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    I'm THAT Special...

    Roasrio, I am so sorry to hear of your issue. My recovery was much better than the initial surgery. I was up and around the very next day. They took out the band the exact same way they put it in, Laparoscopically. Did you mean the same doctor put in the band or the same doctor is taking out the band?
  2. It was hard day for me finding out Tuesday and then jumping immediately from the gamut of emotions to thinking about surgery all in the same day. I left our house Tuesday morning at 5:30am headed to Ventura for the Endoscopy so Dr. Billy could check out the band. None of us thought I had eroded. Even Dr. Billy was surprised. I did hear him say, "I don't know how she knew but she did." I had not been "feeling" right for the last month. But I couldn't put my finger on it. Then a Michelle was diagnosed with Erosion and that got me scared. I immediately called Billy's office and asked for the Endo. They got it scheduled right away. OK so after the Endo is done, he takes the tube out of my throat and I say, "Did I just hear you say I am eroded?" He said yes. I then just shut down. I cry immediately and never heard another word for a few minutes. I then had to have a silent talk with myself and get it together. I had a decision to make and quick. Billy told me that the band was eroded but it was not a life-threatening situation. He did say we can take it off that night. He said we can work you into the schedule and take it off. He also told me that I could wait till after the holidays if I wanted. I told him to go ahead and schedule the surgery. I did not want to wait hoping there would not be any complications later. He was also leaving town on the 15th and I would have to go to Tahoe and have the procedure done there if I developed complications and wanted him to do it. Mind you all these thoughts and emotions I was experiencing while I was still on the table after the ENDO procedure. I hadn't even left the room yet. When Billy left the room to check on something for me I just broke down and bawled my eyes out. I was facing losing the ONE thing that had worked for me in my weight loss battle. I was scared, mad, angry, frustrated, hurt, disappointed, discouraged, deflated, why me, why now, every negative emotion you can think of I think I experienced it while I was on that ENDO table. Billy came back into the room and said for me to stop by his office before I left to make sure I knew what I was making a decision about. He was concerned that since I was under the influence of the ENDO sedation that I might not be making an informed choice. Believe me when he said I was eroded I was very alert and aware of what my decision would be. It had to come out. And it had to come out that night. So, John and I stopped by Billy's office and he told us to go home if we wanted and to call him at 4p so he could tell us what the plan of action was. So John and I headed home. On the way home, we briefly discussed the options and I wanted the band removed that day. I barely was home long enough to send out a few emails and make a couple of calls to let people know what was going on. At 4p on Tuesday I called Billy. He said to go to Admitting and he would have paperwork ready for me. Initially the surgery was set up for 7p but I was a work in remember so I didn't get into surgery till 9p. I got back to my room at around 2am on Wednesday. Don't know how long the surgery was, but Billy said it typically takes 2 hours. That would make sense. Two hours in surgery and at least an hour to an hour and a half in recovery. I don't remember much about that night. Wednesday after I woke up, I was sore and had to go for an upper GI to rule out any perforation before they would let me drink anything. The UPPER GI was all clear, so I started on a clear liquid diet that day. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom and to walk some. Thursday, Billy came in and took out my drain and sent me home. THANK GOD!! I am now recuperating and getting stronger every day. It has been a struggle and I am adjusting to the notion that I don't have this tool anymore. I can't really feel different yet because I am still on Clear Liquids. I can start on mushie foods after tomorrow, Saturday. IT will be a hard battle, but with the knowledge I have learned thus far with the band I will use knowing I don't have the band. SIGH!! It has been a long time since I could eat large quantities of food. Just tonight I was eating some Soup and was concerned when I went to regular food how the band was going to react. Weird like some phantom is hovering over me still. I would compare it to when someone loses an arm or leg. The arm or leg can still be felt but logically you know it isn't there. Billy used 3 of my old scars and used a 4th scar from my tubal ligation from years ago. I am really not in alot of pain but every now and then I feel a tug or a burn and I am reminded that yes I did just have the band removed. So I take a half of a pill and that quiets the pain. With my history of depression it would be so easy to slip into a dark hole but I can't and won't allow myself to even look inside that hole. If I start to fall I am afraid I won't come back out. I have fought too hard to get to the point I am now. I won't let myself regress. My parting words: When you don't "feel" right, check it out. When you know something is off but you can't put a name to it, check it out. Be Proactive in your how health care, check it out. Don't let someone else tell you "it isn't necessary", check it out. I say all this with all the love and compassion I can muster cause I don't want any of you to look back and wish you had and didn't. I am mentally accepting of the outcome. I am physically healing and taking it slow. I can have another band in 6 months. I will go see Dr. Billy in a month for a check up. He said we will discuss my options at that time. He also said he would support me in whatever decision I made whether it be surgery or not. What a great and caring Doc. I have said on here that I might consider the DS operation. I now know that I will NOT have any other surgery. I am through with surgeries for now. I am gonna fight the good battle with nutrition and exercise. Shoot you might see me on the next "Biggest Loser". LOL!!! Thanks for the support. HUGS
  3. I am one of the 12 "Unbanded due to Erosion"
  4. I am sure some of you don't even know who I am but there are a few old lapbanders out there that still remember me. Anyway, my youngest daughter just had my 8th grandchild and I just had to share pics. He is a doll and it killed me to leave him when I flew home. SIGH!! Austin Wade Donaldson Born: July 18, 2007 at 6:34pm Weight: 6 lbs; 15 oz Length: 20.5 inches
  5. I was banded by Dr. Lopez Corvala. Had nothing but complications from the beginning. He didn't do follow up with me when I ran into issues about two months into the surgery unrelated to eating or following band rules. I had an infection that was not followed up by him after repeated phone calls to his office. My tubing almost protruded through my abdomen to the outside of my body because he screwed up the initial surgery. Mind you this was over two years ago so things might have been settled now. There were at least 4 of us on here that were all banded by the good Dr Lopez with a month of each other and we all had to have our bands removed due to erosion. My band surgeon that removed the band for me told me that he suspected a misplaced stitch during the initial surgery caused the erosion. So beware of going to MEXICO for any surgery because there is NO recourse for botched surgeries, they don't have to follow US standards of care, some US docs won't touch MX patients, if you have complications then you have to come to the states to get adequate care, etc. Just be a cautious patient and ask lots of questions prior to surgery.
  6. Penni60

