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    After waiting months, I finally am having people notice my weight loss. It really feels good, getting complements on a regular basis. It was simply annoying hearing from some, who I just know had to notice, "Oh your hair looks cute" when nothing was new to my hair. It's taken 50+ pounds for individuals to notice and compliment. And honestly, it was the family members which were the worst, sadly. I'm feeling good and no one, not a single sole will take that away.
  2. Shazam

    issues with #2

    Definitely need to ad Benefiber or the like. And yes, that's norm
  3. Hi! I didn't have diabetes, though I was very close. After being banded, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. In fact, mine is awesome! 98/59 !!! Yeah, I'm lovin it!
  4. Shazam

    how long did you wait for real food?

    " why just today I had chicken and dumplings " Muvhahahaha !!! Hilarious! Ok, my day has been made, as she reaches for her next Protein drink and looks in the mirror with satisfaction on her her face! Thanks!!
  5. Shazam

    how long did you wait for real food?

    Morning all civil peeps! This thread has gone to the limits of no return! It's too bad really, because when you go back and read them, we had began as civil. Though apparently, through the eyes of one that is limited to interpretation. It's a shame really that vulgarities must be used, though that does indicate their mentality. And with that being said, more than likely this individual will be in the percentile in which the band would fail. If constructive criticism cannot be accepted or at least viewed in a civil manner, imagine their own personal struggles. And looky here, I wrote what I had to say with being civil...!!!!!! "As a bird Is known by its notes, so is a man by his conversation"
  6. Shazam

    Fourth Fill and Phentermine

    I thought they didn't use Phentermine anymore. And no my doc did not prescribe anything !!!
  7. Shazam

    how long did you wait for real food?

    Also no need to the vulgar language or name calling.
  8. Shazam

    how long did you wait for real food?

    "So I was told after I was released from the hospital that I had to stay on Clear Liquids for one more day and then advance to all liquids then after ny one week followup I could advance to pureede foods... and I didnt follow that I was starveing and got some real food after I was released yes I chewed up really well and was drinking with it to make sure it went down and I havent had any problems so why do they want us to wait and how long did you wait? If you didnt did you have any complications?" You shouldn't be angry because all of the people have gone through this surgical procedure. Individuals who do not follow the instructions for this medical surgery. You need to follow the diet because your body needs to heal. You may believe you want to eat afterwards, when in all honesty you don't. Simply getting broth down will fill you up. If you want to disregard the instructions, so be it. But please remember there are serious medical complications from doing so. Yes you will find tips and tricks, but safe things like using Propel Water to blend your Protein shake for added flavor without adding calories. I had the surgery, have no regrets, off all meds and started jogging today for the first time in years.....!!!!! Good luck
  9. Shazam

    August Challenge

    Well i didn't get to the next lowest size - yet! But I can say my shorts were nearly falling off. I did go to the store to try clothes on, I'm getting closer !!! Clocked I. At 240.5! And it's not the end of August yet, so I'm getting there! Yay! Name, real or screen~ Shazam Goal weight for August 31st~238 Weight on August 1st~ 247 Age~ 49 City/State~ Hogwarts Dietary goal for August~even more fish/chicken Exercise goal for August~ 4-5 reps in strength training Personal goal for August~get to the next lowest size Date banded~nov 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~50 Favorite End of Summer Activity~swimming and laying out
  10. I was going to go back in about three days. I have a more physical job. My doc's office suggested that maybe I take more time. Then after the surgery, I was grateful that I did. And let me tell ya, I was sore. There wouldn't have been anyway I could have gone back after 3-4 days. I do believe that I started to feel almost human after about 6-7 days. But, I was tired. This is surgery. Any surgery your body needs to heal. Take extra time if you're able. Your body really does need to recoop. The only reason people are not in the hospital longer these days is because insurance does not want to pay. They figure you can rest at home. Looking back I was grateful I did take the time.
  11. Two women were talking about losing weight and the one was complaining how she was t loosing, and her cousin started after her and lost so much more. The. The other woman chimed, "well she probably had surgery!" I so wanted to say something like, "lap band is a tool, y still need to follow a diet." I wanted to correct her and educate her. And the way she said it was very demeaning like. Almost as if we took the easy way out. When that is farthest from the truth. I dunno, maybe I should have educated them. I think if I did i would have lost it. Oh well, I had to vent.
  12. Shazam

    Grrr! Aggravated!

