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  1. I would love to meet some people who have had the surgery or waiting to have it.. We could do this journey together!!
  2. christina0613

    How long to get pregnant

    Hey b mamachef..if you have FB add me crosa0012@aol.com
  3. christina0613

    How long to get pregnant

    I was told to wait 18 month's..but a friend was told 6..im 5 months out n almost 5 weeks pregnant..
  4. christina0613

    Pregnant on BC !

    So im 4 months post op n down 83 lbs..I also just found out im pregnant!!..how did you ladies handle it..I dont want to gain the weight back
  5. christina0613

    Pregnant on BC !

    Congrats!! You will be fine..
  6. christina0613

    Pregnant on BC !

    I know im sorry..yeah I was told that too but even on BC I got preggo..so my body has other plans ..how are you doing ?
  7. christina0613

    Pregnant on BC !

    With surgery n I cut out all carbs..I just have protien veggies n some fruits..I know my doc made me stop birth control prior ro surgery cause the risk of clots..n I had an appt to put IUD back in next month but its to late
  8. Hi ladies n gents.. down 83 lbs since surgery..!! I also just found out im pregnant.. [ATTACH]20383[/ATTACH]
  9. christina0613

    Let's SEE pics!

    4 months after surgeey..ive lost 84 lbs..I also found out im Pregnant!! [ATTACH]20382[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20382[/ATTACH]
  10. Down 44.3 lbs since surgery.. Woohoo hit 262.2 ..been having some constipation but upping water intake is helping
  11. christina0613

    Gestational diabetes test NIGHTMARE!

    What is the jelly bean test?..I never had that one
  12. christina0613

    missed Period

    I got my last period on May 21st but didnt get it this month..took pregnancy test and it was negative..im almost 3 week post op..I just started having regular periods in Feb after getting off Mirena
  13. christina0613

    June 2013 Sleevers GROUP

    I went swiming..n I did a whole lap under Water in 2 breathes. .havent done that since I was a teenager..
  14. Down 29.2 lbs..cant believe im in the 270'..hoping to reach 250 by Aug..I have my 4 week chek up tomorrow and will see what exercises I can start and they will compare my measurements
  15. christina0613

    june 6th weight lost check in

    Congrats!! Its ok
  16. christina0613

    Let's SEE pics!

    Amazing we had the same start weight..how much did you lose the 1st month?
  17. christina0613

    june 6th weight lost check in

    I get to start exercising in 2 weeks..but I can go swimming..so tomorrow n thursday ill be hitting the pool..n going to start bike riding ..I cant wait to really work out
  18. Im 6 days post opand I weighted myself on a old scale that was in my in laws and I lost ONLY 1 damn lb!!!!..I feel like **** cause im following the full liquid diet to a T..n no results..what can I do???
  19. I think I have ive been stuck at 280-283 but im also on my period

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