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  1. Happy 37th Birthday daisies76!

  2. I didn't have a pre-op diet, my Dr said that since my BMI was under 40 in the beginning, a pre-op diet wasn't required, but recommended to eat high protein, which I usually did anyway. My pre op BMI was 32
  3. I love Unjury! That's all I will use. It is amazing. I really don't like protein drinks at all due to that nasty aftertaste and protein flavor. I gagged down Isopure in my clear stage, I tried some other stuff from GNC and Walmart and it all made me gag. I bought the Margaritaville Smoothie maker and it is awesome. It crushes that ice down to a slurpee (icee) texture just like you buy at 7-11. The Chocloate splendor is great. I make it with 1/2 cup skim milk and ice, its just like a milk shake. I actually really like it. I also get the frozen berries in the freezer section and mix that with ice, the unflavored Unjury powder and 1/2 cup skim milk and it makes a great tasting smoothie. These are my life savor. I have been drinking them since I got off clears and will continue. I wont drink any other protein powder mixes... I found the one that is for me. UNJURY is awesome! I cant even taste the protein, and NO aftertaste. 21 grams protein, 0 sugar and 0 carbs. The chocolate isn't too chocolatey either which is great because I always liked my milkshakes light... like 1/2 vanilla 1/2 chocoloate. Worth every penny, especially with the Margaritaville mixer.
  4. Hi, I am 3.5 weeks post op, banded 5/10/13. My port has always stuck out a little and I feel it when I touch it, its hard and feels close to the surface of my skin, is this normal? Its just not down deep in my muscle tissue as I thought it was going to be. Im just so afraid of it flipping. How would I know if it did? I don't see my DR until my first fill on 6/27. I started sleeping on my stomach just a few days after surgery, my port is on the left side of my stomach, and Im just afraid I screwed something up. Anyone that had their ports flipped or turned on its side, how did you know? And if you feel your port, how does the top of it supposed to feel? Im just a little nervous.
  5. daisies76

    First adjustment

    What day was your surgery?
  6. daisies76

    Banded 5/13 - help!

    My post op diet is 10 days clear liquids, broth, jello, clear protein drinks, etc then 10 days full liquid which includes milk and cream soups and protein smmoothies, and then 10 days mushy, like pulled chicken, refried beans, anything mushy in texture. After 30 days then its regular food.
  7. daisies76

    Banded 5/13 - help!

    I had my band on 5/10 and lost 16lbs during my clear liquid phase and haven't lost anything in a week. In fact Ive gained almost 2 lbs. So I was starting to get concerned but I agree with DMJ0340 that our bodies probably just need time to adjust. However I hope to see the scale move in the OTHER direction soon!
  8. daisies76

    Any bandings in May????

    Im glad to hear that I am not the only one. As soon as I got off clears, I stopped losing and have actually gained nearly 2 lbs. I lost 16lbs my first 10 days, and haven't lost anything since the 20th. My surgery was also 5/10. It better start going back in the other direction because Im starting to really get nervous!
  9. daisies76

    Any bandings in May????

    I'm so glad to hear that we had the same! I'm doing ok. My port hurts still and now my stomach is itching.... i guess im healing. im struggling with getting in the Protein. I hate Isopure so much. It gags me. I ordered injury and I hope it comes tomorrow. I went back to work too early. My surgery was Friday and I was back Monday. I have a sit down job but was still struggling all week. My surgery was May 10th. I down 15lbs this morning. I'm suffering the head hunger thing. I'm ready to eat regular food! My dr has a post op diet plan of 10 days Clear Liquids, 10 days of full, thicker, liquids, then 10 days of mushies. I have one more day of clears. I swear I never want it see broth again. Haha. I'm so ready for mushies. How are you feeling? I'd love to keep in touch.
  10. daisies76

    Any bandings in May????

    I had my Band over Bypass done on May 10th, Im 8 days post op and I am down 13 lbs. woo hoo! I am so sick of broth and Jello, I could scream. I get to progress to full liquids on Tuesday. Cant wait!! Goodl luck to everyone getting banded!!
  11. daisies76

    BMI 32 How much weight loss?

    Hi Nikki, Funny we have the same stats. Im 5'3, preop was 182. I just had my surgery a week ago today, and so far I am down 11lbs. I weighed 171 this morning. My goal is about 130. So I cant tell you long term, obviously, but I just wanted to chime in. Good Luck with everything!
  12. daisies76

    Any bandings in May????

    I had my surgery on May 10th! Still sore, swollen ,and bruised. I havent lost anything yet but I think thats because I am so swollen. I did go back to work yesterday, the 13th I have 10 days of Clear liquids, 10 days of full liquids, then 10 days of pureed food. then after day 30 I am good to go. Tired of broth already. It all tastes so salty to me!
  13. daisies76

    Recovery Time

    i was banded on Friday May 10th and I went back to work Monday for a half day. Today I did a full day and I will continue now at myregular shift. iI have a desk job, sitting a lot but I do have to walk to the printer about 20x a day and its across the room. I start feeling really tired at around noon or 1pm, but I really didnt have an option of taking more time off. Theres only 3 of us and 1 is on vacation this week so I was expected to be there, otherwise I would have loved to take the week off.
  14. daisies76

    May 10th, 2013 B.O.B

    I did it and I am home and back to work. Surgery was Friday the 10th. I am very sore, bruised and swollen. My stomach looks like it was hit by a truck. Cant wait for this swelling to go down because Ive gained like 8lbs since Friday. I was down a couple of those today, but I am ready to start losing this weight! Yes, I am also mourning food and already sick of broth and Jello. I am so anxious for real food. Hows everyone doing?
  15. Hi Shannon, how have you been doing with your band over bypass now that its been 6 months? I just had mine done on Friday May 10th, so I havent lost anything yet. I was just curious to hear from others who have had it done. Would love to hear from you.