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  1. Andrew0929

    June 2021- calling all Vets!

    I’m 7.5 years out. After losing 130 lbs I hovered at about 15 lbs over that up until about 3 months ago. Oddly, I’ve been gaining while consuming about the same calories and carbs as well as same level of exercise. Now up about 27 lbs from lowest level. Not sure what to do, but I suppose the obvious is lowering calories and carbs and at least maintaining exercise levels.
  2. Andrew0929

    Time to stop losing weight!

    Congratulations!! I had the same concern after dropping from 325 to 167. My dr kept emphasizing that my body would figure out an appropriate level and remain there. I was skeptical but he was right. I’ve continued doing the same things (still weighing, logging and exercising) and now 4.5 years later have at or about 177.
  3. I get shrimp with Chinese vegetables, but no sauce and steamed. Then I add my own soy sauce and have a small amount of rice with it. Very low calorie and good.
  4. Hi All, Just went to my annual appointment with surgeon and realized I’ve not checked in here in quite some time. I’m now holding at 10 pounds above My lowest weight, which has been the case for several years. However, During the winter I gained 6 pounds and attributed this to increased snacking on cereal. Then, I got the flu and lost 10 pounds. Interestingly, after getting better I decided to stop the cereal snacking and have ended up back at the same weight I’ve been at for about 3 years. Hoping to continue maintaining at this level. Still weighing and logging... Regards, Andrew
  5. Andrew0929

    Possible I've Lost Too Much?

    I’m 4.5 years out and down 150. I had the same concern about 1 year out and my Dr said that my body would eventually settle into a new normal weight. That did happen and I've been about 10-12 pounds above my lowest weight for quite some time and it's probably a good long-term level to maintain.
  6. Andrew0929

    Checking in ... 4.5 years out

    Hi Kathy, I'm glad to hear that you're well... The challenges never cease. While I've been able to maintain, it's still a lot of work. I got a taste of rapid weight gain after allowing my cereal snacking to get out control. I've been slacking a little on my exercising lately due to being very busy with work and need to get that back on track. Keep fighting the fight... Andrew
  7. Andrew0929

    Sleeve Veterans: What makes you successful long term?

    I use an app on my phone called SparkPeople and use a simple kitchen scale. Since I eat the same breakfast and snacks daily I created groups of meals. I probably spend less than 1 minute a day logging. It’s not for everyone, but I need to do this to maintain control.
  8. Andrew0929

    Stomach noises

    I’m 4 years out and the noises haven’t stopped. Still surprisingly loud too.
  9. Andrew0929

    Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014

    I’m 4 years and 3 days out and in a similar situation. I lost about 150 and am about 14 pounds above my lowest weight. What baffles me is that I continue to weigh and log all food and my calories/carbs haven’t increased and my level of exercise is the same. Working out 6 days/week and keeping calories at or below 1900. I’d be happy even losing 6 pounds. I hate that my pants are slightly tight. Makes me mad even typing that...
  10. Andrew0929

    One Month Report out on my six week transformation

    I think my body has gotten too accustomed to my level of exercise. I’ve done the same routine for 3 years and that may be part of the problem. Still, my weekly routine of 2 spin classes, 1 day running, and 3 days weight training has to be helping... My daily calories are about the same (1900), but carbs up from 200 to about 275. While my gaining hasn’t been excessive, it has been slow but steady and I am concerned.
  11. Andrew0929

    One Month Report out on my six week transformation

    Nice to hear from you Jane... I’m almost 4 years out and about 13 pounds above my lowest level. Half of that is within the last 6 months, which concerns me. The confusing part is that I’m doing the same things but gaining. I continue to log all food, exercise at the same level, and have kept my calorie/carb levels at the levels recommended by my nut for maintenance. Perhaps my metabolism is changing as i get a little older and it’s time to lower the daily calories. Regards, Andrew
  12. Andrew0929

    I regret this surgery

    On my second day home (4 days post op), I passed out due to internal bleeding. It was probably my fault as I was getting in and out of a recliner by myself. Rushed to hospital by ambulance with very low blood pressure and then surgery to stop bleeding. I had some abdominal pain early on, too, due to constipation.... May want to call your Dr if that persists.
  13. Andrew0929

