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  1. Yeah, everybody is different. I was able to sleep in any position after both the vsg and rny revision. Although I have seen many posts talking about sleeping in a recliner. Not sure about the dry mouth problem... I experienced that before surgery but I have asthma and sleep with my mouth open often. I remember whenever I went on any strict diet, especially if there was fasting involved. I would get funky breath due to not eating but because I had to drink Water all the time after WLS, and I eat every 2 hours, I didn't have the dry mouth problem either.
  2. Tomo


    I agree with all the others that it sounds like reflux. I had silent reflux for years. The burning feeling would only go away temporarily after I ate something and then it would come back. Omeprazole worked for a few years, then it didn't. Then they kept switching me to find one that worked. Usually H2s or PPIs and/or diet change will take care of it for most people. Unfortunately for me, I was in the minority and my burning throat no longer responded to anything. After a few more years of misery, I finally had the RNY revision because I was told I was putting myself at unnecessary risk of throat cancer if I continued without revision. Feel better soon.
  3. Homemade cheese crisps and hummus were one of my go-to faves during this stage. Also ate a lot of string cheese, greek yogurt, cottage cheese with different spices... Etc.
  4. Anyone can get blood clots. I hear it can also be hereditary. Stay active, put your feet up, compression socks... Etc. The stomach is still there making the necessary juices, acid and enzymes, needed for digestion.
  5. Tomo

    Weight gain

    Are your calories the same before and after the band removal?
  6. Tomo


    I have both the vsg and rny (revision due to gerd almost 2 years ago). It is true there are mixed results. I am one of the lucky ones. I've been using patches for many years with good blood tests results. Very rarely adding any other vitamins. Occasionally, I may see a slight decline trend (but not nutritionally deficient) of a vitamin, for example, vitamin A, and I may add a high ADEK for awhile.
  7. Great responses already so I will add this because this is what most of us feel after the success... Why oh why did I not do this sooner??!! True story. Good luck, you will do great.
  8. For me, if I feel like I'm beginning to stray, it starts with revisiting my mindset. To think about my priorities and why I want to stay at my current weight vs gaining (or before I lost the weight: continue to gain weight vs lose weight to get healthy). Once I get my priorities straight and remember why it's so vital to me to stay at a healthy weight, then I go back to eating healthy. One thing it took me a lifetime to learn was to get rid of the "All or nothing" thinking. That if I go off track for a meal, a day, a week, then it's all over. That is so false. Naturally thin people overeat sometimes too, but the next meal, they go back to eating normally. In the past, I would beat myself up endlessly which was sabotaging any success to stay on track. I hope this helps.
  9. Great to hear your sister is doing better!
  10. Tomo

    Starting whole pills

    Depends what pills you are taking, if they require food with them or not, if I understand your question correctly...
  11. A week or so before I went to Fuddruckers. I love their ribeye steak sandwich. I would still love to eat one now once and awhile but they have closed down in our area [emoji24].
  12. Tomo

    The "honeymoon" period

    For me, hunger came back gradually. At first 800 cal was hard to get to, then it became easier, then 1200 seemed impossible, then it became harder to stay at 1200 calories... Etc. It's natural for our capacity and hunger to expand a little overtime but never close to what it was pre-surgery. The honeymoon period is the best time to reinforce the right way to eat and how to deal with life's problems without food. I think one of the reasons people gain lots of weight later is because they just aren't committed to the life-long changes needed to keep the weight off. Many use life's problems as an excuse to eat around their sleeve, like snacking on slider foods. Some blame the surgery itself when it isn't the surgery but their unwillingness to stay on plan from day one. If you stick to the basic rules of your program, and stay focused you will be successful. Many gain a small amount weight after reaching it's lowest weight, but that is just the body adjusting to get to a healthy weight for you and that is natural too.
  13. Tomo


    None. Have you tried different brands?
  14. Tomo

    Two-year hiatus from this site

    I only stayed a few months after my first WLS years ago but I had to get a bypass revision for gerd almost 2 years ago and have stayed around since. People back then were always arguing and fighting, but I don't see much of that now at all. Much more calm and informative threads the last 2 years compared to before. Alex must've cleaned things up.
  15. Tomo

    Constant Cramping

    When I was sleeved back in 2015, I was given a mild muscle relaxant to take if needed. I think I took it the first couple of days due to abdominal cramping so I believe what you are experiencing is normal.
  16. Tomo


    I take a teaspoon or 2 of miralax daily in my coffee too. No biggy in my daily life, works wonders. For me, what could be worse than being morbidly obese with all the health problems that go with it, not to mention the other annoying things in obese life like not being able to fit in an airplane seat, for example. 300 lbs or a tsp of miralax a day, hmmmm. No-brainer for me too.
  17. I lost 16 lbs my first month. I don't understand why you would feel discouraged at this point. 19 lbs = 66,500 calories. I would say your WLS is doing it's job.
  18. Tomo

    Stretching stomach

    Dr. Weiner and Dr. John Pilcher are both so informative to me, and so calming to watch whenever I have questions about WLS.
  19. Just echoing others about low carb. My carbs during weightloss (and now) have always been high. I eat 5 to 7 servings of anti-inflammatory fruits and/or vegetables a day to deter inflammation which contributes to Leptin resistance (feel full hormone).
  20. Sorry to hear about your sister. It's so good that you are there for her. Good thoughts going to your sister and your family.
  21. Tomo

    Happy with your dietician?

    Whatever your surgeon suggests to you since they know your case the best. Your plan sounds pretty standard. I think my liquid phase was a week, then to puree foods. I was never told calorie goals but in the beginning, he stressed to make sure I try to stay hydrated and get my protein in.
  22. I've been out under anesthesia 5 or 6 times myself. I, too, let them know before hand that I get easily nauseated and they give me something beforehand. I personally love being under anesthesia because one minute you are looking around the room, usually at a smiling nurse or doctor, and before you know it, the surgery is all over. As if you closed your eyes for a second, and it's already done. Talk to your team about your fears so they will be prepared as well.
  23. Tomo

    Happy with your dietician?

    I got a diet plan from my bariatric surgeon. Luckily, my surgeon and I are on the same page on what we feel is the healthiest way to eat. I follow that. Other than that I never had a dietician other than the mandatory dietician meetings for pre-op requirements. The ones I had, had different eating philosophies than what I have.
  24. Tomo

    Bony Butt

    Same same. No curve back there whatsoever. Have to always use a pillow to sit on or it hurts to stand up after sitting down.
  25. Stir fried beef over steamed rice. I first fried it in the air fryer than glazed it in a pan with soy sauce, vinegar, onions and green beans. My dish is layered: rice, onions/green beans and then steak on the top since I started with protein first. The nutritional info is what I ate (not how much I made).

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