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    Before and After Pics

    I'll be 4 yrs post OP this July. I initially lost 125lbs, I've unfortunately gained back about 18lbs, I went from a 24/26 to a 10/14 depending on brand. I'm 5'3" and will be 50 this July. Besides marrying my hubby...30 yrs this June... this was the best decision I've ever made. If you're on the fence about having surgery, weigh the options, pros and cons, keep taking meds, not keeping up with the family, feeling tired.. all the time, I could go on and on, trust me or take back control of your life and health, eat better, walk more, enjoy outings with friends and family.. and be able to keep up, learn to love yourself again. It's up to you, but I will say, if you decide to... you will never regret it. Good luck on this crazy journey we call weight loss surgery y'all... Tracy Johnson
  2. northcountyr1


    Looking for a member named "bacon" that is a truck driver. Question about exercise. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using the BariatricPal App
  3. northcountyr1


    Is there any other truckers out there that's had the gastric sleeve for a while? What do you do for exercise? Dr knows I ride with my hubby full time. He said as long as I easy right and do 30 minutes of really good..sweaty, walking every day, that that should be fine. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using the BariatricPal App Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using the BariatricPal App
  4. northcountyr1

    Doing good.

    Was walking today and realized..my thighs no longer touch...woohoo, it was 5 months Christmas day, not to bad. trixie's line
  5. northcountyr1

    How is your weight loss going?

    Almost 4 months out..on the 25th of November and down a little over 50lbs. trixie's line
  6. northcountyr1

    How do you run a challenge?

    How do we do it? trixie's line
  7. Just a hint over 3 mts post op..sleeve. around 53lbs down. I'm so happy I decided to pay out of pocket and got this done. I bought a pair of pj bottoms this weekend, in a size LARGE! Been married over 26 yrs, hubby has never seen me in a size large. It's amazing. Still have 100lbs or so to go. But..I got this. trixie's line
  8. northcountyr1


    True, it's like, who do you think got you to be 300lbs..plus..YOU! Now own it, shut up and work the dang tool. trixie's line
  9. northcountyr1


    Just...wow trixie's line
  10. northcountyr1

    New pics!

    Congratulations. trixie's line
  11. northcountyr1

    New topic time...

    Lularoe...if you're into it, you'll for sure know what it is...I can't get enough of it. trixie's line
  12. northcountyr1

    Did anyone cheat on preop

    Well crap, I didn't even get to cheat...lol when I realized our insurance wouldn't pay and we had to pay out of pocket for mine, I saw the dr on a Monday and two weeks after on that Tuesday I was getting surgery, so on that Monday visit, he put me in the all liquid diet...lol trixie's line
  13. northcountyr1

    Shot to Reduce Risk of Blood Clots

    Hmm..I'm 3 months post op, I only got them in the hospital, in 2 days I think I got like 4 or 5 doses, but that's it. None to take home. trixie's line
  14. northcountyr1

    Does being active get easier?

    We're going camping this weekend and I told hubby,I wanna go horseback riding. trixie's line
  15. Dr said for me to up my walking, so hubby and I are doing 30 minutes straight every day..but Sundays. We're walking about 2 miles in 30 minutes, that's freakin 12 miles a week. I think in jan my Dr will be pleased, I know I will be. trixie's line
  16. northcountyr1

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Handsome. trixie's line
  17. What's an ok Cereal at 3 months out to eat..if any? And not talking hot cereal...tyvm. trixie's line
  18. northcountyr1

    Need to know.

    K.. crossing that off last then. Tyvm. trixie's line List trixie's line
  19. northcountyr1

    The best Dr.

    I have one of..if not the BEST Dr/surgeon there is in the st louis mo tri-state area..Dr Jay Snow. He works out of mercy hospital in Festus Missouri. If you're in our area and are thinking about any one of the surgeries, he's your guy. He's sweet, he's personable, he listens, he's funny as heck and most of all..he really cares about every one of his patients...I couldn't have asked for a better Dr... trixie's line
  20. northcountyr1

    Tips to drink more water

    I set an alarm..it's called Water pro..it's set for every 15 minutes to go off and remind me to drink. trixie's line
  21. northcountyr1


    Yes..all the time. trixie's line
  22. northcountyr1

    NSV shout outs

    My nsv's are... I can now cross my legs. I'm in a size 18 jeans..not stretch anymore. I can walk a mile and a half and still feel great. I have a bag of my lularoe clothes to a good friend the other day because they were all too big now. Hubby and i's sex life after 26 years is way better. Love hearing my sons say..you're looking good mom. Wouldn't trade this for anything. Lml. trixie's line
  23. northcountyr1

    Old ways

    I'm about 9 weeks out. Hubby and I are actually eating lunch at a bbq place. I'm having smoked turkey breast..no bun and green Beans...you can do this, you just have to make the decision now rather than later that you're going to start making better choices. Because believe me...I want, ribs and baked beans and potato salad..but I'm enjoying what I ordered. Good luck. trixie's line
  24. northcountyr1

    You all lied!

    Like today, hubby and I were at the mall and he bought himself an auntie Anne's pretzel. I took 2 small bites, he's all..I didn't think you were supposed to have that..I said 2 small bites aren't going to hurt me, if I only take a small bite of something I like...I'm fine, if I don't..then I'm gonna eat the whole freaking thing...lol trixie's line

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