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  1. Oh girl I didn't realize you were having so much trouble. I am so sorry to hear that. You have certainly kicked butt after surgery. We were banded the the same time. I'm wondering if they tried any medications to try and calm it down???? I don't have any input on the sleeve because I never researched it. For me having 3 autoimmune disorders my only option was the band and if it ever has to come out that will be it for me. I know it's scary about gaining it back and it happened to me but only because i had to take high doses of steroids again for months. You can keep it off if that ends up being your choice you have done so great and are such an inspiration to me!!! I wish you the best in whatever you decide but mostly I hope you get some relief of those symptoms soon!
  2. I had gone up to 4cc at one point and had reflux bad and major stuck episodes. Had an unfill down to 2cc until things calmed down and after a few small fills I'm back up to 3.5 cc now. I agree everyone is different and that may be all you will ever need for your personal band. I also agree though to not let it go on like that to long because it's not worth the damage it could cause. My doctor has always said after a fill if I have any problems getting liquids down to come right back for a tiny unfill. All doctors are different as well. Wishing you the best!!
  3. So July 1st was my 1 yr Bandiversary. I wanted to post that day but I didn't hit my 1yr goal and was beating myself up which was completely silly. So I stopped to take the time to reflect how much has changed in this last year. When I spoke to my surgeon pre-op I told him exercise was not an option because my body was so beaten and worn down from all my diseases and meds and chemo shots. Now I run a 5K 6 days a week and completed my first official 5K in June. This brings tears to my eyes because before I got sick I was a gym rat and how I missed it but still can't believe I am a runner a real runner! I has spent the last 6 yrs sick and fighting for life and when I decided to get the band originally my family freaked and said it was to dangerous. So I stopped the process then and wasted another year before I told my family something had to change. I wanted to live life and be a great mother and wife. I did not want to just exist and be a burden on them anymore. They were hesitant and still worried but supported me. There are truly not even words to explain what the band has given back to me. Everything has been at a very slow pace but in a year as far as health I am off the chemo I was on for lupus and have only had a few small flares. I haven't had to be hospitalized at all since my band. I am only on one med now for lupus which is prednisone my best friend/worst enemy. I was able to cut out so many meds which is freaking awesome. My thyroid is also responding to my weight loss and I just was able to decrease my synthroid for the second time. My weight loss has been slow but I also have Addison's disease so I have to take prednisone 3 times a day forever probably. So I need to often remind myself that I am still on a pretty high dose of steroids everyday and I'm still losing weight/inches. I have still had some flares and have had to double and triple my steroids which stops my loss each time and causes a small gain. I have to wean off very slow so it takes weeks to get back to where I can lose again. I still managed to lose over 60 lbs in this year and 4 clothing sizes from 20W to 12!! I look like me again and feel like a real person. Last year at this time I was driving my kids to do 5K's now I am the only one getting out to run and have beat both of their best times!! My kids have their mom back and couldn't be happier we are so close. We are all together everyday enjoying life. I am a wife again I can make dinner everyday for my husband and keep up with the house and laundry so my hubby can relax and watch the Pirates now lol... I can babysit my toddler nephew all day and play with him and chase him. I never thought I would see any of these things happen again. Lupus was kicking my a$$ and as hard as I fought I couldn't beat it. Now its my turn I'm fighting back and taking my life back. I know that this is not a cure because there is no cure but this is best case scenario for me and I will certainly take it. When I'm on higher doses of prednisone and having a pity party for myself I get on here and read all the posts and it seriously turns my attitude right around! So thank you all for being here for me to help me and support my journey! You guys all rock!! And by the way I did hit my goal of being in ONDERLAND 2 days after my anniversary and that's close enough for me!!!! Gotta go pack I am off to the beach tomorrow for a well deserved vacation!!!!!!
  4. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Ran another 10K yesterday same time 1:10 so proud I did 2 in one week!!
  5. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Thanks catfish! It felt great!!
  6. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    10K run this morning in 1:10 I'm pretty happy with that
  7. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    6K run this morning.
  8. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Nice 5K run in bright and early now off to drive my daughter to Juniata College for volleyball camp happy Sunday all!!!!!
  9. naenaern777

    Port Site Concern

    I have had this happen to me it was an allergic reaction to the lidocaine that the PA used to numb me. You can take benedryl maybe if the itching is bad but it should resolve fairly quickly. I can no longer get numbing medicine with my fills. I have had several fills after that with no problems. Best of luck I hope this helps.
  10. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Way to go Catfish! Congrats on first place!!!! You must be proud!!! And after night shift....wow!!!!!
  11. naenaern777

    Banders #6

    @@SillyAuntDi my sister lives in Carolina Beach. My father and stepmom are on there way there now to see her. Looks awesome have fun!!
  12. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    5K run bright and early best time yet 33:34 now off to make sure my band is in check. Have a great day!!
  13. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    5K run this morning
  14. Graffiti run 5K August 10th and Pittsburgh Great Race in September 10K
  15. naenaern777

    September 27 2013 to now

    You look amazing! Great job girl!!
  16. naenaern777

    Eight Months

    Awesome post Bandista!! So happy for you that journey has been such a huge success for you! You are such an inspiration to all of us and always so supportive in times of need! Congrats on your new life girl!!!
  17. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Way to go catfish!!! That's such an awesome feeling to go on vacation enjoy yourself and not gain! Love our bands!!
  18. I have lupus, Hashimoto's , and Addison's disease. I got the band July 1, 2013 and am doing great.
  19. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Went out for my 5K run and felt so good today and inspired I decided to see how long I could go. Well I just finished my very first 10K run! Feeling like a rock star right now lol. HAPPY 4th EVERYONE!!!!!
  20. naenaern777

    1 year bandiversary

    Thank you all can't even begin to tell you how much your comments mean!!
  21. naenaern777

    10 months post op.

    Wow girl great job you look gorgeous!
  22. Way to set a goal and get it!!! Great job!!
  23. Awesome pics!! You look beautiful! Congrats to you on all your success!!!!
  24. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Was able to run my 5 K this morning with kinesiology tape and three knee braces lol but I did it!¡
  25. naenaern777

    Banders Exercise

    Went on my run this morning it starts to pour down rain within 3 minutes which was totally ok. I actually enjoy running in the rain. Then 3/4 of the 5k done and my knee blows out wicked pain. I was so mad that I continued to limp jog the rest of it through the pain. I got a few chuckles from pedestrians but I was not giving up! It was of course my worst time yet but I finished and came home and have iced on/off all day. Hopin I can still run tomorrow lol

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