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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Wowflower

    NOVEMBER 2013 Surgeries

    Please add me my surgery was Nov 8th... Girl_ sand@ hotmail
  2. Wowflower


    I too am feeling the regrets .. But many are saying this is normal. I didn't realize how much food was such a big part of my life.
  3. I thought I could only have clear fluids ... I guess I jus didn't think I cud mix it... I did a sugar free fudgescicle yesterday and oh my gosh.. Made me miserable all night
  4. Thanks so much pink???? my doc say I can have my weight tomato soup but I thought maybe not.. But it may taste pretty good after a couple of days of clear liquids..lol
  5. Wowflower

    African American Sleevers

    I am 4 days post op and just feel really weak... It's hard to get the fluids in but I am tryna to stay on top of things... Just wondering when will this pass????
  6. Pink I am in da same boat... All I am doing is drinking water, sugar free Popsicle , and jello.. No energy ... Ughhhh
  7. Wowflower

    12 Weeks Post Op

    Thanks for the above posts ladies... So much encouragement to me
  8. Wowflower

    November 8Th Was My Big Day

    Hi .. Had my surgery on the 8th... Everyday is getting better:)
  9. I was sleeved 11/8... Crazy as it seems I just been wanting fruits
  10. Mine is Nov. 8... I am already getting butterflies I am soo nervous... But excited
  11. Wowflower

    Nov 8

    So excited ... I will officially be a sleever on Nov 8.. Oh yeah ( happy dance)!!!
  12. Wowflower

    Nov 8

    Thanks a bunch soooooo excited????????
  13. Wowflower

    November buddies where are you?

    November 8th.... Yes so excited
  14. Good luck... I am also jus starting
  15. Wowflower


  16. Wowflower


  17. Wowflower


  18. Wowflower


    I think once but I am still nervous
  19. Wowflower


    Great!!!!!! Keep me posted... I am just starting my 6 mths doc visits

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