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    I am 36 yr old mother of three. I am loving life every day.2 years ago I got an eye opener when my mom passed .I just had a baby boy and I want to be around for my grand kids.This is why I am changing my life and getting the Lapband.
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    EMS, Kids, Outdoors, Reading
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  1. Ann Doss-Bright

    Second fill I think I am too tight

    Thank all you guys for everything. I was able to eat today. Very small amounts but none the less I ate.Chicken fingers lol. It is getting better as the day goes on so I think I will be ok . Not as bad at all as yesterday.
  2. Ann Doss-Bright

    Second fill I think I am too tight

    I will but it will be Monday before I can do anything.
  3. Ann Doss-Bright

    Second fill I think I am too tight

    Every thing even cottage cheese hurts.
  4. I did liquids Wednesday and mushies yesterday today was the day where I started real foods. I cant eat anything without pain. Am I too tight or do I just need to stay on mushies for a day or too and see if it gets better?
  5. Ann Doss-Bright

    First attempt at fill unsuccessful :(

    The fluoroscopy is awesome. My doc does them that way.Quick and easy.You will like it better that way.
  6. Ann Doss-Bright

    One year anniversary

    Congrats on a year in your new life.
  7. Ann Doss-Bright

    Borderline abn ekg :-(

    I have never heard of a borderline abnormal EKG. Is that what they said. Did you have a arrhythmia or throwing PVC's. What did they say your heart was actually doing. In most cases thats not going to hurt anything.
  8. Ann Doss-Bright


    I did Well liquids for 24 and mushies for 24 . Today was regular food day.
  9. Ann Doss-Bright


    Ugh I just got a fill. I was able to eat tuna patties before so I thought ok I will make some. Nope that will be a forever NO food. That was awful.
  10. Ann Doss-Bright

    breast augmentation

    Some will pay for it. Mine does. Not for implants but for the lift. Depending on how much you lose. I think its 40 to 50 % of your original body weight.
  11. Ann Doss-Bright

    Gas 3 weeks post op

  12. Ann Doss-Bright

    Gas 3 weeks post op

    thats why I was wondering if it is gonna be a thing always. lol I sure hope not.
  13. Ann Doss-Bright

    Gas 3 weeks post op

    No not at all. Its just that I am always brurpy.
  14. Ann Doss-Bright

    Gas 3 weeks post op

    belchy lol . Allot

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