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  1. MsGal

    First fill!

    It was three months before I had anything put in my band.....and she only put in 3 units...a few days ago I had 1 unit added! Total of 4! AND....it was so easy to have! Good luck today! Lisa
  2. MsGal


    So glad to hear that many are doing so well. I have 40 down and about 25 to go! Banded 8 July! The best thing I've ever done for myself! Lisa
  3. I did go as well...very informative!
  4. MsGal

    Hello! My name is Julie

    On a good note...it took years to get heavy...6 months is a small amount of time to prepare for this life changing [rocess! Good luck! Lisa
  5. MsGal

    How ofter do you weigh

    I have been jumping on twice a day and driving myself CRAZY. I need to start doing it once a week.
  6. MsGal

    New Drink.....

    17 grams of sugar is very high.....! Yikes Be careful...Lisa
  7. MsGal

    New Drink.....

    These gave me a splitting headache.....not sure why! Did same for my daughter...
  8. MsGal

    New Drink.....

    I wonder if you could order them online?
  9. MsGal

    New Drink.....

    Premier Protein shakes (Sams club) are 30 grams of protein, 160 calories, 1 gram sugar. They are awesome....they make bars too! Lisa
  10. What was the reason for the deny? Lisa
  11. MsGal

    started mushies and gained weight

    No worries....you healing and changing......! I wouldn't even look at a scale for a few weeks. Worry about getting better....drink your water! It WILL work! Lisa
  12. MsGal


    Thank you so much....I hope we all do well! On'y got 3 in my band....! Lisa
  13. MsGal


    I was banded on 8 July...had my first fill (only 3ml) it was nothing...I was expecting it to hurt! Piece of cake! 12 weeks post op and almost 40lbs without a fill...looking forward to seeing what this little fill will do for me. BEST decision I have ever made....! Happy Friday fellow banders.... Lisa
  14. MsGal

    First fill

    I won't get my first fill til about the 11 week mark...VERY NERVOUS. I wish I had a fill a week ago at my last appt. still losing but slower! So glad that your experiennce was positive! Lisa
  15. MsGal

    Where's everyone from?

    My mom is from Chelsford. My daughter and I will be in England to see our relatives 13-21 Sept....so excited about our visit! Lisa
  16. MsGal


    OK.....I was banded 7/8 (6 weeks ago)...had an appt for a fill yesterday...I was losing still....NO FILL YET! Can't believe it.....nothing at all in my band! I will see her again in 5 weeks...we shall see!
  17. MsGal


    I am 6 weeks post op....down 33 lbs. Have NOT had a fill yet, but have an appt on Tuesday. Kinda scared! The weight is still coming off but is slower now (without a fill)....! Wish me luck! Over this past weekend I ate a little more than I wanted....perhaps I do need a fill! Lisa
  18. MsGal

    Where's everyone from?

    This southern girl is from Biloxi, MS....but I live in the Boston area right now!!
  19. I agree with Hazelsbliss....! Own your own journey. Play by the rules your Dr lays out for you. The band is overlapped and sewn in place (at least mine is). Not as fragile as you would think. If there isn't a problem....don't look for one. Follow people who give great and positive advise. This forum really helped me. I am 4 week out now.....I have been weighing myself every day....my advice is...DON'T! I am going to start once a week. It can drive you crazy. With your success so far...you are doing something right! Follow the rules and keep up with what you are doing. Best of luck...you will succeed! Lisa
  20. Those around me who ask I say....."Made lifstyle changes"! I don't really feel like I owe anyone a reply, but if it's someone I like I offer that. But...I have told many people that I got a lap band! Someone asked me if I was sick...I told her the truth...LOL
  21. Popsicles was my saving grace...! A must have. Sugar Free of course.
  22. MsGal

    My Morning Rant...

    Seriously....your posts and advise/help to people is what motivated me and got me excited about the process. You helped me get "it" right in my mind....which I this is key with this process. Hugs....Lisa
  23. MsGal


    I bought the Premier Protein shakes at Sams. Individual servings...keep in fridge and toss in my bag for work. I drink one a day to make sure I get the protein in. These shakes are 160 Caolories, 1 gram sugar, 30 grams of protein and only 3 grams of fat! Great choice. The come in chocolate and vanilla. Lisa
  24. MsGal

    Port question

    Its been 4 weeks for me.....that area still puffy.....! Lisa
  25. MsGal

    My Morning Rant...

    Carolinagirl.....I started watching your posts well before my banding (4 weeks ago) and feel like you have always given honest and great advice...which I appreciate. I have never counted calories.... I simply watch volume and quality of food. With that being said....the choices of what consists of my 1 cup meals is very good lean Protein and veggies. Try to always make good choices. AND...get my Water in. AND...I feel successful. Thanks again carolinagirl

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