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  1. Well. There is something up. By no means am i eating a lot. But i am thinking of stirring things up by doing aall Protein Shakes for a couple of days. I will admit, i did think with bypass it would be easier. I almost think its harder in some ways welp, we shall See if it works

    prior lapband patient
    band removal 11/18/21

    sw 257
    surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22

  2. I lost 55 after surgery (238 on 3/21) and then I stalled at 4 months PO. I have not lost one single pound since 6/20.

    It is frustrating [emoji30]
    Hi. I agree, it is frustrating. Ive lost like 25 lbs....and now nothing.

    prior lapband patient
    band removal 11/18/21

    sw 257
    surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22

  3. PreSurgery i lost some, then after the surgery ive lost about 30 lbs. And now nothing. Yes, i look at what i eat, and Water intake. The scale hasnt moved in months. Not sure it might be because i was a lapband then went to bypass and my body is not letting go. Let me tell ya its frustrating.

    prior lapband patient

    band removal 11/18/21

    sw 257

    surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22

  4. How are people feeling today? How does post-op day 1-2 feel? I’m getting mentally ready for surgery on Wednesday. The two week liquid diet has me exhausted.
    Hi. Surgery day was a bit rough, but as each day went on, i feel better than the day before. Im glad its done. No more waiting or anticipation

    prior lapband patient
    band removal 11/18/21

    sw 257
    surgery date was 1/18/22 because of covid it was rescheduled to 2/1/22

  5. Being on a diet, having WLS, or having any type of surgery is your own business. If you feel the need to be "accountable" or need it private is up to the individual.

    As for me, I have chose to not to advertise it. It's my business. They are a select few that know. And for good reason. It seems people begin to judge, or monitor your food and become the Food Police. Me personally, I do not need that.

    As for accountability, the scale is it.

    I have been a Band Vet. I've joined WW now. I am using the Band as a tool. Just as I am using WW as a tool.

  6. Hi. I'm a Band Vet. I lost like 60lbs, and stayed there. I just couldn't not eat carbs anymore. I missed them. But every day, I'd wake up and say, I can do this. And I couldn't. I just missed carbs too much. It's been over 2 yrs and I've basically maintained Where I left off at. I even tried doing "resets". Yes, I was very frustrated. I knew what I wanted, and couldn't get there.
    A friend of mine convinced me to join WW. And I tried that on and off since around thanksgiving. And nothing. I did nothing.
    I don't know what happened. If it was mindset, attitude, or frustration but last Last Monday I restarted WW with a vengeance. I've been Really trying, tracked my food, and following it. I've been on it for 8 days. So far I've had pizza and ice cream every day. Don't worry, it's a modified pizza. And sugar free ice cream. I've had it everyday since it qualifies in my points. I feel bad, yet it's actually guilt free. I'm actually eating way more food.
    It's been only 8 days. I feel better. I've lost 2lbs too. Yes I know, it's Water weight. Still. I've lost. And with WW you can eat anything.
    I think I've needed this. The no carbs worked for a while. But for me it's not realistic. Tonight I had a sugar free brownie. during the day I ate cucumbers, oranges, and grilled chicken. At night is when I want to munch. So pizza on multigrain tortilla shell, pizza sauce, mushrooms, and cheese. All of 8 points. So worth it.
    I'm not sure how this journey will end, but I know this may actually be a beginning of a life change. I don't feel deprived anymore.
    And the band is here as my tool. Just as it was when it was first placed. It's a tool. I could have easily regained all my weight. But. I didn't.
    Hopefully with the band and WW I can actually make my finishing goal. Right now, I'm only looking at 10lbs at a time until I get where I need to be.
    And yes. I will have my 8 point pizza again tomorrow. (If you use Joseph's pita bread, the points are lower - I like the tortilla shell since it comes out crispy).

  7. Wow. Interesting answers. Thank you to all.

    I'd love to respond to each and everyone, but I will make a blanket response.

    I find it interesting that most would not want anyone to say anything to them. I do like the response about the smokers cough too.

    See, I noticed reading the threads before posting this, it always seems that no one wants to hear they are heavy. Or it's obvious that they are heavy and no one should comment.

    I have mixed feelings on it.

    Yes. I have lost weight. But even when I was at my heaviest, none of my do tors ever mentioned to me about loosing weight. None. Now I do not put any blame on them. Though some of the health issues I had, they should have.

    I don't know whether something should be said or not. But at times I believe something should be mentioned especially when it might effect someone's health. Or if I notice my kids making too many carb choices.

    For instance, if I notice my kid eating Mac n cheese for lunch and want some bread, I'd say you've already had some carbs, choose a veggie, fruit or Protein.

    I don't know the answer, but I believe being forever silent isn't good either.

