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  1. I meet the surgeon Monday so hope to get some more info. I really feel like something is not right even if not showing up on upper GI. I am also wondering if I may have a hernia as well.
  2. I’m having significant issues with the band and am wondering if I will have yo wait 4 months for the revision or if they are likely to do it sooner since I am having problems?
  3. SorryNaneTaken... how did you have a bad slip that didn’t show up on the X-ray or upper gi? I just had mine done and radiologist said nothing looked abnormal on first look
  4. Thank you all so much for your responses. Waiting to get upper gi now so they can see if it has slipped. At first I thought I really wanted it done all at once but I am miserable and after reading some of the responses here, it seems like it would be better to get removed first. Given I have just started the process for bypass surgery, it doesn’t seem like it would slow the process and I am hoping for some relief. I don’t think I can handle this for 4-6 months longer!
  5. Byrd0315

    Lap Band Removal

    I’m currently starting the process to revise mine to bypass but in waiting room now for tests to see if slipped so may need removed as separate surgery. What is recovery from removal surgery? I’ve had mine since 2009 and feel similarly to all of you. I’m really ready to get this removed!
  6. Good luck Loridee11. Please keep us updated on how your bypass goes. Same here with no fluid but continuing to have issues. I think just having it put would be better but would like to only go under once If possible
  7. I’m just wondering if they will maybe take the band out separately since it is causing problems and then have me wait for the revision
  8. I have my consultation appointment coming up and know I will have appointments with a dietician and be tracking my food for at least 4 months. What type of plan do they put you on? Do they go ahead and put you on a plan similar to an eating plan post op?
  9. Byrd0315

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    I would love to follow you on your journey. I also was banded 2009 and am starting the process of a revision surgery to bypass
  10. Byrd0315

    Pre-op diet prior to liquid diet

    So they will likely have a goal weight they want me at prior to the surgery? How much is typically required to lose prior to surgery?