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  1. MsGal


    I have several frineds who have been banded and NONE of them regret it! I am excited for mine. Wish you all the best of luck
  2. WOW....only 28 days til surgery! Excited...nervous....excited! lol Thanks to everyone for posting....so helpful!

  3. How are you getting around....pain..? Walking without difficulty? Curious.....my surgery is coming up and want to know what to expect! Thanks Lisa
  4. Stay the couse lady.....I can only imagine how you feel....but you waited to get the surgery and you certainly don't want to mess it up! Time flies.....before you know it you will be on mushy food! Keep up the good work. Lisa
  5. I start liquids on 25 Jun and surgery not until 8 July....who did I piss off! LOL...! Oh well.....super excited for all of us! Good luck...Lisa
  6. MsGal

    I want food now!!!

    Unjury Protein shakes has a chicken one that I hear is just as wonderful as their protein shakes! I just ordered them online in preparation of my surgery date. I also heard that you can buy mushroom broth as well as the beef, chicken, and veggie broth! I am not a big sweet eater so the chicken Unjury (20g protein) is going to be my friend. Hope this helps..... it will make it easier to get your proteins in...Lisa
  7. MsGal

    2 months 43 lbs!

    So great to hear. Can't wait to have a success story to tell......Lisa
  8. MsGal

    Yay! Thanks everyone!

    How DO you...I can't figure it out either....? ARRRRH
  9. Your post has me motivated! Super excited for my band..... Lisa
  10. I am so glad that today is better than yesterday! I thought about you last night after reading your entry! My name is Lisa BTW! With my date fast approaching...I was very concerned after seeing your post. Please keep us/me posted...I would love to follow your journey! Hope today is an amazing day for you! Lisa
  11. MsGal

    My Barrier

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. I get banded on 8 July....and thankful to have people like you to read experiences from!
  12. MsGal


    Way to go. I get my band on 8 July....need positive people around...so thanks! Lisa
  13. Thanks for the info on the Unjury...someone else told me it was good! My surgery is 8 July. I am going to go ahead and order! Thanks again and good luck with your journey Lisa
  14. Hello Ladies.....My name is Lisa. I joined this forum today and sooo excited to create friendships and share experiecnes with you! My surgery date is 8 July....and I am also hosting the 4th while on the liquid diet...arggg! But...I am praying the sacrifices will be well worth it! Looking forward to hearing how your journey is going! Lisa

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