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  1. Good luck and will say a prayer for you...you will do well and be on the other side of this weight loss miracle!

  2. mojaleski

    At the lake 05/01/2011

    Good for you! When was your surgery date?
  3. 3 days post op...feeling really good

  4. 3 days post op...feeling really good

  5. Discovered my long outgrown size 8 faded jeans yesterday in my closet...intend to be wearing them again...perhaps next summer!!!

  6. Surgery date is now September 3, 2013. I am excited and ready.

  7. I had to chuckle about the Tab & Fresca comments. I LIVED on Fresca in 1972 while losing 73 lb on Atkin's...(which rendered me 132 lb. and thin for 1st time ever. Of course had not reached nearly 280 lb. back then which I did by 1998. Now recently 238 and ready for my surgery 9/12. It never occurred to me I might not be able to eat some things like sugarless popsicles. And I am happy for the tip to try 1/2 tsp of things at first to see how they go down...but I will remember. Thanks.
  8. mojaleski

    I am eating my first aygg!

    I can't wait...9/12/13 sleeve date...and I will be looking forward to one egg filling me up!
  9. mojaleski

    September 12, 1913

    hahahah...typo or auto correct and I am unsure which... I do have to admit I look pretty good for being 170 years old though. Glad you picked up the error. Now if I can correct it I will be doing well. :-)
  10. Just got my surgery date this afternoon...Thursday, September 12th... I am so excited!!!

  11. Just got my surgery date this afternoon...Thursday, September 12th... I am so excited!!!

  12. mojaleski

    Today's The Day

    Good luck with your surgery!!!
  13. Great news...my CT scan showed my esophagus and aorta are just fine!

  14. So today I decided to buy a blender and some "ready to drink" (RTD) shakes, thinking that a can of powder is going to turn me off immediately (vivid memories of Carnation Instant Milk in a box and other powdered Protein drinks I had years ago). I found the cafe caramel, came home and poured half of it in the blender, added ice and tasted it in a few minutes...drinkable, not terrible...or particularly flavorful but CHALKY...so I added 3 packets of Splenda, a couple TB of fat free Greek Fage yogurt and a splash of sugar free caramel syrup from Starbucks...quite an improvement. Next time I will throw in some instant coffee as well. I also bought a 4-pack of the Atkins mocha flavor. The Atkins RTD 11 oz. shakes have 15 g Protein, 160 cal. and 2 net carbs. I also bought two 4-packs of EAS AdvantEDGE...11oz French vanilla and a Dark Choc. RTD shakes...and they have17 g protein, 100 cal. and 2.5 net carbs. I will try one tomorrow. One thing I liked about the Atkins is it has a twist off cap like a bottle of soda...so I could seal off half to make another frosty concoction later. The EAS brand has just a fold down container like a cardboard milk container....could spill in a cooler. By the way, I drank some in the glass after blending but poured the rest in my Bodum insulated stainless container I always used for coffee. When I went to pour some more into my glass it wouldn't pour...it had gotten COLDER in the container and I could eat it with a spoon...much improved!!! I will be getting some more Bodum insulated containers...shorter ones to eat my drinks! Anybody have any suggestions for doctoring up some of these RTD shakes? mojaleski
  15. Having a problem updating...

  16. Today I made a really good shake...a little strong coffee, about 5 oz. Atkins mocha RTD shake, large splash Starbuck's sugarless caramel syrup and 1/2 sm. can crushed pineapple...lots of ice...and blend...really GOOD! Thinking all the other kinds I bought will be fairly good with pineapple, coffee and caramel sugar free syrup too...could happen!!!

  17. This morning I brewed the smallest cup of bold coffee I could do in my machine...and poured about 1/4 cup of it into about 5 oz Atkin's mocha latte shake in my blender, adding some Starbuck's sugar free caramel syrup and lots of ice and it still didn't taste great...UNTIL I added half a little can of crushed PINEAPPLE. It is delicious! I am imagining the other shakes will taste good if I add pineapple and sugarless caramel too! Happy woman this morning! :-)

  18. I have been trying to find a protein shake that doesn't taste like CHALK...and the 3 I had tried, all RTD liquids did, even after I doctored them up with sugar free caramel syrup and splenda and coffee...wondered how I would ever drink these for weeks on end.

  19. mojaleski

    Muscle Milk GNC

    I don't like the chocolate muscle milk or the ESA vanilla or the Atkins caramel. They can be doctored up... I think to be at least somewhat palatable...but they are all really chalky..to me. And I bought the ready to drink liquid ones. I am searching for Premier Protein which I have read the most positive reviews on.
  20. Still searching for Premier shakes...RTD... and no luck yet...but recalled reading many people think chocolate muscle milk very good... I don't like it...another chalky taste. I have to find something to put in these to make them better. I recall when I did 90 days of all liquid diet Cambridge food for Life powder mix I used to just add all sorts of flavorings (a few drops of peppermint or other flavors and they were DELICIOUS. My skinny husband at that time used to ask me to make a shake for him...as good as a thick shake at a fast food place and no one would guess it was a diet drink. So I think these can be salvaged with some sugar free flavors...but I hate drinking anything that my description of it is "NOT TOO BAD". lol
  21. Where do you get Premier RTD? I would get some and try them. Which is your favorite flavor? Did you ever try the ones I bought today? I want to get something that is DELICIOUS and not just simply "not too bad" ... lol. Thanks.
  22. Hoping to have my sleeve surgery in September at Lahey Clinic Hospital in Burlington, Ma. with Dr. David Brams if all goes well with my pre-op testing. I am excited! 70 years old, retired RN and ready to be done with this weight and how it gets in my way. Had thought I would only consider the band, since it is reversible, I thought...but after lots of research I found myself thinking I wanted to do this only once, that is have surgery only once and read myself into believing the gastric sleeve was the best option for me. The nurse practitioner, who went over my particular family history, agreed and so here I am...waiting...but not so nervous as I was a week ago. I am excited to have it and move forward. mojaleski from NH
  23. I am a 70 year old woman with no comorbidities and a BMI of 41.8. Medicare is my primary insurance now but BCBS has to approve to pay what is not covered by medicare. I have my fingers crossed. Anyone have any personal stories with BCBS of NH?