    No more Lap Bands in my future :(

    I just realized I had not updated this thread since a year ago. OOPS!! Sorry about that. LOL!! Life kinda got in my way. I am still unbanded and haven't had any other weight loss surgery to date. There are none foreseen in my future either. I have gained back 50 of the 70 lbs I lost with the band. I am maintaining at 278 right now. That is both good and bad. I am 20 lbs from my start weight prior to lapband placement. BAD!! I am 20 lbs under my start weight prior to lapband placement. GOOD!! I am taking it one day at a time. I have had some minor health issues to deal with since gaining back the weight, which slows the losing process. I am struggle with it every day. I have done some more soul searching and am just trying to get through a 24 hour period without eating something I regret. SIGH!! Man is that hard. My mom has had some major health issues and my sister now is going through some health issues as well. My daughter just gave birth to my newest grandchild. (see my thread "New Grandson - From old lapbander" for pics.). I started a new job in Feb this year. We have had some financial concerns. My son has started college. SIGH!! Lots going on. Still fighting the battle. Some days I win some days I lose. But I keep fighting. I don't think I want another surgery. At least not anytime soon. HUGS
  7. Penni60

    Aetna vs Kaiser??

    Hey guys: I just started a new job this week and the insurance offered is either Aetna HMO / PPO or Kaiser. Anyone had more or less or horrendous trouble getting approved for WLS with either of these companies? Just need some input before I make my decision. Thanks for all information.
  8. Penni60

