesecake no- a bite. So simmer down now. Sex - so had sex quite recently and I was able to wrap my legs around my boyfriends waist. HECK YES!! I can tell a huge difference in that department from where I was 45 pounds ago. And then theres the hate- I have noticed all the random post about people quite frankly - losing their damn mind. People are getting so upset over some things that really I just like- Wow I wish I had time in my day to let things like this get to me, because I would have to have ALOT of spare time. In conclusion i think I have seen the following things... 1. People looking for people to tell them its OK to break the rules - You are just asking people to be nasty and tell you how undedicated you are and to listen to your Doctors Orders 2. If people are constantly telling you that you sound rude - maybe you should work on that. If you dont care then stop replying back. Cause thats what people do when they dont give a damn. In the end this is just a website. Now I have made some awesome online buddies and gotten some invaluable advice, but what is really important is what is happening in my life, not on some computer screen. And if your life revolves around this site then maybe take a step and look for something tangible off the cyber world. In the end, these are people we don't know, will more than likely never interact with, so in my mind their opinions and complaints only go so far.
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    Calorie requirement

    It sucks that it take so much guess work

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