    I regret this surgery

    I regretted the surgery too during my first few months post op. I was pissed off at myself for making this decision. Had a few complications and needed a second surgery. Blah blah blah Told my surgeon I regretted having the surgery and he told me he was going to ask me the same question in 3 months. He was right. After the weight start falling off in bulk and surgery healed I began to feel awesome. I'd not felt that good in 30+ years. That charged me up and made me stick to the program better than I thought I could. Now almost 4 years later I remain at my goal weight after losing 150+ pounds. Chin up. Better days are ahead. Andrew
  14. I had this same concern as I was approaching my goal weight 3 years ago. I'd lost 150 pounds in 9 months and was concerned about stopping. So I scheduled an appointment with my nut and came up with the appropriate level of calories and carbs for me to level out, considering my height, weight, and exercise. That has worked perfectly for me and I still reference those levels 3 years later. I find that if I exceed, I gain a few and if I go below I will lose a few. Consult with the expert...
  15. Andrew0929

    Sleeve Veterans: What makes you successful long term?

    I've been at goal for 3.5 years. I think the key issue for me is continuing to measure and log food and exercise. It keeps me in check. If I go over one day I try to compensate the next day. When calculating net calories, I can almost predict what my weight will be the next morning. My plan is to measure and log forever...
  16. Andrew0929

    Wow. With the exit of so many vets...

    It's a shame that participation has diminished. I've only had great experiences in here and have participated less due to not having any problems. Bad reason, but the truth... I'm still about 10 lbs higher than lowest weight, but I'm fine with that. I think I'm 5 pounds higher than my revised goal. I'm hoping to participate more, and not just when I'm seeking help. Andrew
  17. Have you consulted with your nut regarding bacon? While I always loved bacon, personally I avoid it. Pretty unhealthy...
  18. Andrew0929

    Calling all vets. Need help 4 years post op

    I'm 3.5 years out and about 10 pounds above my lowest weight which is fine. Still wearing smallest pant size so no complaints. I still weigh food and log all food and exercise and try very hard to stick with healthy food choices. Still exercising 6 days week. It's not easy but I'm committed to making this work permanently. I'm sad to know many people that have regained so much. The common denominator I've witnessed is their making poor food choices. The surgery can't control that part. While the restriction is helping them, eating many servings of the wrong foods will always lead to weight gains.
  19. Andrew0929

    Complication fears

    I'm among the few that did have complications. At 4 days out, which was my second day at home, I had some internal bleeding. My blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low level and I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance (in a big snow storm). I had a second surgery the next morning, which ended up only being exploratory as the bleeding stopped on its own. While this was unpleasant and dangerous, I'd repeat the surgery again even if I knew about the second surgery ahead of time. At 3.5 years out I'm still down 150 pounds and only 5 pounds above my goal and all time low. It's worth the risk. Go for it and don't look back.
  20. At this point, this app is my primary source of info. I no longer attend support group meetings as the subject matter became redundant after a few years.
  21. Andrew0929


    I'm over 3 years out and have been at goal since 9 months out. I know that I can have pasta and bread, but have continued to avoid both completely. Carbs were always my biggest problem so I've decided to just avoid permanently.
  22. Andrew0929

    I do NOT want to tell my dad.

    I told all family members except my mother. She would have disagreed with my decision and I didn't want to argue with her or have to justify it to her. No regrets...
  23. Andrew0929

    Tracking helps you be consistent

    I've been tracking faithfully for 3 years. Everyone is different, but I need to track to maintain. I've been at goal (down 150 pounds) since 9 months out and plan to keep tracking forever. I use SparkPeople on my iPhone .
  24. Andrew0929

    WLS Support Group

    I'm 3 years out and attended for my first 2 years regularly. I've been successfully maintaining since 9 months out. I keep meaning to go but it's no longer a priority. I should go, minimally, to provide support to the new folks as I remember how much support I received from the veterans when I was Pre-op and during my first year.

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