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  1. Tracie76

    What length is your bypass?

    Great info everyone! I have my revision from VSG to MGB on 1Nov and would love to get any advise y’all might have.
  2. Tracie76

    November Bypass?

    I’m 1 November! I’m a revision from VSG. I’m super excited to meet everyone!!🤗
  3. Tracie76

    Quotes & Inspiration

    The comeback is always greater then the setback
  4. Tracie76

    I do not understand 'no restriction left"

    Sorry to hear about your lack of support. I think people don’t understand that this is a life long battle for most of us.
  5. Tracie76

    I do not understand 'no restriction left"

    I can eat more too. My Dr said it was because my sleeve was healed and I have become less sensitive to the restriction. For the first 18 months I could not eat more then 1 oz of steak now I can eat 4 ozs.
  6. Tracie76


    What about the CBD oil (I think that’s what it’s called)? Would that work but not have any unpleasant possible side affects?
  7. Tracie76

    Chest pain, ER

    Really, Tracy too! That’s too crazy[emoji6]. Yeah, I was at the same point with the Protonics, I told the Bariatric Dr I was fed up and we needed to figure it out. That’s when he did the GI to check my sleeve and found the hiatal hernia. He said it was definitely the cause of my pain, it’s pretty big. When are you going to back to the Dr?
  8. Tracie76

    Chest pain, ER

    Did they check your gallbladder? Your symptoms could be that. Mine were similar, I had an upper GI (barium swallow) and it turned out to be a hiatal hernia. I’m getting it repaired in 3 weeks. Good luck and get your protonix filled it helps sooo much!
  9. Tracie76

    I do not understand 'no restriction left"

    I’m here to tell ya, stretching your sleeve is not a thing. I gained and ate like a crazy women when I was pregnant. The Dr did an upper GI on me last week. You guessed it! The sleeve is the same size it was 3 months after surgery....however, I did manager to develop a nice size hiatal hernia from eating so poorly. I’m getting my life together now, nutritionists is a big help. I’m 4.5 years out.
  10. Tracie76

    My fitness pal

    Marychelly_dumm1 I sent you a request!
  11. Tracie76

    My fitness pal

    Y'all can add me Tracie_woolley if you like
  12. Tracie76

    July 2013 Sleevers

    Same here I get the ones with Iron.
  13. Tracie76

    Effects of Protein Shakes

    Today I added some PB2 powder to my chocolate protein shake and WOW! It was super yummy! If any of you have a sweet tooth you must try it.
  14. I'm having my revision surgery (from Realize band to sleeve) on 30 July! How's everyone doing?