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  1. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    7 and a half months out, down 111 lbs - feelin' good! Still have a ways to go, but a good chunk of what's left is just skin that's going to have to wait for plastics to take care of it :/
  2. Kelly G

    November buddies where are you?

    Hi all! I am 79 lbs down from my heaviest and 62 lbs down since surgery 11/21. I went from a size 32 to now a size 24, size 4x shirt to a size 2x and have lost nearly 30 combined inches off my body. Feeling great but still have a long way to go!!
  3. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    HW 334 SW 316 CW 268 So close to that 70 lbs lost milestone!! Ready for my hair to stop falling out, though
  4. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    The weight has been coming off slower now. Just have to put my head down and keep sleeping on.
  5. Kelly G

    Birth Control ?'s

    I'm thinking of getting the copper IUD. No hormones involved!
  6. Kelly G

    Michigan Sleevers

    So far, so good! My weight loss has been pretty "slow" compared to others, but Dr. Kemmeter thinks it's because I'm getting too few calories (seems crazy, right?). But I'm killing myself at the gym 5-6 days per week and my calories are barely getting over 700 most days. He says with that combination (getting a "net" of only 100-200 calories per day) is hurting my weight loss more than helping it. So he advised to dial down the intensity at the gym and bulk up on the calories. How about you? How are you doing?
  7. Kelly G

    Michigan Sleevers

    I was sleeved Nov 21 by Dr. Kemmeter with Grand Health Partners in Grand Rapids. I think he is a great surgeon and would recommend him to anyone!!
  8. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    Just had my 6 wks post Op appt even though I am 8 wks post Op. Down 50 lbs from my highest, 32 lost since surgery. I have also dropped 4 pant sizes since surgery and 16.5 total inches from hips, waist, chest. Doc told me to up my calories on days I work out and burn at least 300 calories per workout to 1200 cals per day, which I don't think is physically possible!!
  9. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    4 Weeks post-op today. A few days ago when I posted I was at 299. Now I'm at 297! Time to put the scale away for another week. I honestly think part of my problem (as far as scale not moving very fast) is that I only have a BM once every 3-5 days. I think I need to start integrating a daily fiber supplement (I've heard some people take 1 tsp of ground flax seed per their nutritionist's instructions) or possibly starting a daily miralax regimen to become more regular. I just feel like part of the reason I'm not losing very quickly is because I'm literally "full of it"
  10. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    I was sleeved 11/21 so about 4 weeks post op. Highest weight 334 surgery weight 316 current weight 299 Finally broke out of those 300's!! At first I thought "Oh that's only 17 lbs since the surgery I've lost" but that's in only 4 weeks - that's over 4 lbs per week!! I will take that!!
  11. I am also a medical professional and went back to work after exactly 2 weeks. I had some muscle soreness under the largest incision when I sat straight up so I got an abdominal binder from Walgreens and it made all the difference in the world!! Good luck!!
  12. Kelly G

    Nov 2013 Sleevers Progress So Far...

    I was sleeved 11/21 and am down 12 lbs from the pre-op diet and another 11 lbs since surgery. I am slowly getting more energy, but still wipe out easily. It's that darn abdominal muscle that's still hurting me the most. I only just started sleeping in the bed a few nights ago, and often wake up in pain from all the moving I do in my sleep without realizing. I stopped taking the pain meds around day 4 post op and haven't looked back. I am supposed to go back to work a week from today, so I hope this muscle heals up more by then or else it's going to be really hard to go back to work. I am also in the boat of not noticing a change in appearance/clothes. All of my clothes fit just the same, and when I measured myself, I haven't lost any inches. It's really frustrating. I am getting all fluids/protein in per day and have been since about day 4 post op...
  13. Kelly G

    Food Gets Cold Eating This Slow

    I was just commenting to my husband today how tired I am of cold soup! So glad I checked this thread - I will put the little hot plate on my list!
  14. Kelly G

    November buddies where are you?

    Day 5 post Op and I am finally feeling a little better. Hit my 64 oz of water yesterday but only 15 g of my protein. Just keep swimming!!
  15. I am only 3 days post op. I had a bm this morning, I got down 32 oz of water and only 2 oz of protein. I feel really weak still also! But I am also having a ton of trouble sleeping! We just have to keep hanging in there!!

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