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  1. tootiemagoo

    So what about straws?

    I stirred my crystal light with a straw about 3 weeks out and out of habit, forgot to take it out and drank from it.... Sure enough, about a half hour later I was passing gas (thankfully around the house) for the next hour... No pain, but will continue without a straw as directed by the doctor!!
  2. tootiemagoo

    Body by Vi

    I have not BUT when I met with my one on one nutritionist, she told me to stay away from it and tell everyone else to as well.,, I forget specifics but it has to do with some ingredients....
  3. tootiemagoo

    May Surgery Dates???

    Greetings from the otherside!!! I was banded this morning,,, biggest issue is sore throat from the breathing tube... But it's getting better already... FYI fro those who are not banded yet. I read on here that some have requested the nausea patch, but I forgot to.... But to my surprise, my doctor does it automatically!!! I have had no nausea what so ever yet... I definitely recommend asking for one!!!
  4. tootiemagoo

    Any bandings in May????

    Well here I am, on the other side.... Was banded this morning and am doing great. The worst part was my throat hurt terrible from the breathing tube, but SF Popsicles and cold water/juice helped... Been keeping the heating pad on my shoulder as feels a little achy. But an also staying ahead of pain with meds and gas-x. Also been up a lot... I hoping the next few days are MILF as well!!! Thanks for all of you who went before me for sharing.... It really encouraged me and helped my fear of the unknown!!!
  5. tootiemagoo

    Any bandings in May????

    I'm scheduled for tomorrow and I wasn't perfect on my preop either... But enough to lose 15 lbs. liquid diet today has been CRAZY... I found the boxed broth for cooking is really gross to eat, so drank the broth from a cup of noodles and vegetable soup/chicken noodle! And SF Jello really helped too..
  6. tootiemagoo

    May Surgery Dates???

    I'm set for the 17th.... Lost 12 lbs on first 7 days of preop already... All these pre and post op comments are really helping!!!
  7. tootiemagoo

    May banders!

    I am set for may 17, and I was excited and nervous, but reading how people are doing before and after on this site has lessened the nervousness.... Now I'm just really excited!!! Keep reading, let us all help each other out!!!!
  8. tootiemagoo

    Don't understand.

    I too am worried about failing with the band, but the support of others before me and those who are at the same stage as me has helped... Plus I have been researching a lot to see what people are doing to fail do I can avoid doing the same.... I have done everything else.... THIS IS IT.... I refuse to fail. You can do this too, find you mindset that you are all in and failure is not an option.... But I am doing the surgery for the physical tool, but I have also started seeing a counselor to work on my mental food issues... Cuz I think if most of us only ate when we were hungry, we wouldn't be in this mess!! Personally, my weight issues is all mental and emotional!!
  9. tootiemagoo

    May Surgery Dates???

    I have really enjoyed reading what others are doing in the same boat as me.... Surgery is 5/17 in Modesto CA... 2nd day of pre-op, very hungry with headache, BUT also started my visit from Aunt Flow! I heard the first three or 4 days is the worse, then my body will settle down... I hope. It's only 2 weeks, then the adjustment to the band.... Was nervous, but he closer I get, the more excited, less nervous... Talking to others has helped with my nerves more than anything!!
  10. tootiemagoo

    Any bandings in May????

    May 17 is my big day in Modesto CA, on my second day of pre op diet... I'm very excited!!

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