    Need prayers for son in law

    OK another update: Just talked to Alicia, my daughter. She is exhausted by the way. She is running on fumes at this point. Jennifer, the ex, is helping out at home along with Danny, a good friend of the family. The kids are pitching in when they can. Wayne, son in law, did not have the gallbladder surgery today as initially planned. His Amylase and Lipase levels are off the charts. Both of those are pancreas enzymes as well as liver enzymes. My speculation is that a gallstone has temporarily blocked the Pancreatic Duct along with the bile duct and is causing the Pancreas to work overtime to produce the two enzymes mentioned. He is in pain related to the Gallstones and now with the pancreas being agitated he is on a Demerol drip. Of course now he is nauseated from the Demerol. I gave Alicia some suggestions to help relieve some of the nausea related to the Demerol. She said she will discuss it with her doctor tomorrow. She is so tired that she really doesn't know what she needs. All she kept saying is pray for him. He is not in a life threatening situation but it is affecting his entire body. His kidneys could be affected next just because that is how the body works. It is trying to flush out those nasty stones and in turn causes the rest of the body to over produce and under work. They won't do the surgery till his levels are lower and he is more stable. His blood pressure was elevated and he was treated for it. He just feels like crap right now. Hugs to all Penni
  9. Penni60

    Need prayers for son in law

    I talked to my daughter yesterday and they have ruled out Hepatitis. They do know his gallbladder needs removing but not sure when it will happen. His color is much better and he isn't in as much pain. He is stable right now. I will keep you posted on the outcome.
  10. Penni60

    My Valentine's Day experience

    Well after working 10 hours that day I was exhausted and was ready for a nice glass of wine and to put my feet up and relax. The trip home took me an hour due to traffic on Wilshire Blvd so I was stressed over that and it was my FIRST day at work. But it was ok once on the freeway going home. I called John to let him know that I was on the way. He said OKAY any ideas on supper. I said No and told him I would see him when I got home. As I got home I walked through the door and was pleasantly surprised. A bouquet of 6 red roses and some star lilies graced our table in a new vase I had just bought in Tucson. GORGEOUS!! The table was set for three with all the trimmings. He was fixing supper for us when I arrived. He had gone to Whole Foods Market and got some Salmon, Risotto cakes, rice, and some spinach. He was heating it all up when I walked through the door. He told me to go get changed out of my uniform and to put my feet up and relax he would let me know when supper was ready. OK Altogether now. AWWWWWW!!!! The food was delightful and tasty. The wine was superb. The company was out of this world. Yes Bradley sat at the table with us and ate the food. And he even had a small glass of wine. SHOCK!! Then dessert came out. It was a Chocolate icing cheesecake with a strawberry on top. YUM YUM!! He is such a sweetie. I love him even more. OK That is my story what was yours?
  11. Penni60

    HPV Vaccine

    Gadgetlady has expressed her values she is instilling in her children. I for one applaud her open relationship with her children. You don't have to make remarks that she is deluding herself they will abstain. I think she already understands she can only guide her children and hope some of the values stick. In the end all we as parents can do is teach them the values and morals and send them out into the world to make their own choices. Let's remember how difficult it is to raise kids these days and stop with the harsh remarks. We should be supporting each other.
  12. Penni60

    2006 Christmas pics

    I quit counting strings of lights after 9. And yes HOT RUM TODDIES does help with the decorating eye.
  13. Penni60

    Dear Red States...

    Can we say BLUE! I love BLUE!!
  14. Hey, The selection "band eroded, unfill fixed it" should be changed. An unfill cannot fix an erosion. Only removal of band and time to heal can fix an erosion. Getting an unfill has nothing to do with the erosion. At least that is my understanding of what an erosion actually is.
  15. Penni60

    Hello all, I'm out of hiding...

    John and I were just talking about you and KC the other day. Glad to see you are still around. The program I believe you are talking about is called Fitday. Try this link. www.fitday.com If that isn't it then I am not sure of any other programs. HUGS
  16. Penni60

    Here is something fun.

