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  1. HelloGoodbye

    Port Pressure?

    I've been experiencing port pressure as well, but I'm thinking it's from wearing pants that are too tight at the waist area... Even leggings are causing discomfort. It's only bad when I'm sitting for long periods of time. Not sure if it's related.
  2. HelloGoodbye

    4 cheese itz :(

    I'm 10 days post-op and I crunched 4 cheez-its into my soup just the other day and let them get super soggy before eating the soup. I chewed and chewed and chewed just to be safe... I asked my nutritionist if whole wheat saltines/crackers were allowed since technically they got mushy in your mouth, and she said YES, except they're carbs so it's not exactly ideal. As much as I loved munching on food with texture finally, I don't want to go overboard.
  3. HelloGoodbye

    Lost 0lbs Post Op

    Glad you're keeping positive about this. I would recommend going to an endocrinologist to get tested for a potential hormone imbalance. It might be that you just have something that is preventing you from losing weight. I hope this is not the case just for the sake of your health, but I have a friend with thyroid problem that was gaining weight even after her WLS. She's now medicated and back on track!
  4. Thank you! Carol, completely understandable. You sound like you have your hands tied, and I commend you for that! Very inspiring. There's a NY-based group on these boards. Let me see if I can add you to it
  5. I was originally going to post this under the "Special Interest Lap Band Support Groups" but it seems to be pretty desolate over there. Anyway, I'd love to start a monthly support group for fellow NYC bandsters. I've always found it inspiring to meet people who share similar problems and experiences with me, but since my doctor offers in-person support groups out on Long Island (a bit of a trek for me since I live in Brooklyn), I figured I'd see if I can form one in the city instead. I thought meeting in Central Park would be a perfect location (if weather permitted)... We can have a healthy picnic, share our stories, and then, go on a scenic walk around the park. How many of you New Yorkers would be interested in something like this?!
  6. Good question, I have no idea what type of band I got! Doc never told me and it didn't cross my mind to ask. I'll find out on Wednesday at my 1 week post op. Luckily I was sent home from the hospital on a soft foods, so I commend you for your patience this week... I'd be losing my mind even more so. Hope you get the upgrade to soft foods! It's not as exciting as solids, but I'm getting by (even though I'm hungry more often... probably not enough Protein on my part).
  7. Ugh solid foods... don't even get me started! I hope my doctor gives me the OK to upgrade to solids in a month. My first fill appointment isn't until July 9th and that's usually when he approves patients to move on to solids He only sees patients in my area once a month, otherwise I have to trek out to his other location, which is very far. I may just suck it up and travel if I'm not upgraded sooner
  8. I bent down ever-so-gently to tie my shoe laces and actually felt my port bend along with my stomach?!?! I didn't feel any pain, just light throbbing. I panicked and called my doctor and he said I shouldn't worry and this is normal, but just so I can get a peace of mind, I thought I'd ask about this here as well. I've bent down before (I was banded just last week on the 21st) and never felt my band or port react to it. It's really only when I would get out of bed that I'd feel any kind of throbbing or discomfort, but now I feel the port when I walk... Perhaps it's now just on my mind, so I'm focusing on it more. Anyone experience this before??
  9. HelloGoodbye

    Guess who ....

    Congratulations! Hitting under 200 must be such a great feeling. I keep joking that I will get a celebratory tattoo once I reach 199... Not sure that will happen, but I'm definitely going to celebrate
  10. HelloGoodbye

    3 days Post-Op

    My surgery was May 21st... I was advanced to stage 2 (mushy/pureed food) the day I got discharged. Every doctor has their own rules and reasoning, that's one thing you'll learn on these boards! There are even some people on here that didn't have to do a 2-week pre-op liquid diet. I guess it varies on the person, their health, and recovery.
  11. Well, my 4th day post-op is already almost over and I have to say... my appetite is BACK! I feel like I eat a few bites and then have enough, but I get hungry every couple of hours. I think it's the lack of protein, even though I put protein in anything I eat (cottage cheese, tuna, soup, pudding, etc.) but because I only eat a few bites of it, it's not enough. Does your stomach still rumble/growl? I'm trying to understand why it does that besides just being gassy. It grumbles the most while I eat cottage cheese or tuna... hmmm could this be my band telling me it's bad for me? I think by week 2, I'll begin to understand my band a lot more. Still can't believe I actually got banded! It's been almost a year in the making.
  12. HelloGoodbye

    3 days Post-Op

    How is everyone's appetite in general? I get hungry every couple of hours, but I only eat a few bites of tuna or cottage cheese and I'm satisfied. Today I had Soup (put Protein in it) and then some apple sauce. But I do feel hunger. I just worry about eating too frequently! Stomach continues to rumble... rumbles when I eat cottage cheese... sometimes when I eat tuna... Is THAT how my stomach reacts to bad food, or am I just gassy?
  13. I am 3 days post-op and I am STARVING today for the first time since surgery. And when I mean starving, I mean "hungry hungry hippo" starving Luckily, I am able to eat mushy food, so I tried some tomato Soup and later pureed tuna with a teaspoon of fat free mayo. As much as I was hungry, I ate a couple of spoonfuls and couldn't eat anymore because my stomach began to growl and I'm unsure if it was because I might've eaten too fast, or stomach is just adjusting. I'm head hungry and believe me, there's nothing more that I want than to throw some tortilla chips into that soup and call it a day... but I keep telling myself that with TIME, I'll get to eat that. Right now though, I have to follow doc's orders and allow my stomach to heal before I can progress to solids next month. And I'm craving just about everything right now... It's going to especially be hard once I go back to work and have to be taunted my the vending machine and all the delicious smells from everyone's lunches. I don't even want to think about it yet! Don't let that donut stick win. You have so much more to look forward to in a couple of months!
  14. HelloGoodbye

    3 days Post-Op

    Hey fellow May 21st bandster! I finally showered today as well. I am regaining my appetite slowly but surely. Trying to eat as slow as possible, but when I do start to eat (and it's not a lot- -- a spoonful at a tme), my stomach begins to growl angrily. I am on to mushy foods, so today I attempted to eat some tuna and cottage cheese (not at the same time obviously), but i don't know if the growling is food not sitting well with my stomach, or if it's just my stomach adjusting to food since i haven't eaten much since today.
  15. Whenever I feel the need to burp, or cough (which I am still afraid to do), I have to put a lot of pressure on my stomach with a pillow to avoid any more pain... usually what feels like a burp will come out as a rumble, like you described. I'm only 3 days post-op so everything is still pretty sore, but you're definitely not the only one experiencing this kind of gas!

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