    Hang in there, it will pass. There are aps to log activity and food intake. Watch what you eat. I hit a plateau and met with a trainer and he said to do more cardio. At least 30 mins, but go for 45 mins. If you're doing that, increase it more. Also add some kind of strength training. That makes a huge help because it burns fat in your resting state. I avoided some events when I thought I couldn't control myself, or if they just had crap food. For me, there will be other events in the future I can go to when I'm stronger. Which I have only become. I get sick of the thought of Sri king anything but Water or Protein shakes, I don't mind turning crap down now, mainly because that is how I got heavy. Little steps, become huge achievements. You can do it! Good luck. Hang in there.
  13. Good luck to your new life!!!
  14. ps - also do strength training. Strength training burns fat in your resting state.
  15. Hi, I hit a wall too. I saw a trainer. He suggested to do cardio for at least 30 mins, but if you want results, push to 45 mins. Track food, and stay on track. It will break. It did for me. It takes time. We didn't get overweight overnight! It took years, same as coming off. I know I want a miracle, but I got banded. It's hard work and we can do it. I can proudly say I'm off all meds and the only pills I take now are vitamins! Stick to it, be strong and good luck!!
  16. Shazam

    August Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Shazam Goal weight for August 31st~238 Weight on August 1st~ 247 Age~ 49 City/State~ Hogwarts Dietary goal for August~even more fish/chicken Exercise goal for August~ 4-5 reps in strength training Personal goal for August~get to the next lowest size Date banded~nov 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~50 Favorite End of Summer Activity~swimming and laying out
  17. Shazam


    When this happens to me it's usually because I ate too fast or too big of bite. Don't let yourself get to a point when you're starving, it seems to me that's when it happens more. Slow down, over chew your food, smaller bites. Sometimes it helps to get up and walk. Though, when I start getting saliva, I usually throw up. It hurts to much, so I try to prevent it. Also, I have found I can't eat very dry food like chicken breast, unless there is some kind of sauce. It takes time to figure out what you're able to tolerate and how to chew. But the big thing is slow down and smaller bites.
  18. Hi, I was banded in nov 2012, and have lost like 50 lbs. hit the treadmill for at least 35-45 mins. It's helped me get out of my plateau!!! Serious. And you only want 1-2 lbs a week. I know it's frustrating, but slow and steady wins!!! Good luck and hang in there
  19. Shazam

    Lasagna cup

    Omg! I'm going to try this!!! Thnx
  20. Shazam

    What to do

    Follow your diet, though I will admit, when I felt better, I ate some things earlier. Be careful. I did small amounts at first
  21. I had second thoughts, and Kinda now regret I didn't do it when I was supposed to. I thought I could do it on my own. I have no regrets...!!! I'm off all meds!!! Also, I think the no carb diet, kinda kills cravings too!!! Plus, they pretty much are bad for ya
  22. Shazam

    What to do

    Yeah, you didn't give enough info
  23. Shazam

    Woot woot!

    Thanks all! I will admit I'm excited...!! And yes I'm doin a happy dance! Plus, my jeans are sagging, almost time for the next lowest size, more woot woot!!!!
  24. Shazam

    Woot woot!

    I wish I could say I met goal, bit it's something nearly as good!!! I think I broke my plateau! I've been stuck at the weight I'm at for like 3 mos! I've been working out harder and longer, and sweating like an oinker, and it finally paid off!! I'm the lowest now since I've started this journey! I just need to get in the next lowest 10lb range! Little steps! I'm soooooo excited! Whew! This is feeling pretty darn good! Clothes looser, I can do more! I'm feeling empowered!!!! Yay Me!!!

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