    Just copy and paste to a new post and then answer the questions. Ok somehow Number 10 got missed so we elected to put in our own number 10. 1. What is your occupation? Still working on that. LOL!! Right now, Jewelry designer, Artist, Office Manager, Homemaker, Nutritionist Student. Is that enough? Oh yeah, MOM! 2. What color are your socks right now? Au Naturale 3. What are you listening to right now? John typing away at his computer. LOL!! 4. What was the last thing that you ate? Scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. 5. Can you drive a stick shift? Nope. Ex-tried to teach me once and nearly killed both of us. So left that little endeavour alone. LOL!! 6. Favorite Color: Purple, Royal Blue, Green, Pink, Teal, etc LOVE earth tones as well. 7. Music Preference: I like a little of everything. 8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? John 9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Let me think about that. HMMM? Well she is my daughter so I guess I have to like her don't I? LOL!! 10. What song do you want played at your funeral? Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce; Then I want my ashes to be shot up in the sky with fireworks display over the ocean. Yeah I wanna rain on everyone's parade that day. LOL!!! 11. Favorite drink? Yardie Martini when in Jamaica or Nice Beringer's White Zinfendel 12. What is your favorite sport to watch? Guys watching any kind of sport. It is hilarious. 13. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes. Streaked it and highlighted it too. 14. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Neither unless I am reading then I wear reading glasses. 15. Pets? 10 Koi fish, about a thousand stuffed animals, John and Bradley. LOL!! 16. What will you stay home to watch? ER 17. What is the best movie you have seen? This is a hard one. I have seen so many GREAT movies in my lifetime. I love the Godfather movies. I loved Gone with the Wind. Hard to pick just one. 18. What is your favorite day of the year? Christmas, but it didn't used to be because my father left us on Christmas Eve. It is now because of John and his outlook on life and that I get to share the joy of watching family open presents. 19. What do you do to vent your anger? Bitch, scream throw things, poison someone, you know the usual. WOW!Me too 20. What was your favorite toy as a child? Chatty Kathy and a stuffed clown. Does your sister fall into that category as well? I always tried to kill her. LOL!! Lovingly of course. 21. Fall or spring? Spring, everything is new and fresh. 22. Hugs or kisses? Both, didn't know they were exclusive. 23. vanilla or chocolate? chocolate, DUH!!! 24. Do you want your friends to email you back?? Yes, oh and family too. LOL!! 25. Who is most likely to respond? UMMM who knows it is a toss up really. 26. Who is least likely to respond? didn't I already answer this? 27. Living arrangements? Getting a little personal there bucko. I live in Van Nuys, CA with my sweetie of 8 years, and my son of 19 years. LOL!! 28. When was the last time you cried? Last night. I am such a softie for sappy movies. OK Have to amend this answer. I just read No. 33 and lost it cause daughter said I inspire her. WOW!! I am all verklempt. 29. What is on the floor of your closet? My suitcase I am getting ready to pack for Vegas Baby. 30. Who is the friend you have had the longest? Ann, she is my heart. 31. What did you do last night? Went out to dinner (someone else paid) with some friends of John. 32. Favorite smell(s)? Fresh chocolate chip Cookies and the smell of a new baby. Both just bring up great memories. 33. What inspires you? My kids, my mom, and life. 34. What are you afraid of? being alone and not being the best at what I do. 35. Favorite food? Again I gotta pick just ONE. 36. Favorite car? Mine of course, Chrysler 300. If I got my dream car it would be a 57 Thunderbird white with a hardtop and automatic. 38. Least favorite person right now? I like most everyone. I try not to dislike anyone even if they piss me off. I just try to see the good in everyone. Hard sometimes but I try. 39. How many years at your current job? Mom = almost 30 years. WOW! That is a long time. I am old huh? 40. Favorite day of the week? All of them. It just means I am still alive and here to enjoy life. 41. Where you WANT to live in? Nashville, TN to be closer to family, Jamaica to enjoy the slower pace, Where I am to enjoy the weather.
  17. Penni60

    Here is something fun.

    I edited the original post to add in the Number 10 suggestion of Funeral song.
  18. Penni60

    I am on my 4th port!!!

