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    Antidepressants / Lap Band impacts

    First I’m not a medical professional, but I’ve had a little experience with this. I find that unless the pills or capsules are HUGE, they do go down. You may have to crush,or open , right after surgery, or after a fill when there is a little irritation, but I find I can swollow capsule and pills just fine. One at a time- not all at once the way I used to. Drink, pill, drink. Wait. Replete as necessary. I have been banded for six years, I read the same info about crushing things, but my doc actually said, you shouldn’t have any problem. I’m answering this because I know how quickly unfortunate side effects happen when you stop taking these meds “cold”. Withdrawal is miserable, and should be medically supervise d. Good luck dear. I hope this helps , even if it’s just having someone reach out to you.
  2. Dexilant DR 60 mg., once a day, totally took care of this problem for me. Yeah! Blessed relief!!
  3. It's really interesting with the changes in style and vanity sizes over the years. Here is what I did. First if I did not love it, it was donated right away. Next, I wear jeans almost every day, but each pair was different in fit, I admit, I just donated all except one pair in each size. Some I never wore because I passed right by that size. I kept all of my polo t shirts, another item I wear almost every day, because Tshirts material is very forgiving when it come to stretch. Whatever next seasons (coats) - you likely will only need one, get rid of the rest. You are probably getting my drift by now. Get rid of everything except for two or three like items and sizes. Once you loose your weight, you are going to want new small great looking clothes because there are going to be choices you have never had before. I would clean the closet out to zero, even shoes, because believe it, your shoe size is going to change. Have a great yard sale, include purses and accessories, display as best you can, then save the money for new items. I literally had thousands of dollars of clothes in fab condition, mostly designer lable. This maximized my return. Facebook is a good idea for photo and selling items, it's just going to take a little time to do pictures and set up delivery & payment. 99% of my closet was empty, but it was so freeing! A new me deserved new clothing in great colors that fit my new body, because man does it change! There were some items that were new with tags that I was able to donate to a club for silent auction that was very satisfying as well. If you can make three piles keep, donate, sell, only look at it for less than a minute and decide. If you had great memories attached to it-take a picture of it. I look at closet space like real estate- it is high dollar limited space, only so much can go in, only keep or buy it because you love it, not because it was a good price. Good luck, have fun with your new dress up fashion show!!
  4. Kitt3000


    I was excited to find out I could still eat popcorn. Not more than a couple of bites, but they were yummy!
  5. I want to cry reading these post. My family's favorite topic was weight growing up. I took over beating myself up after I left home. My baby sister starved her body to death. I held her as she was dying in the hospital. It's horrible what people say and do to eachother. Truly breaks my heart.
  6. Kitt3000

    Maintenance - ?

    Hi B52, Agree with what you've said. Interested in the liquids only every 6-8 weeks. How many days do you do this? Is it a conscious choice or do you find yourself just falling into it? So I guess my question is why? I actually forget I have a band most of the time.
  7. Kitt3000

    Discomort after fill and hunger Pains

    And one last thought, I think some meds/ vitamins cause the burning sensation. I've had good luck with a Pepcid ahead of time with that.
  8. Kitt3000

    Discomort after fill and hunger Pains

    My first thought is, when I forget I am banded, I chug a bottle of water, instead of drink, wait, drink, wait..you get the picture. When it's too much, too soon, I feel your pain Same with food, if you eat a bite, wait, listen, you soon will find that you should have stopped or slowed down a few bites ago. Try NOT to clean your plate . I have found some really cute small dishes that I can sit on one of those hot plate/ mug warmers that people use on their desk for coffee. How I hated "cold" food in the first year, I think I'm used to it now, or just more regulated to how slow can I eat, and how little can I eat to be satisfied. I was so programmed into gosh I don't know if I can eat all of that- and then cleaning the plate, that it was such a revelation to think I am going to be satisfied after four or five bites, time to stop- and - I haven't died from hunger yet! (Tongue in cheek!) hope you find your answer!
  9. In all honesty, my dad, probably same generation? Would have said, this is what's being made, eat it or not, your choice. It's what their parents did, some even born during depression years when if you had anything to eat, it was a blessing. Having said that, I have vegetarian sibs, one veg child, one super clean eater, one only organic, free range etc.. So, I do the best I can, but sometimes, all it takes is asking, could you set aside some sauce only for the vegetarian, sauce and organic or free range etc... And it works out. The other option is bringing your own version and not missing out on quality family time. I see my sibs about once a year, and it always saddens and disappoints me, when the one who is strictly organic refuses to come, possibly because something was prepared incorrectly. Part of the problem was so many family functions revolve around food, because let's face it, everyone has busy work, school, athletics, etc... But everyone needs to eat, and feed our relationships too. Good luck to you, you are right in that it gets easier the longer you are on your path to health!
  10. How did I loose the amount of post I have made?

  11. Kitt3000

    Banders #6

    @go walking: Where in South Fl? I'm near Jupiter...
  12. Kitt3000


    Also, dehydration can make you feel more cold. I have started wearing a sweater around my shoulders or making sure I have a pashmina in my bag. Even your body's attempt to stay warm burns calories!????
  13. Kitt3000

    2nd times the charm?

    And, just saying, had blood work up done a week ago - PERFECT. So who's to say how much or little is enough? Or do we rely on test results? It's what we do when the docs medicate us for something...right?
  14. Kitt3000

    2nd times the charm?

