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  1. sassy14

    Struggling with Second Thoughts

    I, too, was "switched" from sleeve to bypass when my doc found my reflux to be too much for the sleeve. I was so upset I went right from the bariatric surgeon's office to my gastroenterologist and crashed my daughter's appointment. He set my mind at ease-- RNY is the gold standard weight loss surgery. It works. My surgery was 2/28/13 and I've lost more than 130lbs or 98% of my excess weight. I have blood work done regularly and tweak vitamins based on that. Yes, there are some complications but there are many more people without them. I had a ventral hernia that if would have likely had anyway because I had surgery 29 years ago that weakened my abdominal wall. I am so glad I had the bypass. Best thing for me.
  2. sassy14


    Me too! I'm from Monmouth county!
  3. I'm 29 months post surgery and can eat all those things. Some, like celery, I dice very small. Others like orange pith I limit. I love clementines--no problem with that. I can eat Italian bread untoasted, but toast regular whole wheat bread. ( I don't eat much bread). I can eat sugar-- not good and try to stay away from sweets.
  4. Two years and three months post RNY and down 135 lbs. I'm 59 and started in a 48D. Now, fitted properly at Victoria's Secret, a 38D or 36DD. They aren't too different because they were saggy before but the fat on my back and chest is gone. And they look good in clothes!
  5. sassy14

    Gastric Bypass Sucess Story

    25 months post RNY and 135 lbs gone means I am able to fully participate in life and am no longer controlled by food. I eat healthy and well and if I eat something sweet, Like a thin person, I enjoy a few bites and am satisfied. This is the best thing I could have done. Only wish I had done it years ago!
  6. sassy14

    Small Bowel - Blind Loop

    So sorry. I had a small bowel obstruction about 6 months after RNY. It was emergency surgery. Then the hernia reappeared a year later. I had a repair and a diastasis recti (abdominal wall repair) in December. So far so good.
  7. sassy14

    Calcium pills

    I use the Walgreens or cvs brand of calcium citrate mini pills. 2 a day. I usually get them on the buy one get one sales.
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    I look forward to hearing about your journey!
  9. sassy14


    You'll do great! I feel so much better since I had RNY at 56! I have lots of life in this 58 year old body!
  10. sassy14

    Counting Protein, Carbs?

    For me, with my surgeon, I tried to get 90-100 grams of protein a day. I limited carbs and did count calories. My surgery was 2/28/13 and I've lost 135 lbs, down from 291.
  11. On Saturday my daughter and I were in a bad accident. I had to be taken out of the car on a board as I had tremendous back pain. The ambulance person said I was tiny! Tiny!!! Two years ago I was 291 lbs. Today 155 Luckily we will recover-- my daughter was bruised and banged up and has broken ribs. I broke my wrist and a vertabra. Tiny! Still can't believe it.
  12. sassy14

    Stomach pain 4.5 months out?

    Call your doctor. You could have a hernia. That happened to me at about same time post surgery. I waited and waited and ended up in emergency surgery.
  13. sassy14

    Hypothyroid Meds

    I had RNY 2 years ago and lost 135 lbs. It was no slow but sustained. I still take my sun thyroid every morning and get my thyroid levels checked every 6 months.
  14. I am very private and really don't like all the attention. I had surgery two years ago, lost 136 lbs so I really look different. From the beginning, I told everyone (except two coworkers who are friends) that I was working with a doctor to get healthy. It's true and so far no one has asked me the doctor's name!
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    Not sure-- it's full name is horizon blue cross blue shield and the plan is direct access.
  16. sassy14


    I have horizon direct and dr Andrei in Livingston is my surgeon and he is great!
  17. sassy14

    Very slow weight loss

    How much more weight do you need to lose? Are you close to goal? I know for me, it was not an even amount if weight I lost every month. Some months it was only a few lbs but I would lose a dress size. Just keep measuring your food and concentrate on protein and drink plenty of water. You've got this!
  18. sassy14

    Do family/friends honor your bariatric dietary needs?

    I guess I'm really lucky. The friends who know I had wls are extremely careful to have things I can eat and always ask if there are choices that will work for me. In fact they celebrated my one year surgiversay with a dinner party of all wls friendly food. They had wine with dinner-- I had some before I ate. I don't expect everything served will work for me-- I need to chose those things that are good for me.
  19. sassy14

    Fabulous February!

    Just saying hello to fellow Feb 2013 buddies. How is everyone doing? I'm down 136' to 155. That's where my body wants to be. I had two problems-- hernia with small bowel obstruction and reactive hypoglycemia. The hernia was repaired and then it was found I needed abdominal wall reconstruction and a re-repair of the hernia. That I had done with a panniculectomy in Dec. I have the hypoglycemia under control by eating right. I wear a size 10-12, down from a 24/26. I can wear high heels and have energy and feel great! Best decision ever to have RNY.
  20. sassy14

    Fat People programs

    I watched the 600 lb life where are they now episode about Chuck and Paula last night. I was stunned to see a bottle of coke-- with sugar no less-- at chuck's seat. It was half gone and he was sitting there eating! Soda! Drinking while eating??? Then Paula has a sweaty water bottle sitting right next to her plate. My hubby yelled out- what are they doing with soda? Why are they drinking with food? The only person I know personally who had wls and regain drinks soda all the time and drinks when she eats. I don't think that's chance.
  21. I am 5'6" and started at 291 pre surgery, Feb 2013. I weigh between 155 and 158, depending on the day. My surgeon suggested I aim for 150-155 which is less than I weighed in high school 40 years ago. I am happy where I am-- comfortably in a size 12. Now to maintain.
  22. sassy14

    Excess Skin

    CheleLynn, yes it was all covered! The recovery was better than I anticipated. I'm in no pain at all and getting my strength back!
  23. sassy14

    Excess Skin

    I started at 291 in Feb 2013. Down to 157, which is good (I'm 5'6"). I had a ventral hernia repair, abdominal wall reconstruction and a panniculectomy. I wore a 12-14 before surgery, a 10-12 now. I have lots of skin on my thighs/arms, but I'm 58 and good clothing covers a lot. I have been obese since I was a teen, so that skin has been there a long time. Hopefully I uploaded a pix of me in skinny jeans (wearing my abdominal binder). But, all in all, even if I still had the skin, it would have been worth it.
  24. sassy14

    How is cereal

    I've never had an issue with cereal. Just eat slowly and chew. I like it crunchy and with some berries!!! Yum!!