    Just from what you have said and what I have experienced myself and seen my friends go through as well it sounds like you need to have the port removed and let that area heal from the inside out before you think about getting another port anytime soon. I don't think your body is rejecting the port (although I have no proof of that and I am no doctor). Call it a hunch. I would have to disagree with the doc that said it wasn't infection. Did he do a swab of the pus? That would be the only conclusive way to determine if it was or not. Personally I think you had an infection from the first port and they kept putting ports back in the same area therefore putting a clean port back into an infected area. Of course these are just my opinions. So take them with a grain of salt. I have heard of at least two or three cases and two I saw first hand where the port was infected and had to be removed and the area left open so it could heal from the inside out. I wish you luck and good health.
  19. I will pray for your family as requested. And yes everyone draws lines. Mine have been stated.
  20. I am not the one making the law now am I? What purpose would it serve for me to answer that question? Besides you did not read and comprehend the statement I made regarding this issue. Here let me restate it here; It shouldn't be a crime to fall in love and then marry that person no matter race, color, creed, culture, or sex. And from what I have just read I would venture the founding fathers would agree that the government has no business making such a law or butting in.
  21. That would mean I am judging someone. Christians don't and shouldn't do that. RIGHT?
  22. And one more thing I found as well on this issue. Quote: The Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". This is a direct reference to the official "established" Church of England of Great Britain. In addition, Article VI states, "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." In fact, among the framers of the U.S. Constitution there were actually remarkably few devout religious men. Only one signatory was a former member of the clergy, and even he had given up that profession 20 years before to become a government administrator. The colected writings of most of America's Founding Fathers show that these were men who were far more concerned with secular pursuits, than religious ones. Most were worldly, well-eductated men - they were lawyers, businessmen, soldiers, diplomats, and even scientists. The model they chose for American government came not from the Puritans, but from the example of the (pagan) ancient Romans & Greeks. The ideas of the Constitution's framers on civil liberties and human rights come primarily from Enlightenment-era English and French philosophers of the 1600s and 1700s (many of whom were well-known religious skeptics). The American Constitution was drafted mostly by colonial attorneys trained in the British legal system. The Bill of Rights comes from English Law, not from Biblical law. UnQuote Here is the link to read for yourselves if you are so inclined; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_church_and_state#Origins_of_the_phrase
  23. I started watching it this season. I have mixed emotions about it. This last episode I watched was about this autistic ghost that was attached to Christmas Ornaments. Pretty awesome show. Had me in tears at the end. The real reason I am posting is to let the GW fans know that the shows producers are filming in our house on the 25th of this month. WHOOPEE!!! THat is true. They are going to be filming one telephone scene in our kitchen and a scene in John's recording studio around the baby grand piano. When I know the exact airing of that episode I will let you all know. How exciting is this? I might actually get to meet Jennifer Love Hewitt. If I can take pics without being a pest I will post some so you can see what was going on. LOLOL!! I will be home in time to experience it all. TOO COOL!! And I might add the money we are getting paid for this shoot is way beyond what I expected. I think it will cover three months mortgage payments. GOTTA LIKE THAT!! Here is how we got so lucky. First, living in the Mecca of Hollywood Filming helps alot to have your house chosen for filming. Second, living on a block where filming happens almost on a monthly basis helps too. They were shooting scenes for an episode of Numb3rs around the corner from our house the other day. Third, listing your house in Universal Locations helps ALOT too. It is this service that lists houses that have unique settings or unique character to the house that some producers might like to take a closer look. Our house is unique to say the least. No it isn't haunted. LOL!! Although the past owner did die in our newly remodeled bathroom. LOL!! Never did like going in there. Now it has a whole new feel. Like he is at peace. CREEPY!! Anyway, our house has a different 'feel' in each room. The living room could be on one of those old wooden boats. It has wooden beams and the ceiling is all wood. VERY NICE!! The dining room has a concave dome with a porcelian chandelier and the ceiling is sculpted plaster. The ONE wall in the dining room is mirrored but not cheesy mirror it is in diamond shapes and has wood trim. The kitchen has a shelf over the kitchen sink where I set my orchids. The windows through the house are leaded stained glass. The kitchen has roses in the windows. It is gorgeous when the sun shines in through it. Our great room has a 15 foot ceiling with sculpted plaster and two ceiling fans. The upstairs is a loft feeling with one wall housing a bookcase and the other is an entry into my Jewelry studio. Then the Attic is off to one side of my studio. The downstairs of the Great room has a 30 ft bar complete with a Capuccino machine - commercial size. Came with the house. LOL!! John's recording studio is off the Great room. The square footage of the house is 5000 including the studio. Living space is approx 3000. The great room could be in used in a scene from a Snow Lodge. It has faux rock walls and wood trim. If you have ever heard of the Madonna Inn in Cambria then this is what the house reminds people of. Our bedrooms are off the great room. Love our house.
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    Ghost Whisperer - Who watches it?

    This is what our street looked like that whole day.
  25. Penni60

    Ghost Whisperer - Who watches it?

    Here is why my kitchen window is all blacked out.

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