    First, let me say, I am so happy for you to finally have the professional help and support that you needed from the start. Some people on the board will not understand this, hey did you not do your research on the dr/ facility better, bla, bla, bla! Bottom line is, it happens folks! Band is placed and no follow up, no nutritionist, no support group. My opinion, is just that, an opinion. It actually sounds like you are in a good place. If you are hungry, eat, if you are not, don't. If you throw up, do a few days of liquids to let that irritation settle down. Put your eating utinsel down after every bite. Most importantly, savor each bite of whatever you choose to eat. Don't fight your band, if it's saying no way today, well, try another day. Drink your water 1/2 hour or so before your meal, stop putting a glass of something in front of you until you can ignore it. Haha, in a restaurant, fill it full of salt water- that will teach you quick! You can live off your body fat for at least 6 months or more, take your vitamins, eat what you can, enjoy seeing the scale go down, and then start to figure out nutrious foods and drinks. Most did not get obese by eating healthy. ???? I'm thrilled for you! Now go for it!
  15. Just remember your body, your decision. If you don't trust your doc 100%, then you have to own your decision- not "let" him rush you. Tell him "I want to wait "x" amount of time, then if it's not better I will consider revision options.
  16. Greek yogurt really takes the edge off the sweet. Also using powder with almond milk instead of the pre made liquids help. No sugar added blueberries, strawberries will also cut the sweetness down. Good luck! It will be over soon- we can do anything if we know there is a time limit on it!
  17. Try to not fight with your band is the best advice I can offer right now. I actually spent a week recently drinking water and gator aid with absolutely no hunger at all. I was prescribed a rather large bP med that stuck and irritated the stoma. Unfortunately, I was out of town on a family emergency, and could not get to my doc for that slight unfill. You are tougher than you think, try not to buy into the panic mode on here at times, I'm alive and kicking, no worse for the water liquid regimine, and totally in my comfort green zone once I had a tiny amount of pressure released. Good luck! Keep in touch and let me know how things come along for you. Ttyl....
  18. Kitt3000

    Medication & the band

    I am dealing with this on a smaller level right now. I honk the person who said she takes two Tylenol with water when she has a fill, may be on to something... I have recently been prescribed a fairly large BP med that I have been crushing and mixing into applesauce. Works ok, just a pain in the patootie!
  19. At the very least, I would have an "unexpected" trip out of town for a couple of weeks to give myself time to think it through, and follow my original band instructions to the letter! If you are not in a danger zone, take the time you need to work through all your options. Just me, but I'm not one to make snap decisions. I "listen" to that voice, it's proved to be right way too many times. Good luck!
  20. Kitt3000

    Banders #6

    You just restored my faith in motherhood. No matter what age we are as mothers, we want what is best for our children. With everything banking being on line these days, it was quite simple to do an end of the year print out of all account information in a matter of minutes instead of digging through files. Also, as time goes by, each additional month will be required for discovery, so to save yourself grief, print them out each month until your divorce decree is finalized. Another tip, print out two copies, some lawyers have a nasty habit of "misplacing" documents that you've already given them, thereby delaying, re communicating, and your bill rises substantially . Sorry, they are in it to make money not expedite it. Best of luck to you, so happy you can stop stressing about this particular aspect, you have many good days coming, bad days as well but try to remember, this too shall pass. Hopefully soon, not two years later ( freaking lawyers)
  21. Kitt3000

    Banders #6

    I remember this happening with an account I was a co signer on for my soldier son, I helped take care of bills for him whenever he was away. He was never married but seeking joint custody of his handicapped daughter. I was so happy we never put my husband on that account, he would have been just as angry as your mom. Not because he is hiding anything, but because of the lawyer hours it would have accumulated as well as time of key personnel in his corporation. Wasted money, wasted time. If your mom has not been exposed to the legal system recently, you are her only target. So sorry for both of you. An initial apology to her from you, will go a long way towards soothing a bad situation. If it was in your control, it would not be happening. I'm sure you both feel badly and resent the outside intrusion. Hang in there lady! Some days you just have to listen and let it roll off...
  22. Kitt3000

    Banders Exercise

    Love it! progress with your goal in sight! Go for it Catfish!
  23. Kitt3000

    Banders #6

    Hey Jim, so glad you found that helpful aw well. Interesting thing is, I started giving it in larger quantities to my horses to start with, their manes, coats and skin became so healthy looking. As a long time sufferer of dry skin myself, I decided to give it a try, amazing right? If you find your face getting a little to oily, just back off to every other day, until you have the perfect balance. Even as the weather warms up, you may find, as I did, that you will still enjoy benefits from it year round, just by modifying the days you use it. I would occasionally get complements on my hair because it is a natural platinum blonde, with use of the flaxseed oil- it literally shines without being greased. One of my favorite tricks, along with almond oil on the really dry areas of feet, knees, elbows, and exposed winter hands, thrilled this helped you!
  24. Kitt3000

    Gaining weight

    Not un unusual, your body is in the healing adjusting phase. It can take five or more adjustment fills to get where you want to go. Each fill gives you the opportunity to adjust your eating habits, size of bite, time between bites, length of meal, quantity of meal , quality of your meal, no eating between meals, eating your allotted amount of Protein first, then veggies. There are variations between doctors and fills. Some give larger/smaller amounts, some frequency of giving fills. Each one of us is different, each persons regime will be somewhat different. Try not to focus only on the scale, I know that is hard, but instead, use your energy to plan your food choices and amounts carefully, you need to move, exercise of some sort, you cannot out exercise a poor choice of diet. It's ok. You are going to do fine if you give the process a chance to work. Remember, this is not a race to the finish line (again, I know we all want instant results) , but a new way of life. The band does not work as quickly as some other weight loss surgeries, patience and persistence should get you where you want to be. All the best!

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