    Again, thanks for all the responses!!

  8. Have a question for all of you, How do you approach someone, nicely, they need to loose weight? Or even better, How could someone approach you that you have gained weight? This could possibly be related or even unrelated to WLS surgery.

    I am asking this because, apparently, most if us are upset that someone mentions to us that we or a person have gained weight. Could it possibly be that we might care about this person, and do not want them to have the health issues which go along with weight gain. So we try to say something, yet when we say something they are hurt and eat to sooth themselves?

    I've noticed that many of us do not like to hear that we have gained weight. So how does one approach us, without us being offended?

  9. wow, i have been banded with plication for almost 2 yrs and been on this forum for 2 yrs 4 months..where has the time gone? i am happier today then i was when i started in Feb 2012...compared to where i am now today.. the only (advice) i want to give is the following (take it or ignore it): call your doctor if you are hurting or concerned or need (assistance w/questions can i or should i eat/do/drink) i strongly advise anyone to do what THEIR doctor says, not mine or anyone elses.. use common sense (you cant gain true weight overnight and you wont lose true weight overnight) eating more calories than you burn off will make you gain weight with or without any WLS reality is clothes sizes getting smaller is a accurate sign of losing weight (dont focus totally on the metal monster) you do not have to be at goal in six months...get there when you do...WLS has no expiration date and last but not least believe in yourself to give yourself credit..you know if you eat too much of the not so great food chioices out there dont say the WLS did not stop you..you stop you.....YOU can control yourself..(you wont step out in front of a train would you??) WLS will help you but it wont be the save all as that part is up to you and me be well and all the best to you.

    I love this!!!

    Carolina Girl you're always spot on!!!

  10. I choose the lap band because it is not permanent. Also, loosing 1-2 pounds is more realistic for losing weight.

    I also know individuals who have had bypass, sleeve, and band. Most have gained weight back - because they did not change or learn new eating habits. Any type of WLS is a tool to get there. And yes with the sleeve or bypass you loose extremely fast, but it seems to me, it's too fast. You need time to adjust your eating habits. It seems to me, no one goes from eating terribly to healthy overnight. These are learned new habits. Choosing fish over beef. Choosing a salad instead of Cookies. Eating less carbs.

    Also, you need to exercise, everyday. See, at least it seems to me, many individuals think any type if WLS is a presto magic thing, and you don't need to change your eating/drinking habits. Or heck, even. Exercise. There are so many who think having the surgery, and sit back, change nothing, and they will be thin. Sadly, that is not true.

    Doctors inform you what you can and cannot eat or drink. Yet, many make excuses, or dabble where they shouldn't. Then they are complaining, or should I say, questioning why they are gaining weight from drinking milkshakes, any drink ending in -chino, or eating things they shouldn't. The habits you learn when you begin your journey with, are habits which are to be life long. Period.

    For me, personally, I no longer drink caffeine, carbonated, diet anything. Simply for the reason it's just not good for you. What do I drink. Water and Protein shakes. That's it. I attempted to drink a diet tea, and it was horrible. I guess being away from it for so long, I realized how nasty that stuff is.

    And so you know, i am not saying all of this because I'm perfect with my habits. I can proudly say, I've not regained any weight. I have my demons, but I also know what I can and cannot do. I hope this helps.

  11. Posting mainly for support as I'm having a rough go of sleeping at the moment :) First time poster and new to the forum. I was banded yesterday morning and, after about six hours and an immediate loosening of my band, I was sent home. I've followed all procedures as expectations and, as a whole, feel extremely positive about my choice. However, it's currently 4 a.m. and I am still living on the 'pain and nausea cocktail' every for hours. At what point did your stomach pain and nausea begin to subside? Any good tips or tricks for sleeping (and staying sleep) while I heal? I lost ten pounds in the two week pre-op appointment and I'm excited to see what the next free days, weeks, and months hold for me. JL

    Welcome to your New Life!!

    You just had surgery. Your body needs to heal. I believe I didn't take the pain meds because I was afraid of getting constipated, that was me. If you need them, take them. After the second or third day, each day seemed to slowly get better. After, the first week I felt good, and even better after the second week. For nausea, chicken broth helped.

    As for sleep tricks, I slept in a lounge chair occasionally. As I felt better, I didn't need it as much.

    Take it easy.

    Congrats!!! :)

  12. I'm afraid to take my meds. I HATE taking them all crushed up. Can I take them just broken in half. I need to take anxiety meds and allergy meds they are just normal tablets. None are capsules. So my question is do I have to crush them?

    My "breakfast" actually consists of a bottle if Water and my "pills" which happen to only be my Vitamins. The Multivitamin is somewhat large, I have no problem. I am at a good restriction too.

    Hope that helps.

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